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Idle Painter Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Become the Most Accomplished Artist Ever

A large selection of colorful paintings awaits you at Idle Painter, a creative simulation developed by SayGames. This mobile game will allow you to enjoy painting the images and creating masterpieces on your mobile device. Every artwork will bring a certain amount of in-game money your way. So, it is important to cover the canvases with paint as quickly as possible.

But, we all know that elaborate drawing requires a lot of time to be completed. That is why we created a comprehensive 8-point Idle Painter guide. By following these simple Idle Painter cheats, tips and tricks you will quickly master the art of drawing. Without further ado, let’s start with painting those incredible works of art.

1. Tap The Screen As Fast As Possible

To be honest, Idle Painter does not feature complex missions and demanding gameplay. On the contrary, this fun little mobile game can be an ideal solution when you just want to pass the time. With colorful graphics and 290 available drawings, there is no doubt that your playing sessions will be enjoyable. But, the better you become at learning the mechanics of the game – the more you will get out of Idle Painter in the end.

idle painter tips

For example, one of the essential things you need to do when playing this game is to repeatedly tap the screen. By doing so, the pixels in your drawing will be painted at a faster rate. In fact, the faster you tap, the more pixels are being painted. At the same time, those colored pixels will provide you with a reward, i.e. with a bunch of dollars.

With that said, the bottom right corner of the playing screen features a circular gauge that shows how fast you are tapping the screen. When the button in the corner becomes red hot, you’ll know you are doing a good job.

2. Double Your Offline Earnings

Most players will not play this game for days on end. More often than not, you will come back to Idle Painter from time to time. Even so, the game continues to run even when you are not thinking about the Idle Painter. Dollars keep pouring into the bankroll, and it is up to you if you want to collect the rewards or not. Since you are reading this guide, we can safely assume that you are interested in ways to boost your winnings when playing Idle Painter.

One of the essential methods for increasing your bankroll is by doubling it every time you enter the game. In other words, Idle Painter will provide you with a status report when you visit the game after a pause. The report will display your offline earnings, with an option to double the amount. The only requirement for claiming this bonus is to watch an ad.

We strongly recommend that you watch the video and double the earnings. Typically, the duration of the ads is around 20 seconds. In return for those 20 seconds of your time, you will receive a highly valuable injection of funds for continuing to play Idle Painter.

3. Collect As Many Crystals As You Can

We mentioned earlier that Idle Painter provides almost 300 different canvases for you to paint on. To be precise, 290 of those images are divided into several clusters. These so-called packs are grouped together on the basis of their theme and style. So, the packs include topics related to animals, zodiac signs, pop art, noir art, and so on.

idle painter guide

Unfortunately, only a small portion of this collection will be unlocked when you start playing Idle Painter. But, as you progress, the images will become available. The secret to unlocking new artwork is hidden in the upper right corner of the screen.

Besides dollars, Idle Painter also features crystals as the in-game currency. Crystals can be used to unlock new paintings, so use them wisely! They are hard to find, and we urge the players to always invest the crystals the right way.

4. Try To Complete The Daily Missions

Since the precious stones play such an important role, it is imperative that you collect as much of them as possible. But, this is easier said than done. We mentioned that crystals do not come easily when playing Idle Painter. So, the players should focus their attention on the tasks and activities that would reward them with this precious in-game currency.

idle painter missions

Daily missions are the ideal method for collecting the crystals. In the upper left corner, the icon resembling a target takes the players to this section. Typically, daily missions in Idle Painter present you with three separate tasks. In the early stages of the game, these requirements will be easy to meet. As the game progresses, the difficulty of the tasks in the Daily missions will increase. Either way, we advise the players to visit this section from time to time and to focus their efforts on completing the missions before the time runs out.

5. Change The Number Of Pens And Pen Speed

During the gameplay of Idle Painter, the goal is to collect the biggest amount of money. With quick taps, the players can boost their winnings. But, there is an even more convenient way of increasing your yield. Of course, you will quickly grasp the importance of the icons at the bottom of the screen. But, let’s examine them in more detail.

idle painter tricks

Looking from the left, the first two upgrades are related to the number of pens and their speed. Once you collect enough funds, you should invest in these upgrades. As the name of the upgrade clearly suggests, the number of pens will increase the number of dots that are painting your drawing. The more of those you have at your disposal – the better.

Similarly, the speed of the dots increases your winnings after every stage. By investing in speed, your pen will cover more pixels per second, allowing you to cash in more dollars.

6. Invest In Earnings And Pen Width

The next two upgrades that are positioned on the strip of icons at the bottom are also important when playing Idle Painter. As a matter of fact, every one of these upgrades plays a role in the total amount you can earn per painting. So, try to randomize your investments, i.e. to upgrade each of these features and not to focus on just one of them.

For instance, by investing in the upgrade named Earnings, you will enhance your profits per pixel. What this means is that the colored pixels will bring you more revenue than earlier. The more you raise the level of this booster, the more dollars will go your away at the end of every stage.

The same goes for the upgrade called the Pen Width. As you could assume, this booster provides better coverage of the canvas. The more pixels your pen can cover in one move – the more money will end in your bankroll.

7. Double The Earnings While Painting

For the most part, Idle Painter will let you paint the picture without interruptions. You will have to tap the screen as fast as possible to boost the money-collecting process. Also, the upgrades at the bottom will ‘distract’ you from painting the most attractive image ever. We already explained the importance of these boosters, and we urge the players to pay attention to the strip of icons in the lower portion of the screen.

idle painter cheats

With that being said, players should never ignore the small yellow banner that appears at the top of the screen. The purpose of this notification is to inform the players about a potential upgrade. Typically, the banner will provide you with a chance to double your winnings for a certain period. Of course, we recommend accepting such an offer asap.

But, the only trick with this offer is that it expires super-fast. If you do not tap on the notification within three seconds, the opportunity will be gone. So, do not waste the chance next time and tap the yellow banner as soon as it appears.

8. Collect The Earnings After Every Drawing

The money you collect in every one of the missions in Idle Painter can be transferred to the next stage. Such a feature is not something we see often in modern-day mobile games. Either way, cumulative money-management allows you to progress through the missions easily.

By increasing their bankroll, the players can buy more upgrades. In return, the upgrades will generate more cash. So, this self-fulfilling circle can go on indefinitely, producing more and more dollars.

However, there is a catch here as well. After every painting, you will have to watch an ad to collect the cash. If you choose to go to the next stage without collecting the money, you will have to start from scratch. That is why it is advisable to spend a couple of seconds watching a video. The ads can be annoying, but if you go through them – the accumulated funds will be transferred to the upcoming stages in the game.

This tip wraps up our 8-point Idle Painter guide. If you know any other Idle Painter tips, cheats or tricks, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.