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Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Defend the Kingdom of Avantia

Animoca Brands is the company behind a number of popular mobile games, such as Star Girl: Princess Gala and Crazy Defense Heroes. Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes is Animoca’s follow-up to their hit open world RPG, Beast Quest, which is based on a best-selling book series of the same name. This is a tower defense game where you get to collect and choose from a wide assortment of heroes and beasts to defend against hordes of monsters that continue to plague the land.

The usual features and mechanics that tower defense game fans and enthusiasts love and enjoy are all there along with some unique twists that even total beginners will be excited about. Whether you are a fan of the book series or the tower defense genre, or have yet to try a challenging and immersive tower defense game, be sure to give Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes a try!

Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes offers a fair mix of mechanics and features that may overwhelm total beginners or even averagely experienced tower defense players. Although the tutorial session is designed for you to be able to skip it, it is best to go through its entirety before proceeding with the other game modes. In truth, understanding the basic controls and mechanics of what you need to do to defend against the hordes is the easy part while learning the various strategies in terms of team-building and deployment takes a lot longer as far as time and practice is concerned.

If you find yourself struggling to beat a particular level or simply looking for some useful tips to strengthen your cards and progress faster through the game, then check out our Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes beginner’s guide below! We have come up with a compilation of tips, cheats and strategies for Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes to defend the kingdom of Avantia across all game modes.

1. Prioritize Progressing Through The Adventure

As you dive into the world of Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes, the initial tutorial sessions take you through battles immediately. These are the starting levels of the adventure and once you complete the entire tutorial, pushing forward with it is the best way to go to speed up your progress. On top of the rewards you earn at the end of each level, which contains resources you need to strengthen your army, each battle earns you experience points to level up your account.

beast quest ultimate heroes tips

One of the most important reasons why pushing forward with the main game mode comes with the experience points earned as you progress through it. Reaching certain levels unlock more card slots for troops you can deploy in battle. Beyond that, some levels serve as keys to unlock other game modes you can enjoy in the game.

The initial levels you will challenge are actually the easy mode. After finishing the second chapter, you can unlock a hard mode that offers better rewards. As much as you can push through with either one and once you hit a roadblock or level you simply cannot beat, then that should be an indicator to farm for more resources and strengthen your cards.

2. Get To Know Each Card Better

One exciting feature that sets Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes apart from most other tower defense games is the variety and classification of cards you can mix and match to effectively defend against enemy hordes. Aside from towers, which are the generic requisites of any tower defense game, you can also have heroes that can be deployed along the path where hordes march instead of tower locations. There are also spells that you can use to aid you in each battle. These spells naturally have temporary effects but typically cause a good burst of AoE damage.

After reaching level 7, you can finally choose up to 7 cards to take with you in battle. While you can expect each level to offer a lot of variations as far as mob types and tower slots are concerned, you should always consider setting up a 7-card set that serves as your default roster for most battles. Having a good mix of towers, warriors, and spells is always a good strategy to keep in mind although some levels will naturally require more of some card types than others.

beast quest ultimate heroes cards

You may not have as many cards to begin with but if you complete the tutorials, you will have enough to fill a full roster. As you engage in more battles and make progress in your adventure, you will eventually have more cards than what you need. At this point, you will notice that almost each card has multiple versions across different rarity grades. You will have one legendary card, one epic card, and one rare card as rewards from the tutorial but for other early rewards from the adventure, you will only be receiving common cards.

There are free chests and chests you can spend gems on, although it is best to rack up enough to go for 10x draws for a 10% discount. For starters, you should consider the rarity of the cards you use especially when it is time to upgrade them. You will naturally be using some common cards at the earlier levels, but then limit each upgrade on them as you will soon bench them once you secure a higher grade card that can function in combat much better than they can.

The towers stand as the most essential components of your team. There are a lot of attributes to consider but the most important one lies in the tower’s damage type as some enemies take more damage from magic attacks while some are weaker against physical attacks. At the first chance you get, be sure to tap on the cards icon at the lower left side of the main screen to view your collection. Note that your cards are divided across 3 tabs so be sure to check each one.

By tapping on a card, you will see important numbers that should serve as a basis when deciding which cards to use in battle. Mana cost determines how expensive it is to summon a card, so the lower it is the better. Each tower card also has a deployment limit typically between 2 to 4 times. More is better in most cases although, again, some levels may not really have as many towers you can deploy cards on.

This is where you will see if a tower card deals physical or magic damage. Critical rate is based on luck and should be more significant for cards that can increase these numbers with mana. Range is also very important to consider in any tower defense game. Be sure to swipe across the details of each card to see how they can be upgraded in combat.

By default, Tom will serve as a hero you will always have to help you defend against the enemy hordes. Beyond having him, though, it is often a good idea to consider having additional heroes for your team, especially when there are splits on the road that leaves multiple routes to defend against. Beyond attack power, consider rate of attack, mana cost, movement speed and HP. As heroes can die in battle and take a while before they respawn, there will be scenarios when you would want at least 2 or 3 of them in play.

3. Be Selective When Upgrading Cards And Gears

Cards you use in defending are okay on the starting levels but soon enough, even a full set of epic and legendary cards, regardless of your strategy, will simply not suffice to prevent the enemy hordes from overrunning your defenses. At some point, you will begin to constantly need upgrading cards as well as the gears that your main hero is equipped with. Given that these resources take time to farm, and that you need more for each upgrade, it is best to decide early on as to which heroes are worth investing in.

how to upgrade cards and gears in beast quest ultimate heroes

By tapping on each card in your collection, you can see at the bottom of their page what is needed for them to be upgraded. These will typically be composed by different colors of gems and will also involve different grades. Another thing to consider is that the higher the card grade, the more expensive it is to upgrade them. Besides gems, you will also spend some gold per upgrade. You can actually tap and hold on each gem if you are not sure about their color.

In any case, legendary cards are surely great to invest in. What would split your decision lies in choosing from among cards within the same grade. As much as you can, balance out the towers across physical damage-dealers and magic damage-dealers. As much as the towers should be your top priority, you should spend time challenging different levels to determine cards you feel will be useful for a long time. Avoid spending gems and coins on common cards as the chances of securing rare-grade versions are easy enough.

Maxing out a cards level is a requisite before you can upgrade their star grade. It will surely take a while to reach that so banking on a solid investment should be done early on. Your main hero’s gears works very much the same as cards as far as upgrades go. As far as investing in them is concerned, however, it may be better to wait for better gear and bank some upgrades on the epic grade hero you will have within the tutorial.

4. Focus Farming Materials For Cards You Need To Upgrade

Although completing each level in the adventure even with a one star rating is enough for you to proceed to the next challenge, each star you earn upon the completion of a level earns you an extra reward. Beyond that, there are also chests you can unlock based on the number of stars you have earned in adventure.

beast quest ultimate heroes farming

If you fail to secure a perfect rating on the first attempt, you can freely proceed to the next level if you feel that you may not be able to improve on your performance for that level. After all, succeeding levels may not necessarily be more challenging. You may opt to come back and replay levels later once you feel that another run will net you a perfect rating.

Another incentive for securing a 3-star victory in each level comes with the added option of instantly completing it to earn its rewards. You will need to consume battle tickets to do so and these items are not as easy to come by as well. In any case, if you have amassed more than enough of these tickets and need only a few upgrade materials to level up some of your best cards, then you should not hesitate to spend them so you can strengthen you army and secure more 3-star victories.

Be sure to take note of the specific resources your cards need to level up and likewise check the possible rewards for each level you have beaten to identify which ones you need to beat again.

5. Expend Attempts On Events

On top of the adventure mode that holds a plethora of levels for you to beat, Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes holds a variety of unique challenges under the events icon that can help you earn even more resources to strengthen your favorite cards.

beast quest ultimate heroes events

There are 3 distinct dungeons that can reward you with specific gems you will always need to upgrade your cards and there is another dungeon where you can grind for some gold. A unique endless dungeon is also available for you to test your army’s might. A lot of rewards can be earned here and every player who chips in on the event contributes to a reward that everyone can enjoy.

Take note that for the dungeons, not all are available daily and each one is only open on certain days. You have 2 attempts to take on each difficulty level and once you have beaten the easiest mode, you will instantly unlock the next one that comes with another 2 attempts to try and conquer. Given the scenario, therefore, it is best to try and beat each mode as soon as you can so you can enjoy earning more rewards on succeeding days.

6. Complete Daily Quests For Extra Rewards

Although there are immediate rewards you can earn for every battle you engage in as you dive into Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes, there are extra rewards you can obtain from completing daily quests. In essence, the objectives you need to accomplish from the daily quests all fall well within what you would normally engage in as you go on your adventure.

beast quest ultimate heroes daily quests

There are only 5 tasks to accomplish and you can earn some gold and a battle ticket, but completing all 5 each day rewards you with 20 gems. Given that gems serve as the game’s premium currency and very difficult to obtain, every opportunity to earn more of it should not be ignored.

7. Prepare Well Before Starting Each Battle

There are actually 2 levels of preparation you need to go through before engaging in battle. The first one is the stage selection screen where you can check on your team roster and perhaps make changes as you deem necessary. Take the opportunity as well to tap and hold on each enemy unit at the lower left side of the window. You may want to make adjustments to your card selection based on the variety of enemies, particularly if they have magic attack users and ranged troops.

One of the challenges here is that if it is your first time to challenge a level, you will not have any idea as to how many towers there are on the stage. As such, taking more tower cards with you and with each one being deployable 2 to 4 times, it is possible that you will not be able to utilize some cards after all. As you tap on the “play” button on the right side, you will instantly lose stamina and if you quit the level after that, then the stamina lost will not be recovered.

how to prepare for battle in beast quest ultimate heroes

Given this predicament, always keep a good balance of cards as far as deployable tower cards are concerned. What you would want is a full deck where each card can be utilized and as difficult as it is to predict the level’s layout, being conscious of these mechanics will prepare you better for succeeding battles.

Once you choose to play a level, you will finally see the lay of the land. You can pinch in and out to control zoom level and you should consider doing that before anything else. Check for where enemies will spawn from as well as the end points you need to defend. Note as well that you have a starting amount of mana that you can use to set up some troops before the battle starts.

On top of entry and exit points in the map, be sure to pay close attention to each tower’s location. Each tower may essentially be the same in the sense that there are no limitations as to which tower card can be deployed on them. The critical part is that some of these towers will be in prime locations, so to speak, as there are definitely corners or areas where a tower will have more time to deal damage to incoming hordes.

As a general rule, you should consider deploying your best tower cards on these spots and at the same time ensure that there is a good balance between your physical damage dealers and magic attackers. Likewise, planning ahead as to whether you will upgrade your towers or deploy more troops. If you have spell cards as well, then there should always be spare mana to cast them whenever the need to do so arises.

Another critical decision point comes when you choose to upgrade a tower unit. It should be noted that prior to engaging in battle, you should already be familiar with how each unit can be upgraded. For the most part, the first option is always an attack boost and seems like the best choice in general. Some cards, however, have valuable second options that you should consider based on the situation. Keep in mind that once you have cast your choice, the other upgrade will cease to become available during that battle.

The idea at this point in the game, before even clicking on the battle button is that you already have a sequence of purchases or upgrades in mind as you continue to earn mana. Remember that hordes will not be waiting on you to make upgrades as the battle rages on so quick thinking and decisiveness are essential in every level.

8. Know When To Make An Advance Call

Battles that you go through in Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes are always divided into 3 waves. You can see the skull at the top of the battle screen that indicates which wave is currently running. Naturally, there are gaps within the deployment of each wave supposedly to give you some breathing time to perform some upgrades or deploy more units. Alternatively, however, you can tap on the “call early” button that pops up at the lower right side of the screen. This will cancel out the waiting time and immediately send the next wave of enemies marching through the map.

beast quest ultimate heroes strategies

Advance calls carry with it an opportunity to earn some extra mana but comes with a risk of being overwhelmed by the surge of enemies. As soon as the “call early” button appears, every second that passes by reduces the amount of mana you can earn from it. As such, it is important to always be conscious and ready to decide whenever the opportunity comes.

Once the first wave of enemies start pouring in, you should be able to determine if your troops can handle them especially given that you will earn mana every step of the way to fortify your defenses. You must establish a certain point within the map to determine if you will send the next wave rushing in or take a quick breather. In any case, it takes a lot of practice and battles to be fully efficient as far as multitasking and quick thinking goes so just get the feel of it first and avoid making unnecessary risks.

9. Remember To Claim Free Chests

There isn’t any game where the excitement of opening up chests can simply be ignored. While you get a lot of immediate rewards in Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes for every battle you engage in, a lot more can come from chests that you either buy or obtain for free. There is a separate icon for chests at the bottom of the home screen. Be sure to keep checking it out even if there are no rewards to claim as you should always take note of when you can obtain the next one.

beast quest ultimate heroes chests

Free chests often appear at the left side of the home screen. You can tap on it and watch a 15 to 30-second video ad to claim rewards such as gears for your main hero. There are also free chests that you can claim once every 4 hours. These free chests may contain free energy or materials you can use to upgrade your cards.

Well, you will have a lot of extra energy on the first hours of gameplay but soon enough, especially if you are hooked on the game, you will want more free energy to engage in more battles. Note as well that you can claim a chest for earning 12 stars from the adventure. Be sure to exercise sound strategy in obtaining them as chests can only be claimed once every 12 hours.

Relative to chests, be sure to maintain a high level of patience when it comes to purchasing chests for sale. As much as buying them one at a time can be very tempting, keep in mind that purchasing 10x costs 10% less. This is most especially critical for chests that can only be purchased using gems. As gems will be hard to obtain, do your best in only spending them for 10x chests.

There you have it! This ends our beginner’s guide for Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes. We hope that you have picked up some valuable tips and strategies that you can readily apply to your succeeding battles. If you have played the game for a while and have discovered something that we have not covered in this guide, do not shy away from sharing them with us!