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Tencent’s Next-Gen Mobile RPG ‘Code: Eve’ Now Available for Pre-Registration

Tencent has yet another RPG gem in the works, and this one will be a mobile exclusive. Code: Eve is touted as a next-generation RPG that is set to be released by Zulong Entertaintment. The game will be assembled and built by Epic Games, featuring its UE4 engine technology that allows real-world scene interaction. The game also boasts of an integrated global illumination and film-level screen rendering.

The game’s video teaser shows beautifully rendered characters with a variety of customization options. A preview of the game’s active combat system is also shown, with a set of attack and skill buttons on the lower right side of the screen as well as a virtual joystick that appears on the right whenever the player taps and drags.

The setting seems to be in a world that combines traditional Japanese culture with futuristic devices. Code: Eve also boasts of diverse weather environment changes along with virtual reality extreme experience. The teaser also shows players exploring the open world on foot as well as on futuristic-looking vehicles. Casual features also include hanging out in indoor environments and interacting with objects like watching TV.

While there is no announcement of an official release date, those who can navigate the game’s official website can pre-register in order to play the game as soon as it becomes available.