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Idle Streamer! Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become the World’s Most Popular Streamer Fast

Moonee has only joined the mobile gaming industry in 2018 but has already created an impact with their successful titles. If you have played and enjoyed several hyper-casual games before, then chances are that you might have played the hugely popular Square Bird or the equally exciting Crazy Climber. Both games have maintained largely positive average user review ratings as well as made their marks on mobile game charts.

Idle Streamer! is Moonee’s latest mobile title, that’s out now on iOS and Android platforms and it stands as the company’s first published idle clicker game. Within a month after its release, Idle Streamer! has already amassed well over a million downloads from the Google Play Store alone, a feat not commonly achieved by most mobile games.

Like the initial games published by Moonee, Idle Streamer! holds an over-simplistic gameplay mechanics and one-tap controls that makes it easy for just about anyone to grasp within a minute. There is no way to lose just like any other idle sim games as you will continue to rake in profits regardless of how much time you can spend on the game and how you go about your business. If you are up for a unique game that is both relaxing and engaging, then be sure to give Idle Streamer! a try.

idle streamer strategies

Designed to simulate what most gamers dream of, Idle Streamer! sets you up on a virtual life that revolves around living as a streamer. As you play games across various genres, you continuously respond to fans and followers with the hope of constantly adding more viewers and subscribers to your streaming channel. It comes with investing not just time to boost your skill in each type of game, but also the equipment you use for streaming and gaming along with some props.

It is an easy life considering you will always make progress regardless of what you do but, of course, more active streaming means more income and progression. Like most idle clicker games, Idle Streamer! is as easy as can be but if you want to become the world’s most popular streamer fast, then stay with us and read our Idle Streamer! beginner’s guide. Our collection of Idle Streamer! tips, cheats and strategies will certainly boost your career’s progress!

1. Go For The Cheaper Investments First

Living the life of a streamer does not end with earning income from doing what you love. As you continue to earn from subscriptions and donations, you need to continuously invest in your streaming and gaming equipment, your gaming skills, and background improvements as an eye candy for your growing fanbase.

In Idle Streamer!, all of these can be done through each of the icons below the screen through the equipment, skills, and improvements icon. Each one lists a number of upgrades you can purchase that contribute to an increase in profit and, in the case of skills, income and viewers. Take note, however, that new improvements will only become available once you transfer to a new location.

idle streamer investment

Each level of upgrade on both equipment and skills cost more as the level increases. It is important to note that each upgrade, regardless of cost, has the same percentage increase of boost to profits. Given the same impact regardless of cost, therefore, it is best to cycle through each available upgrade from both areas, prioritizing the cheapest upgrade and then moving on to the next one.

There are milestones at every fifth upgrade for both equipment and skills and for the equipment, every 5 levels of upgrade purchased changes the appearance of the item upgraded like your keyboard, mouse, headset, and so on.

Do note that these are exclusively aesthetics and do not necessarily impact how much extra profit you earn by the second on top of the usual 5% bonus received from the upgrade. For skills, every fifth investment in a genre fills up a bar below it completely. Likewise, there are no added benefits to it so you will not get any more boosts than the usual 5% you get from regular upgrades.

As far as improvements are concerned, it may happen that each one will cost cheaper than all other investment options. Whenever you do transfer to a new location, or see a red dot indicator on the improvements icon, feel free to invest in it ahead of the other upgrade options.

The various upgrade options you need to invest in Idle Streamer! may strongly give the impression of an endless task that goes on and on and will never max out. Surprisingly enough, you will eventually be able to max out upgrades on both skills and equipment. For each skill or gaming genre expertise so to speak, you can only upgrade each one to level 100.

As much as the appeal of seeing new designs for equipment adds some excitement and sense of progress as well, each one also has its limitations. Maximum upgrade levels for equipment range from 25 to 55, which means that at some point, you will have less number of items to continue investing in.

2. Leave As Little Idle Cash As Possible

Like any idle clicker game, Idle Streamer! lets you earn income regardless of what you do once you start playing the game. As you earn enough profits to invest in the numerous upgrades available, be sure to spend it immediately. Each upgrade you invest in contributes to earning you more income, which means that the sooner an investment is made, the faster you can make progress in your streaming career.

idle streamer idle cash

There are actually very little difference in impact when it comes to choosing upgrades. There are hardly instances as well where you need to save up for something big given that upgrades under the first 2 categories all cost the same. On top of the idle earnings that take place along with each tap of the screen, there are also numerous opportunities to earn huge sums of cash. Keep in mind that whenever you chance upon these big loads of money, the next thing to do is invest them in an upgrade right away.

Relative to this, Idle Streamer! makes it so that you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of time in the game to have a fast enough pace of progression. As it is a casual game to begin with, quick but regular log ins are effective enough for a speedy progress. As you would continue to earn income after being offline and away from the game, you can receive it in bulk every time you play.

In effect, you can spend all bulk earnings on various upgrades, activate an income booster whenever you have more playing time, and tap away for more active earnings and potentially a couple of level increases.

3. Launch A Steam Event As Often As You Can

There are numerous opportunities in Idle Streamer! that can tremendously boost your profits and as you make further progress, more of these opportunities pop up on your screen. Whenever you are actively playing do not have much to do, what you should engage in is a stream event to boost income and viewer generation.

idle streamer steam event

While such events take place once in a while, you can launch one as often as you want simply by tapping on the star icon at the right side of your screen. By watching a 15 to 30-second video ad, you will have a x2 boost on increase in profits and viewers for the next 3 minutes.

If you enjoy actively tapping on the screen to pump up earnings, then you should be saving all that for when the stream event is active. For the most part, you should be making the most out of it as each tap you make earns you twice as much. Within this event, though several opportunities for more cash will still be available. For the duration of the stream event, taking advantage of these opportunities is important as well.

4. Give The Best Answers To Boost Friendliness And Charisma

Idle Streamer! also provides you several features that give the feel of connecting with your viewers and subscribers. On top of the chat feed you will constantly see littered with comments at the bottom of the screen, some fans will randomly ask you questions and you get to choose a response from 3 given choices. There will also be opportunities for you to be invited to a streamer conference where 3 questions following the same theme and format will be asked.

how to boost friendliness and charisma in idle streamer

In truth, while you are free to choose any response from the possible choices, each one has a corresponding impact in your status as a streamer. As funny and ridiculous as some responses may be, you should consider banking on the two answers that seem more appropriate. Keep in mind that the 3 choices directly impact the 3 attributes that represent your online character that fans perceive you to be. With each answer you give, there is an increase in your friendliness, charisma, or aggressiveness levels.

While the initial 2 qualities can boost amounts of donations and positively impact earnings, aggressiveness works against it. As such, your goal relative to the personality you build up for viewers and subscribers ought to only have increasing values in friendliness and charisma. It may happen that you accidentally choose an aggressive response by accident. Do note that while the status numbers are permanent, you can easily make up for it by choosing a different response whenever you encounter the same question again.

You can view the numbers attributable to such factors via the character icon at the upper right side of the screen. For best results, especially if you are uncertain as to whether or not you responded correctly, you can visit this feature every time you answer such questions.

5. Hit The Level Up Button Once It Lights Up

On top of the various equipment and skill upgrades you can invest in that becomes an indicator of your overall progress in Idle Streamer!, you also reach new levels based on how much you have accomplished. Instead of actual experience, though, the level bar that fills up at the upper right corner of the screen is powered by income, so every bit of cash you earn, whether from the idle income that speeds up with each tap or the occasional donations and ad promotions, contribute to your level.

how to level up fast in idle streamer

What is important to keep in mind is to tap on the level up bar as soon as it lights up. Although reaching new levels do not necessarily boost your earnings, there are level up rewards that come in the form of huge cash incentives, mostly larger than any sum of cash you can obtain anywhere else.

If the level up bar continues to flash and you forget to tap on it, there will be a bit of wasted time as the bar will only reset and continue to accumulate after you have claimed the rewards. As such, be sure to pay close attention to it regardless of what you do as tapping on it as soon as you can leads to a more efficient approach towards growing your earnings.

6. Transfer To A New Location As Soon As You Can

For the first 50 levels you reach working as a streamer, every tenth level will unlock a new and better location for you to work in. The last ones come after reaching level 58, and then finally level 66. Although the location itself may only be aesthetics, it does come with an additional 10% increase in income. Likewise, new locations unlock more improvements or props to decorate your background.

how to transfer to a new location in idle streamer

Once you reach level 10, as an example, you will be notified that a new location has been unlocked. You can view locations by tapping on the pointer icon at the left side of the screen, and then you can freely select the newly unlocked area to instantly transfer your streaming office there.

7. Watch Ads To Boost Your Progress

Mobile games have earned a reputation for mostly being free to download and play. For quite some time, most of the free games come packed with different ads but while some of these games can enjoy regular profits via in-game items that they can sell for real money, other games can only rely on ads for their continued existence.

For the most part, casual games largely, if not entirely, rely on the ads they contain to keep the game up and available for everyone to enjoy for free. While some casual games often have ads that pop up randomly as you play the game, others exhibit means by which users can actively opt to play a video ad to earn extra rewards that can help them progress in the game.

how to boost progress in idle streamer

Idle Streamer! is one of those games that do not necessarily play ads at random but rather, present numerous opportunities for players to speed up their progress and boost their earnings at the cost of watching a 15 to 30-second video ad. We mentioned earlier, that one of the best ways to boost your earnings is to initiate a stream event as much as you can and outside its regular instance, every activation of this income and viewer boost requires playing a video ad.

One of the biggest sources of cash by the bulk is the reward you receive whenever you reach a new level. You will instantly receive the cash bonus but choosing to play an ad at this point will triple the amount. As such, if you are up for playing ads and open to opportunities to rest your tapping finger, then this is the best time to do so.

There are various other events that can randomly pop up on your screen as you play such as sponsorship and promotion offers and new subscribers. All of these events will also present you with an offer to play a short video ad for cash rewards.

Despite the voluntary nature of most ads you can run in Idle Streamer!, it cannot be helped that some players are still riled to discover that there are a lot of ads in the game. For some, the existence of ads can be a huge turn off especially if they feel that it interrupts their regular gameplay.

You can actually play Idle Streamer! completely offline and without seeing a video ad at all. To do so, you only need to turn your Wi-Fi or mobile data off before you launch the game. As convenient as this may be for some, do note that it comes with the absence of all the perks and bonuses you can get after playing ads.

That sums up all the tips, cheats and strategies we have come up for Idle Streamer! We certainly hope that you picked up tips and tricks you can immediately use to boost your progress in the game. If you have more tips and tricks other than the ones we mentioned in this Idle Streamer! beginner’s guide, then don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment area!