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Arrow Cheats & Tricks: 5 Awesome Tips to Get a High Score

Arrow is a new game by Ketchapp, a company that’s arguably the best-known name in the casual / arcade mobile game space. Your goal here is simply to move through the maze and not bump into a wall. You can grow your tail by scoring more points, and make use of gems to buy new arrowheads and background themes. So just how do you score more points? Read these Arrow cheats, tips and tricks and we’ll be telling you how to do it.

1. Learn The Mechanics Early On

The unique mechanics of Arrow will show themselves early on in the game – your arrow will go right if your finger is not on the display, and it will go left if you finger is pressed on the display. Depending on the setup of the walls you’re navigating, you’ll be tapping on your screen, albeit with varying intervals and durations.

2. Pick Up The Purple Jewels To Get More Points And Gems

There are different-colored jewels that you can pick up in the game – orange ones will earn you more points, while the purple ones don’t just give you points, but also more gems. It’s the gems that serve as Arrow’s currency, and you can use them, as we stated above, to buy more arrowheads and themes. So what does this do as far as gameplay is concerned?

3. New Arrows and Backgrounds Don’t Change Gameplay

This should answer the question we posed at the end of the second tip – nothing at all. Regardless of the type of arrowhead you’re using, it doesn’t come with special capabilities. It just looks different from the stock arrow, even if some arrow designs cost much more than others. The same applies to the in-game themes, which only serve to break the monotony if you ever get bored of the same old theme that you’ve been using.

4. Watch Ads To Earn More Gems

Still, if you really feel like you need to purchase new arrows or backgrounds, there is an easy way to add to your gem count. Click on the gold “Watch Video” button and you’ll be directed to a quick ad, which you can watch in order to get more gems. After completing the ad, you’ll have ten free gems per commercial as a reward for sitting through it.

5. Play The Game Sideways

Chances are you’re familiar with how games like Flappy Bird work – they’re best played if your phone is sideways, or in landscape mode. By turning your device sideways, the game should feel more organic and less forced; your arrow will move up upon tapping, and it will move down when you let go. We believe this is a faster and easier way for beginners to learn the game, especially if they have experience playing Flappy Bird and other similar casual arcade titles.