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iSlash Heroes Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Become the Ultimate Ninja

iSlash Heroes is a brand new title from Duello Games, which is available for iOS and Android devices alike, and it marks a return to the number one slashing puzzle in the mobile space. There are two modes and more than 200 levels, with more to come; in Casual mode, you can practice all you want and master your skills, while the main game mode allows you to “unleash your inner Ninja for ultimate destruction.” The game also introduces evil bosses that could make things tougher for you as you go along; each boss has unique and deadly skills, and while it could take a while to get rid of some of them, the game does assure players that no one is invincible.

If you’ve played the all-time mobile classic Fruit Ninja, then the basic mechanics of the game probably need little explanation. Regardless whether you’re new to the iSlash series or not, this list of iSlash Heroes tips and tricks is designed with the beginner in mind, as we hope to teach you the essentials of becoming the best ninja possible in this game.

1. More Cuts Means Less Points, And Vice Versa

For another super-basic fact about this game, more cuts means less points, while less cuts means more points. It’s very simple in theory, though this could be a bit of a challenge for the first-timer. But bear in mind that there are no time limits in this game. That means you can let the ninja stars line up like they should, allowing you to slice off the largest piece of wood possible.

2. Pick Up The Golden Statue

What does the golden statue do for you in iSlash Heroes? First off, you’ll occasionally see this statue pop up, and when you do, don’t hesitate to get it. Again, there’s no time limit in here, but grabbing the statue slows time down for about ten seconds. That helps by making it easier to slice a significant piece of wood. It’s the only free boost in the game, and while there are more boosts, they’ll all cost you some gold coins, which are the in-game currency.

3. What Are Other Helpful Boosts In This Game?

To name a few, you’ve got the shield, which protects you from the next slice that comes in contact with a ninja star; instead of dying instantly, you can keep on slicing as normal as long as the shield is active. Then you’ve got the thundercloud, which takes out one of the armored edges, again simplifying the process of slicing that wood.

4. About The Green Ninja Stars

At a certain point later in the game, you’ll be working with green ninja stars. The difference between the green stars and the ordinary silver ones is that they can be cut through, and actually should be cut through. The only time you can do this is if there’s an empty space in one side of the slice. While you should certainly aim to cut through as many green stars as possible, it’s best to wait until the stars are at a certain point where you can get the most cut wood.