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AlphaBetty Saga Tips & Tricks: 5 Premium Hints for Creating Longer, More Meaningful Words

AlphaBetty Saga, for those who aren’t familiar with this game we have covered in the past, is a word puzzler for both Android and iOS platforms. And while it’s a totally different animal from King’s usual Match 3 fare, it comes with many differences from other, more conventional word puzzlers such as Words On Tour or Words with Friends. For one, the game has a novel way to make use of power-ups, as well as a system that rewards you based on crowns. All told, this all suggests that this is a game that may need some getting used to, but if you read this new list of AlphaBetty Saga tips and tricks, you just might be improving in this game faster than you expect.

1. Crown Basics

After you create a four-letter word, you’ll see a crown appearing on a tile at random. These crowned tiles could be game-changers in many a situation, including removing a random tile underneath morsels of cheese, or popping bubbles.

First of all, you need to create a crowned title with the method above. The next thing you have to do is to use that exact same tile to create a new word. That, way, you can remove random tiles or take care of cheese and/or bubbles while using less moves than you normally would.

2. Get More Crowned Tiles, Here’s How

The most simplistic thing to do would be to create as many four-letter words as possible. And when you’ve got crowned tiles, try making words of four letters or longer. Keep repeating this process until you have enough crowned tiles to play. As a reminder, you can make three-letter words with crowned tiles, but it would still be better if you go for words that are four letters long or longer.

3. Go For The Shuffle Booster

There are several boosters or power-ups available in AlphaBetty Saga, but our favorite is the shuffle booster, which resets the entire board. It’s the only one out there that you can use without having to pay a cent of your real money, and when using it, we recommend saving it for times when uncommon letters are plentiful, while “OU” tiles aren’t often found in close proximity to each other. Incidentally, don’t expect the Shuffle Booster to reliably reshuffle the board; the board you end up with may be worse than the first one.

4. Don’t Use The Free Gold Just Yet

When playing AlphaBetty Saga, one of the first things you’d get would be 50 gold, all for free. And while you can use that gold to pay for more moves, additional lives, and more boosters, it would be best to spend it once you’re at the more difficult levels and are stuck trying to solve them.

5. Let Word Builders Be Your Best Friends

Essentially, we can call this a cheat, and a very good one at that. The Internet has no shortage of word building tools, and they can help you by creating a good number of words. However, not all the words created by the average word building tool won’t work at all times. We’d suggest pushing forward and experimenting with words, though there are some seldom-used words created by sites like that will be accepted when playing AlphaBetty Saga.


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