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Evertale Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Boost Growth and Become the Best Crestbearer

ZigZaGame Inc. may still not be familiar to a lot of players at this point in time despite having started as early as 2008. With the recent release of Evertale though, and considering its popularity as supported by its ratings and reviews on both Android and iOS platfroms, the game is bound to make its mark in the hearts of RPG fans especially those who enjoy Pokémon and similar monster-catching, training, and fighting games.

The game is not just about collecting and training monsters as it has a strong, original, and immersive storyline to lead players through the game’s lore. Holding a maximum of 8 characters in a party, delimited by a cost system to balance battles, there’s bound to be near limitless team combinations that make every player’s team unique in accordance with one’s preference and play style. If you enjoy RPGs, more specifically Pokémon or other monster pet-themed games, either on your own or with others, then getting Evertale for its measly price is certainly worth it.

evertale tips

Evertale takes you to the fantasy world of Erden and take on a quest to liberate the land from the forces of Pandemonium. As you journey through 6 regions in the land, you will encounter a variety of characters who may join you on your adventure and there are various monsters scattered across each map to battle, capture, collect, and train.

Various quests lead you to progress your game and there are plenty of side quests to earn rewards for you to strengthen your party faster. There are plenty of areas to discover and explore as treasures and rare monsters abound in each region. Beyond the game’s story, joining other players in guilds can earn you unique benefits and engaging in real-time PvP leagues can earn your plenty of rewards as well.

The first few minutes of gameplay, which includes the initial battles you engage in, serves as the tutorial for Evertale. Movement is a simple touch on whichever part of the map you wish to go to. Battle systems are relatively easy as well, but for first time RPG players who may need extra time to get accustomed to the mechanics, replaying certain areas of the tutorial can be done as well.

evertale alliance war

Various features and windows within the game provide information as well as tutorial replays by clicking on the question mark icon. As there are no in-game stamina to limit the amount of time you play each day, farming for experience points as well as better pets can be done as much as you want.

Considering everything, it’s an easy game to progress with initially, though later story battles and challenges may require a little more time farming and grinding. If you find yourself stuck in a particular venture or simply want to progress faster in the game, then our Evertale beginner’s guide can help you be among the best Crestbearers in the game.

1. Follow The Story Mode Quests

Like any RPG across all gaming platforms, the basic route to follow in Evertale is to proceed with following and accomplishing quest lines as indicated by an arrow on the screen that generally points toward the direction of your next goal. There will be some story texts and battles involved and if you want to dive deep into the lore and story development that very much immerses you in this well-crafted fantasy world, read through the conversations and avoid skipping any despite the itch of getting in on the action fast.

evertale tips

The best reason why you should aim to progress the main quests as much as you can is because additional characters and monsters can be obtained which will make it relatively easier for you to grind later on in the game. Some weapons and accessories can be obtained as well easily from accomplishing quests.

More importantly, quests provide a decent amount of experience points you need to level up your account. Every bit of experience you gain and every level you reach not only makes each member of your team stronger, it also increases the cost limit of your entire team which means that the higher it goes, the stronger the characters or monsters you can squeeze in on your party.

Strictly adhering to main quests may not always be the best way to go if you find yourself struggling with more challenging battles a little later on in the game. If the arrow indicating the quest area starts to lead you into town, or another area in the region, then feel free to scout and explore around for treasure chests and rare monsters before proceeding.

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In any case, there aren’t any strict rules and permanently missed opportunities as you can always head back to all areas you previously visited. Don’t feel bad if you encounter a story battle or some challenger in the field that defeats you in battle as it may not necessarily mean that you have progressed a little too fast and may also be dependent on the actual composition of your team and a review of your general strategy.

2. Consider Team Members That Blend Well Together

It may be a bit surprising for some RPG enthusiasts to have a full party roster of 8 characters and monsters in Evertale. Though it may take a while for you to gather 8 companions on your journey, and considering no same monster can be in a party at once, just following quest lines can earn you more than what you can simultaneously use in just a matter of minutes. You may be inclined to just mash in whomever you can get your hands on for the first couple of times but as the number of your roster grows, you will have to make the most considering the cost limit while also ensuring that you represent various elements and have coordinated enough skill sets for decent attack combinations for effective kills.

Each character or monster’s cost denote how powerful they are which is why these costs can go higher as each one gains new levels or evolve into more powerful forms. Though what you should be primarily inclined to consider is the maximum cost of your team that is as close to the limit as it can be, there are other important points to consider as well. After clicking on the “units” and “team management” buttons in-game, you can see the team cost at the upper right side of the screen and each character or monster’s cost is visible at the bottom of their icon. Keep in mind as well that weapons and accessories also have their respective costs.

evertale best team

Preferably, you should consider party members that represent each of the available elements as much as you can as elemental affinities greatly impact damage dealing and receiving in battle. There are four basic elements in Evertale which follow a rock-paper-scissors method in giving one element an advantage and disadvantage against another element. Storm is strong against water but weak against wind, water is strong against fire but weak against storm, fire is strong against wind, but weak against water, and wind is strong against storm but weak against fire.

On top of the 4 basic elements, there are 2 special elements, light and dark, that work strong against one another but do not necessarily have any weaknesses against all other elements and though strong monsters and characters bearing these elements are a little more challenging to gain, it is good to keep at least one of each on your party.

Regardless of your considerations, what’s important top observe is to avoid having too many of the same element on your team as it will be very disadvantageous for you in battle in the event that you encounter an enemy team that holds several units of an element that your team is generally weak against.

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Lastly, take note of each character’s skills most especially how each will be beneficial for the entire team in battle. Some characters and monsters that have fairly similar skill effects can complement one another while others more or less fit certain roles in traditional RPGs with their skills and attributes. As an example, characters and monsters that put poison status on an enemy and unleash subsequent skills that deal great damage to poisoned opponents may work well on their own. However, using them in tandem or groups may boost their overall effectiveness as you will no longer need to wait a full turn to maximize damage on a poisoned opponent.

Likewise, several characters possess AoE damage which are crucial for full team enemies. As these characters and monsters tend to be a little more brittle than their peers, it’s always a good idea to partner them up with team members that can defend their teammates and flip their own health when it becomes critical.

Many NPCs that you can challenge in battle provide additional strategies relating to how their team works so pay attention to their dialogue and strategize around what you learn from each one of them.

3. Accomplish Side Quests For Extra Rewards

There are numerous NPCs in towns and sometimes in the field that has a gift box icon atop their heads. These NPCs provide side quests that grant you good rewards for accomplishing pretty simple tasks that you would normally do even in the absence of such quest. Typically, you only need to have a certain monster in your roster and talking to them again once you have what they are looking for will complete the quest and give you your rewards.

evertale side quests

As these side quests are relatively easy and the rewards they provide are a big help to you, make sure that you enter into a dialogue with each of them while taking note of where each of them are located as you try to accomplish their request. For the most part, though, their request can be accomplished somewhere very close to where they are.

4. Keep An Eye Out For Moving Bushes

Random encounters outside of towns in the world map can only occur in patches of bushes and shrubs that are fairly easy to notice on every region. As you walk back and forth on each one you see, you will occasionally witness some patches that are moving. These animated patches indicate that a rare monster can be engaged in battle and can be captured and as such, you should always spend time to look for these on every new area you visit.

You can only acquire one of each rare monster from these moving bushes and once you successfully capture it, the moving patch of grass will no longer be around. Don’t worry about losing a battle against these rare monsters as you can battle them again and again if you lose. Some of these battle may be more difficult than the usual random mobs so be ready to be in a bit of a handicap as you won’t freely be able to use all your special skills for worries relative to the destruction of your target.

evertale moving blushes

As a general strategy, focus attacks on your target rare monster but don’t use any special moves that may destroy it. Bring his HP to as low as you can and then ceaselessly attempt to capture it until you succeed. Feel free to destroy the other monsters and just aim to capture some of them that you like to have later on.

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Rare monsters aren’t the only reason to stroll around bushes. Grinding away on these spots can contribute to levelling up your characters and monsters. Depending on the amount of free time you have to grind for experience points for your team, you can spend some time on some areas with a challenging enough level of opponents to try and level up every character and monster that you want to level up.

5. Explore The Land For Treasure Chests

evertale treasure chests

Although it is highly advisable to proceed with quest lines that point you towards a specific direction, be sure to spend a bit of time to roam around each area to grab treasure chests out in the open. Most of these are largely visible on the map and considering the limited passable sections on each area, it wouldn’t really take a lot of time to stray a bit off course. Treasure chests in the game contain a lot of rewards that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. Evolution items, experience items, and other consumables can be claimed as well as silver and soul stones.

6. Earn Silver From Selling Duplicate Monsters

Although you can grind for experience points by walking around bushes looking for a fight, you can also do the same and capture every monster you encounter instead of killing them. This tactic will net you loads of extra monsters, particularly duplicates, that you can freely sell away to earn some silver.

Your characters and monsters won’t gain experience if you capture every monster you battle, but if you find weapons or accessories from town shops that you can’t afford, then simply roam around nearby shrub spots near that city and earn as much silver as you need.

7. Spend Your Summoning Crystals Wisely

As summoning crystals are more or less equivalent to premium currency in the game and very difficult for free players to earn and save, it’s very important to be very careful whenever you spend them. Although each 100 summoning crystals can get you at least a rare character or weapon, saving and then spending a thousand summoning crystals for a 10x summon makes it all worth it with at least 1 guaranteed SR or SSR character.

It will take some strength and patience to hold on those crystals but the payoff is what you will have to focus on as it will be highly improbable to secure similarly rated characters from purchasing attempts one at a time.

8. Join An Active Guild And Add Friends

Though there currently aren’t any rewards and guild activities yet in Evertale, there are still plenty to be gained for being a part of an active one. Primarily, being able to use mercenaries shared by stronger guild members can be beneficial for you in various game modes and if your mercenary is used by other players or guild members, you can earn friend points that you can also use to summon additional troops from the either standard or premium friend summon.

evertale guild

While the guild may be a good source of finding friends in the game, you can also add friends by choosing to add them after using their mercenary in various game modes. Likewise, you can also secure more friends via keying in of friend codes of other players in the game to send invites or posting yours on the official Facebook page of the game, ZigZaGame website, or even Reddit. Maxing out your friend limit is important if you want more chances to obtain friend points in the game.

9. Participate In Various Game Modes And Events

There are various game modes available in the game and you may initially not be aware of any of these especially if you have been seriously engrossed with the game’s story mode and the grind that goes with it. If you are still in story mode, you can access the bottom right icon on the screen to head to the main screen and have access to the rest of the game modes as well as other features.

Under the Events section is a permanent event called Training Dojo that you can ceaselessly attempt to finish to earn evolution materials as well as summoning stones. In a sense, it’s a puzzle that needs to be solved as you are provided with a specific team to control pitted against a strong opponent team where it will be a huge challenge to win against. Before attempting to engage this, be sure to be ready for a lot of strategic thinking and patience as winning here is not as easy as it is with a team you are very familiar with.

There are also time-limited events available here that grant event specific exchange shop tokens which you can use to purchase a variety of great rewards. Most battles will be very challenging and costs mana so if there are other game modes you would like to engage in within the day, be sure to regularly go back to the game as it may take a while to replenish your mana for another go.

There are plenty of dungeon-like adventures available for you under the Power Up Quest game mode. As each one also costs 25 mana to attempt, be sure to prioritize what you need the most as it will take some levelling up before you can accumulate 50 mana which is enough to go through 2 quests, one after another.

There are also open and real-time PvP battles in Evertale although considering that the cost limit to participate here 400. With that many points, it may be difficult for you to compete especially if you just started the game fairly recently. In any case, it’s a great experience to test out your team and this activity forms part of your objectives in the daily missions as well.

10. Aim To Accomplish Achievements And Daily Missions

evertale daily missions

Although practically every activity you engage in as you play Evertale grants you rewards instantly for the most part, there are still additional bonuses you can claim through the many daily quests and achievements you can find in the game. Some of the objectives here can easily be accomplished just by proceeding normally through the game but for best results, knowing what to aim for relative to these objectives can boost your in-game progress much faster. To be sure, click on the medal icon at the upper left side of the main screen and be sure to browse through objectives on both tabs.

For daily missions, there are great rewards to be received for each objective you can complete but the best from among them is the SR Character Core which can instantly grant experience points to a character. For lifetime achievements, you can only claim rewards once throughout the game but all rewards come in the form of either soul stones or SSR cores. As these rewards are very important for your progress, try and aim for achievements that you can accomplish with the least amount of time.

Though we are confident that there are still a variety of tips, tricks, and strategies waiting to be uncovered in Evertale, this is all we have for now relative to our beginner’s guide. If you were able to read through our article, and dedicate much time to the game, we are certain that you can be a top tier creastbearer eventually. We hope you enjoyed the tips and strategies we shared and if you discovered your own share of tips and strategies, we would be glad if you share them with us in the comment area below!


Wednesday 9th of March 2022

Nothing about the "screwed up Online story mode ". The one area which really needs a walkthrough.


Monday 7th of October 2019

Light is weakened when hitting light, dark is weakened when hitting dark. Also you refer to monsters in shaking bushes as "rare", but they are refered to in-game as unique which is IMO much less confusing. Oh and also if you accidentally kill a unique monster you can run away and it will respawn, but if you kill it and win it will not (as I sadly learned).


Wednesday 20th of November 2019

They respawn if you leave the area and return as well. It isn't a done deal if you kill them and win. Perhaps that is a recent update though


Thursday 10th of October 2019

It does respawn for me though, maybe try looking around the area for the moving bush? Ive completed the battles every time i accidentally killed the unique monster and there's never been a problem for me