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Immersive Action RPG ‘Knights & Dungeons’ Out Now

After dipping their toes into mobile gaming with titles like Prison Architect and Knights of Pen & Paper, Paradox Interactive is diving head-first into the 3D action RPG world with Knights & Dungeons. The game features simple one-hand controls that is perfect for the mobile platform. Players will need to create their own knight in order to explore dungeons, vanquish enemies, and earn a whole lot of gold.

knights and dungeons

The goal of Knights & Dungeons is to explore different dungeons. Players will need to fight numerous enemies in order to earn gold and items. As with any RPG, the knights earn experience through playing and will level up over time. Leveling up means the character will become stronger in terms of overall stats and will also gain access to new abilities in the process.

Guilds are also present in Knights & Dungeons. This allows players to cooperate with others in various activities, including challenging bosses together. Competitive players can also look forward to testing their skills against others in the arena. Those who do well will be able to climb the leaderboard, claiming fame and prestige for themselves.

Aside from offering various character customization options, the game also has unique equipment sets that can be collected by players in order to strengthen their knights. Various pets may also be collected, each with its own set of skills and attributes that can help players in their adventures. Finally, a city-building feature also exists within the game that allows players to establish their own base.

Knights & Dungeons can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. For more information, please head over to the game’s official website.