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Inchy Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Ways to Drive Up Your High Score

New mobile game Inchy is described as “kind of the most frustrating game ever,” and if you think such copy pertains to another one of those super-simple casual games that’s available for iOS and Android alike, then you are absolutely right. The game developer stresses that Inchy is a very difficult game, in which you control a tree-climbing inchworm and try to climb the tree branches as high as possible. Mechanics are as simple as tapping to grab a branch and continue the climb.

How hard is this game? Apps4Life claims “the highest we could get was 14, and we made the game.” Can you beat their score? If you can’t, then probably you need to check out our share of Inchy cheats, tips and tricks below.

1. Focus, Focus, Focus

Focus is the main thing when playing Inchy, and you really need to concentrate hard in order to get the highest possible score. In specific, focus on Inchy’s nose, and once the nose goes over the next branch, immediately tap on your display. Failure to time this move correctly could result in your overshooting the branch, which instantly ends your game and forces you to start from square one, with your starting score at zero.

2. Keep Practicing, But Also Take Breaks

Practice is key to achieving a high score on Inchy, but you don’t need to play in marathon sessions, especially if you’re feeling the frustration after several bad games. Don’t hesitate to rest for a few minutes to about an hour in between sessions so you can return to the game with a clearer frame of mind.

3. There’s Not Much Of A Surprise To The Surprises

The game does promise all sorts of surprises after a certain amount of turns – they could be happy, and they could even be “sexy.” But the number of turns refers to the number of times you’ve played the game, and not your score. Regardless of your score, the countdown will go down by one turn, and as for the surprise, it will always be an additional amount of inchworms to use. These inchworms only look different and do not add or take away anything from the actual gameplay, but it could sometimes be a good idea to change up your characters so as not to make the game feel monotonous.

4. Change Your Device’s Orientation

If the current orientation isn’t working for you, then you can always turn your phone vertically or turn it to the side, depending whether you’re playing in landscape or portrait mode originally. You can also turn your phone diagonally, which would allow you to get a better view of Inchy going both directions, instead of going in only one.

5. Disable Ads By Turning Off Your Wi-Fi / Cellular Data

The main reason why Inchy is rated so poorly on the Google Play Store is the pervasive nature of the ads that pop up during the course of the game. We get it – the developer needs to earn money, but the ads, according to some gamers, pop up during the middle of the game at times, and that can be very frustrating. With that said, it’s not a bad idea to turn off the ads by switching your phone’s data off, or by switching your device to airplane mode while you’re playing.