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Infinite Myths 2: Soul Lords Cheats & Strategy Guide – 5 Stunning Tips for Building an Awesome Deck

Infinite Myths 2: Soul Lords is a new game from 2MuchFun where you can summon the omnipotent gods and explore unknown realms. It’s an exciting mobile game for Android and iOS platforms, where you can collect hundreds of cards as a summoner, as you make yourself more powerful and earn more glory while winning battles. In terms of mechanics, you can call it a deck building game or a card battling game. When it comes to these games, you’ll need to have a powerful deck to ensure yourself of success. This is where we come in, as our list of Infinite Myths 2: Soul Lords cheats and tips deals mainly with tactics that you can use to build yourself the most impressive deck possible.

1. Adjust Your Strategy To Your Opponent’s Battle Plan

The first way you can beat an opponent in Infinite Myths 2 is to destroy all of their cards, while the second way would be to reduce their hit points to zero. Depending on your opponent’s battle plan, you can choose a number of different methods – if your opponent prefers direct combat, you’ll want to look for openings in their defense while ensuring you’re well covered. If they take aim at your cards, go for a more outright offensive game plan. Playing with different battle plans is always a good idea – don’t be too predictable and once again, take advantage of those openings.

2. Use Your Protector Cards Wisely

Protector cards are valuable in your deck even if they don’t really deal out a lot of damage – they’re your “tank” cards, so to say, as they have high health stats. They also come with some interesting abilities, including Taunt, which will force all the cards your opponent plays to attack your protector. So with the protector acting as a decoy, you can string together a huge combo. Have your protector take all the damage and let your assassins exploit openings and go on the attack.

3. Collect The Freebies

You’ll have no shortage of free stuff you can collect in Infinite Myths 2, such as the online reward, which you can collect every ten minutes at first, before the intervals increase in increments of five minutes over time. This is just one of the many free rewards you can collect, and it’ll get you 10,000 gold and 10 gems.

4. Enhance Your Cards

If you’ve got some cards that you don’t need or don’t want to use anymore, make good use of them by enhancing your better ones. This is done by sacrificing your unwanted cards toward the base card, and the process isn’t that different, if at all, from similar card building titles. Enhancing will play an important role as you level up – your cards will gain new abilities once they reach specific levels, or may learn class-defining abilities.

5. Build A Well-Balanced Deck

Most of all, you should have a balanced deck, meaning one that is well-represented across classes. Make sure you’ve got at least one priest, an enchanter to provide buffs for your team’s skills, and assassins or mages taking up the rest of your roster. Of course, having at least one protector will give you that damage-taking decoy to allow your damage dealers to do their stuff.