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IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga Launches in Japan

SEGA’s Phantasy Star series has just celebrated its 30th anniversary. As part of the celebration, the series is getting a new mobile release called IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga. The game was launched in Japan on November 27 for Android and iOS devices. While the original Phantasy Star games feature action-based battle systems, IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga utilizes command-based combat where players get to control a team of four characters instead of the usual single avatar.

IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga is set in the land of Vandoll where citizens must protect their territory from the mysterious monsters that keep appearing. If that wasn’t bad enough, the god of destruction, Dark Falz, is also at the verge of resurrection. Players will need to stop the return of Dark Falz and will soon discover that the monsters called IDOLA are actually his descendants.

SEGA released a new story trailer just before the game’s Japan release in order to give players a sneak peak of what it is all about. Despite the deviation from the usual combat style of the series, the game lives up to the stunning visuals that Phantasy Star has always been equated to. Fans of the franchise would be glad to know that the game is just as action-packed, and the story is just as enthralling, as its predecessors.

Those who are in Japan can now download the game from the Japanese App Store and Google Play. Players may also visit the game’s official website for future updates.