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Jolly Jam Cheats: 6 Amazing Tips to Become the Ultimate Jam Master

Rovio may be best known as the maker of the addictive, physics-based Angry Birds series, but the Finnish developer’s Rovio Stars division has some more casual titles, for those who may find all those Angry Birds levels and all those different types of birds too overwhelming. Jolly Jam is a fresh puzzle game – actually a Match 3 title – that has you helping Prince Jam in saving Princess Honey and the Jelly Kingdom. Per usual, that’s just a fancy way of adding a twist to the typical Match 3 mechanics, where you’ve got hundreds of levels of increasing difficulty to complete. So with that being said, let’s bring you six Jolly Jam tips for a “sweeter” game and a higher score.

1. Match Five Or More Jellies For A Special Piece

This is vintage Match 3 mechanics at work here, though in this case, you have to match five jellies in order to create a piece that’s capable of destroying one row or one column, depending on where you make the match.

2. Create A Jellifier

If you match six jellies of the same type, you’ll be creating a piece that destroys nearby jellies with a vortex-like effect. And if you match seven, that’ll allow you to create a Jellifier – this special piece destroys all other jellies of the same color.

3. Learn How To Make And Use Special Jellies

Another thing you want to do later in Jolly Jam is to use your diamonds and power-ups. As that’s when the challenges really start piling up, you’ll want to have enough of both in store to get you out of a jam.

4. Preview Your Special Jellies

There is a method to the madness when creating special jellies, and while it’s all cool to see these special pieces destroy nearby pieces just like that, you have to be familiar with how each of them work, and which ones you should use in order to clear a level. It’s best to “go nuts” and practice using special pieces in the earlier stages of the game.

5. Save Jellifiers For Later Stages

See a good chance to match seven and create a Jellifier? Keep that in mind, but there may be times you may want to save the match for later in a level. This would be during levels where your goal is to collect so many jellies of a certain color or variety.

6. Destroy All Jelly-Eating Monsters

There may be occasions where getting rid of these jelly-eating monsters is just what you have to do to win a level, but even if it isn’t, you should concentrate on getting rid of these nasty creatures as soon as possible. These are the “cute” but “wicked” minions described in the Jolly Jam blurb, and if you ignore them long enough, they can throw a wrench into your game strategy.