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Imposter Smashers Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Every Battle and Unlock Everything

OneSoft has been active in the mobile gaming industry since 2016, continuously bringing to life action, adventure, and arcade mobile games that cater to a wide range of players with discerning tastes. OneSoft’s app portfolio currently holds 80 games and the company has amassed more than 900 million downloads across its offerings from the google Play Store alone. Fire Craft: Pixel 3D World, Merge Plants, Zombie Idle Defense, and Dragon Epic are just a few of OneSoft’s games that we played and enjoyed.

Imposter Smashers is the latest hit title from the company, which is currently exclusively available for Android users. Imposter Smashers plays very much like conventional io games where the game’s mechanics and controls are as easy as can be, pitting you against A.I. players in a highly competitive arena. There are plenty of hats, skins, and pets to unlock as well as a wide range of weapons to use and challenges to beat. If you are in the current lookout for a hyper-casual game you can play and enjoy even with the littlest free time you have, then you should definitely check Imposter Smashers out.

imposter smashers victory

There are actually no tutorial sessions that come with Imposter Smashers. You basically only need to tap and hold the screen to move your character and release your hold to launch an attack. Every enemy you eliminate makes your character bigger and reach farther and the same perk applies to every enemy in the arena. Weapons and the arena itself changes every round, giving you an initial adjustment period early in each round.

Imposter Smashers is still very easy to pick up and play and the simple and straightforward controls and mechanics, paired with the generally quick match durations, makes it an appealing time-passer for just about anyone. While it is fairly easy to score wins in the early levels, Imposter Smashers does offer its own growing degrees of challenges.

Now, if you are looking to dominate the arena as well as unlock all the hats, skins, and pets fast, then check out our Imposter Smashers guide below!

1. Test Attacks In A Safe Spot First

Each weapon you will be armed with on a level has its own unique attack speed and range. There are no means of testing it outside a match and your familiarity with it is expected to increase within the actual match. The shifting weapons given to you and all other combatants are hard to predict but surely enough you will get to use each weapon again as you progress further into the levels.

testing attack in imposter smashers

Despite the growing number of competitors in an arena, the arena itself typically adjusts its size accordingly to ensure that there is enough free space for everyone to maneuver. Before you start hunting down targets, it is best to familiarize yourself first with the weapon’s attack speed and range, especially given that there are delays between the time you release your hold on the screen and the time the attack actually happens.

You can expect everyone else to keep moving around. In this sense, being able to time your attacks comes as important as actually aiming the attack. In addition to mastering precision and striving to make every attack count, you also need to make sure that going for an attack will not leave you vulnerable to attacks from everybody else. Your attacks, regardless of the weapon you use and whether or not it hits or misses, will temporarily leave you unable to move. Firmly grasping how to time attacks, especially given that it differs from one weapon to another, is key towards ensuring your safety form getting struck by someone else’s attack.

2. All Your Opponents Are A.I.

The reason why we described Imposter Smashers as similar to an io game instead of saying that it belongs to the io game genre is because all other elements attributable to io games are present, save for the multiplayer element that involves actual players. Imposter Smasher is a hyper-casual game with very simple controls and game mechanics, coupled with minimalistic graphics and an addictive appeal.

Despite the absence of real players on all corners of the battle arena, though, the A.I.-controlled bots can convincingly enough give the illusion of a real multiplayer battle. Surely enough, real players can be much more challenging and distinguished, but matches against bots can be equally entertaining and sufficiently engaging as well.

ai opponents in imposter smashers

Some of the bots may behave and perform differently than others in terms of aggression towards other bots and you. Just the same, however, outsmarting bots is often a lot easier to accomplish than doing so with real players that can adjust their own strategies.

With A.I. bots as your enemies, the basic mindset to have is that they are all on the same team. Of course, there will be times when they kill each other off but it should not deter you from considering each one as enemies belonging to the same team. The part about bots targeting and eliminating others ought to be considered as a bonus as your goal is to destroy all of them and their purpose is for you to fail your objective. Bots that eliminate fellow bots, however, pose a bigger threat to you given their longer attack range.

3. Play Defensively

Despite competing against bots, which is supposedly easier than regular players, playing defensively is still an important strategy to keep in Imposter Smashers. Every attack is a one-hit kill and while you can earn a free revive with an ad boost, it should take a lot less time and inconvenience if you played carefully instead from start to finish of each level.

Checking your weapon’s attack speed and range early on will give you a solid idea of how to go about hunting. On equal grounds, meaning when you deal with an opponent of similar size, you either strike precisely if they are facing you or you only engage them when they are turning away.

Attacking perfectly means you need to release your hold on the screen a little bit in advance or right before the target comes in range. You can be sure that not all opponents will have as good timing and precision in a face-off, but then again, this is what we mean by playing defensively.

imposter smashers defensive strategies

As every kill you manage to pull off makes you stronger with the size and range boost, it should not be a reason to abandon the defensive strategy and veer towards a more aggressive approach. Being huge does not grant invulnerability and while you have the advantage as far as range is concerned, growing big in size actually makes you an easier target to hit.

Another point to consider are instances when multiple enemies are within the range of your attack. Double, triple, or multiple kills beyond those are certainly a treat to pull off. However, these maneuvers can be trickier and puts you at more risks. The decision to go ahead and try to pull one off must follow that all targets are not facing you or, if one or more of them are, you must be well outside of their reach. In this sense, aggressiveness towards wiping opponents more than one at a time should be somewhat directly related to how far and wide you can reach over all of them.

4. Use Location Indicators To Your Advantage

It might be a little difficult to notice at first but all other enemies you cannot see on your screen are indicated by arrows. As you dive further through higher levels, a bigger chunk of the arena will not be readily visible to you, along with most competitors swarming the place. The indicators can help you pinpoint where each enemy is and can give you additional ideas as well as to how many enemies there are left.

Some levels will be filled with so many enemies, making the value of these indicators grow even higher. Regardless of where you choose to be when the countdown timer hits zero, you can easily notice on a side where most enemies are situated. Adhering to our earlier strategy of playing defensively, you would naturally head towards the area where fewer enemies roam. In this sense, positioning your character forms part of your strategy as well as you would rather keep enemies on one side especially if there are a great number of them.

imposter smashers location indicators

Having an idea about the position of every, or at least some, enemies should pave the way towards a plan of action relative to how you will move across the battle arena. Taking on a path right at the center of the fray is certainly not the way to go and, instead, choose to wipe enemies down from one edge to the other.

As all bots constantly move just like you should, movement tactics are not as streamlined as you would expect it to be. Always be ready to shift movement patterns from time to time, and readily adjust strategies depending on whether or not you are the biggest imposter in the arena.

5. Be Wary Of Bigger Enemies

Playing more defensively and taking as much time as you need to take enemies down one by one has its obvious advantages. The one catch it can have, however, is that an enemy may earn more kills than you, growing into a size that would set you at a disadvantage if ever you encounter them in the arena. As bigger characters have farther reach, it is possible that bigger enemies in the arena can easily kill you even before you actually see them on the screen.

We mentioned earlier that bots generally behave like it is you against all of them and hardly go after one another. While this holds true for the most part, having so many characters in an arena makes it unavoidable for competitors to kill off one another, potentially leading one or a couple to grow in size faster than you can.

The worse thing that can happen is if the bigger opponent manages to kill you or another big contender, as this will further increase the gap in size between you and him. You can always go for a revival and retain your current size, but then you will have to face off against a much bigger opponent with a much longer range of attack.

bigger enemies in imposter smashers

For starters, what you would want to avoid whenever there is a humongous imposter in the arena is to get yourself in a tight corner. Attacks, regardless of weapons, tend to have an expansive area of effect, covering a wider area the farther away from the attacker it hits. This means that winding in a corner makes it much more difficult for you to avoid an attack.

After you revive, just like the start of each round, you will be given a shield and be invulnerable for the next 3 seconds. The same applies to every other contender and you can freely move about within the 3-second period to relocate yourself to a more strategic location. While this feature can be a huge help at the start of each round, this becomes your top weapon against overpowered enemies.

A basic strategy to have is to approach and strike an enemy while their backs are turned. This is easier against smaller enemies or at least ones that are as the same size as you are. When it comes to herculean opponents, this becomes a challenging feat to accomplish and the best way to surely pull it off is through moving towards the enemy’s blind spot after a revival.

6. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

Video ads have long since been a natural part of most free mobile games, especially those that fall within the hyper-casual genre. These ads are generally categorized into two types: those that play automatically in-between levels, and those that will only play when you choose to do so. While it cannot be helped that some players still frown at the idea of these video ads, especially ones that cannot be skipped, it is important to understand the rationale behind their existence.

Video ads exist in free games to keep them around for as long as possible for everyone to play and enjoy for free. Some games may heavily offer in-game purchases to avoid having to rely on ads but Imposter Smashers, like most other hyper-casual games can be played and enjoyed without necessarily spending real money. On another perspective, considering video ads as times to rest your eyes and hands in-between matches is another way of looking at it.

imposter smashers reward

For starters, every level you complete earns you 100 coins, which can be multiplied by as much a 5x is you choose to watch a 15 to 30-second video ad before claiming it. Each victory takes you closer to unlocking a new skin for free and the only cost to claim it is by watching another short video ad. Again, all these are voluntary instances to play ads. Although some ads play on their own at the end of an arena match, those ads can be skipped 5 seconds after they play.

Despite adhering to the tips and strategies we discussed earlier, it is still possible for enemies to best you in some confrontations or unexpected team-up attacks. While the one-hit kill should automatically end your run and start the level over, you can always get a free revive and continue on battling inside the arena.

losing in imposter smashers

To be honest, we actually never died more than once so far but just to test the limits of the free revival, we pushed to get ourselves killed. We are certain that there is no limit to the number of revives you can claim and each one costs only a short video ad to play for you to get back in your game.

Engaging in matches one after another in the arena can be a quick and easy way to earn coins and unlock a lot of the game’s content. There are plenty of hats, skins, and pets that you can purchase, but some can only be exclusively gained from the lucky spin. You have a free spin once every 7 hours and can gain 5 more at the cost of playing a video ad. Spinning the wheel does not guarantee earning the item you want, but even the 200 coins as minimum reward is not a loss at all. At the bottom of the Lucky Wheel page, the number of spins you amass will earn you extra rewards, all the more reason for you to keep taking a spin as often as you can daily.

imposter smashers lucky wheel

Through the “Skin” button at the right side of the main screen, you can view all the hats, skins, and pets available in Imposter Smashers. A “Use” button becomes available for items you have already unlocked, while the means to unlock the rest of the items are indicated as well. You can actually unlock a lot of these items without spending coins. All you have to do is play on the ad button underneath the item you want to unlock as many times as needed.

Again, spamming to watch ads may get a little boring after some time so feel free to do this if you are watching TV or attending to something else while taking a break from the game. As an added tip, focus on unlocking one item a time, preferably all you can wear for the upcoming battle, saving the rest of the items one set at a time every instance that you want to sport a completely new look.

hats, skins and pets in imposter smashers

Taking advantage of all these ad boost will help you unlock all the available hats, skins, and pets in no time and with a little bit of patience, and extra time playing those ads, you will soon be totally free from playing ad boosts moving forward.

7. You Can Play Imposter Smashers Offline

Despite the plethora of advantages that playing ads can give you as you make progress in Imposter Smashers, it cannot be helped that you will tire of playing ads at some point. Some players even love the game and see the ads as the only downside to enjoying it fully. If you are one of those players, then you should know that you do not need internet connectivity to play and enjoy Imposter Smashers.

This is actually a dead giveaway to figuring out that the enemies you tangle with on each level are all bots. Smart as some of them may seem, the requirement for any mobile game to have a multiplayer option is thru the use of the internet.

By simply turning off your Wi-Fi or mobile data, you will stop seeing ads of any sort while playing Imposter Smashers. This, however, also means that you can no longer earn rewards from the ad boosts, or gain free tries at the spinning wheel. Most importantly, playing offline means having no chances of reviving when you get eliminated in a round.

playing offline imposter smashers

For best results, what you should go for is to set 2 different play modes in mind before you run the app: online to earn lots of coins and unlock all the items you want, and offline if you want uninterrupted gameplay.

And that just about covers everything we have for you on our Imposter Smashers guide. We hope that every bit of tips and strategies we showcased in our guide has proven useful to you as you embark on a quest to dominate every level and unlock all the available items. If you played the game extensively and chanced upon something we have not included in this article, do not hesitate to share them with us down in the comments!