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Interactive Adventure Game ‘A Mortician’s Tale’ Heading to iOS on November 22

Laundry Bear Games has just announced that A Mortician’s Tale – their realistic and sometimes humorous take on death – will be released on iOS devices on November 22.

A narrative adventure game, A Mortician’s Tale challenges players to learn the ropes of the industry and run a funeral home. And that implies more than simply embalming and cremating the deceased. You will have to attend funerals and interact with the family and friends who are left behind. With a frank and thought-provoking approach to death, the game will get you involved in the death industry and will offer you a new perspective on how we should deal with our mortality.

Already available on PC platforms, A Mortician’s Tale will become available on App Store for $1.99 on November 22. The iOS version comes with a series of official merchandise such as iMessage stickers, enamel pins, or vinyl OST. All of them feature original artwork by Jacquelin de Leon. Pre-registration is already open and those of you who want to benefit from a 33% discount should hurry up and pre-register. If you prefer to wait until launch, make sure to mark November 22 on your calendar.