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Idle Cooking Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: 11 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become a Top Bakery Tycoon

Codigames, an experienced indie mobile game developer mostly known for a variety of social or casual games like Battle Royale: Ultimate Show, Lords & Castles, and Super Indie Cats just to name a few, recently added Idle Cooking Tycoon to its much loved list of offerings for both Android and iOS. As a bakery management simulation and idle clicker game in one, Idle Cooking Tycoon is a casual game designed in such a way that you can and will always make progress regardless of how much time you spend on it and how often you play. While there may be hordes of similarly-themed games in the mobile gaming market, what sets Idle Cooking Tycoon apart from most is the fact that there won’t be any pressure to push forward or to make it seem like a chore and require you to spend countless hours on it for you to make some progress. With that as an underlying concept, both casual and hardcore gamers, or even people who don’t consider themselves gamers at all can definitely enjoy and relax in the game.

To start off, a brief story takes a young pastry chef to Grandpa’s Bakery that has been closed for a long time and as he finds his old but incredible baking machine which is special since it was built on top of a chocolate mine, he decides to continue on with the business. With the chocolate from the mine having special properties, the sweets and treats you can make from it seem magical as well. As it now becomes the new pastry chef’s turn to run the bakery, you need to help him continue from where grandpa left of and restore the place to its former glory. As production of chocolates start with a simple tap, you can begin earning as much money every second as the number of taps you made. There are researches that can be done to boost and enhance productivity which all ultimately leads to you earning more every second. As you continue to play there are missions you can accomplish to earn additional rewards and investors may also contribute to your earnings. Upon reaching certain milestones, you can discover new recipes and begin working on that to further boost your stream of profits.

Idle Cooking Tycoon’s quick and easy tutorial shows you a mere 3 steps of instructions to introduce you to the basics of managing the bakery and boosting profits. As you tap on the conveyor belt of the baking machine you get chocolates. The number of chocolates determines the profit you earn and although you continuously produce pastries that number doesn’t go down and can instead automatically go up later on in the game. Then comes the research area where you will spend, or rather invest, some of the money you earn to boost production capacity and profits. You will also be taken to the mechanic for further upgrades you. There really isn’t any additional need for the tutorial to dig deeper into the game as the basics are enough to keep you earning and the rest is equally easy to discover and grasp. As Idle Cooking Tycoon is a casual game, there isn’t any way for you to lose profits as you will always earn but if you do want to earn more with the amount of time you put in the game, read our Idle Cooking Tycoon guide and be on your way to be among the top bakery tycoons.

1. Tap On The Conveyor Belt As Much As You Can

idle cooking tycoon conveyor belt

Similar to real-life entrepreneurial management principles, the more time you spend and the more effort you exert on your business, the faster it grows. Although you can still continuously earn income from Idle Cooking Tycoon even while away from your business, it wouldn’t be as much as what you can earn while playing, especially since you can only earn offline for a limited time.

The most basic source and booster of income in Idle Cooking Tycoon is the conveyor belt which produces the actual product of the bakery. As fun as it may be to test how much you can grow the multiplier by tapping the conveyor belt as fast as you can, it’s not that necessary. In fact there is a limit to how much you can keep tapping the machine as your pot has a capacity limit and a max temperature as well but both can be upgraded though. Keep in mind as well that while this can boost your profits it is not the best way of doing so. In fact you only need to pay attention to this when there is nothing else to do in the bakery or if you are just starting out and have 0 or very little chocolates to get profits from. As soon as you have enough money, it’s time to head on to research to boost your earnings further and faster.

2. Spend Money Immediately On Research

idle cooking tycoon research

Once you have enough money to even do 1 upgrade, head on to research and read through the many different upgrades and enhancements you can buy (if you haven’t yet) and, depending on your play style, purchase the upgrades you can. While each one is practically important, categorically there are some which works better when you spend a lot of time in the game and others work just the same way if you are offline. You may want to spread out your money to as many upgrades as possible and understand that the cost of any subsequent upgrade exponentially increases. Upgrades are also grouped into levels and unlocking the next level of research requires a certain number of upgrades to be done on the available levels first. As a general rule, buy whatever you can and make sure that everything is grayed out before you head back and look for other things to do in your bakery. Only reserve some extra cash when there are still cheaper upgrades to be done on your transportation section via the mechanic (the guy at the door). There is also an option at the top of the research tab where you can choose to do an upgrade one at a time or by bulk (max).

3. Visit The Mechanic

idle cooking tycoon mechanic

While research mostly deals with upgrades on the production and marketing aspect of the pastry business, the mechanic deals with transportation or logistics, which also ultimately lead to more sales and income. Through the transportation section, you can upgrade your tricycle truck to increase its load capacity as well as upgrade robot carriers for them to load more boxes into the truck and thereby speed up logistics. You will notice that there isn’t a lot of upgrades to do here but each one costs a lot after the current upgrade so you may just want to check this regularly to see if you can or are close to being financially capable of buying upgrades. If you are far from having money to doso, then spend or invest your money, rather, on research enhancements.

4. Grab The Cash Lying Around The Bakery

idle cooking tycoon cash

Money will continue to randomly rain down on your bakery whenever you are playing. It may not seem much at first, especially if you haven’t progressed much as far as income and research are concerned. Keep in mind though that the more you play and the higher the income you generate, the range of amount you can get off from these cash lumps lying around will proportionally increase as well. Make an effort to grab all of these cash drops as it will boost your money faster than when you are clicking away on the baking machine. In no time, you will again be able to earn a lot to purchase a couple or multiple upgrades on research and transportation.

5. Watch Ads To Double Profits

how to double profits in idle cooking tycoon

Like every other free-to-play game in the market, video advertisements become a fundamental part of the package to keep the game up and available on top of in-app purchases offered. As much as some people may not be fond of it, it is actually necessary, not just for the developers but for the players as well since it is the best time to take a 15 to 30-second break from playing.

As the rewards you get from watching video ads from the game are too valuable, you should make an effort to take advantage of it. In Idle Cooking Tycoon, watching a short video ad will double your earnings for the next 2 hours. Beyond that, you can continuously watch (or play) video ads to earn a total of at least 12 hours-worth of double income boost and earn some gems. If you have enough time, be sure to go for this as gems, being the premium currency in the game, are very difficult to earn in the game. Be sure to take not of when your boost will expire as well so you can watch a few ads again and continue to reap the rewards of having a double income boost. Additionally, check regularly when you can again spam on watching ads to earn more gems.

6. Take Note And Try To Accomplish Missions

idle cooking tycoon missions

On the bottom left wall of the bakery, you will notice an exclamation mark which, when clicked on, shows you a mission that you can accomplish to earn huge cash amounts or even gems. There may be occasions when you can achieve the requirements without even knowing the mission but to ensure that you are on track of it, feel free to visit it every once in a while. Some of the missions are fairly easy to accomplish while others may be a tad bit more difficult to achieve immediately, but all of it are pretty much achievable. Once you accomplish a mission, the exclamation mark changes into a check mark and you can tap on it to claim your rewards and a new mission objective will be immediately shown.

7. Regularly Check The ATM

idle cooking tycoon atm

On the opposite side of the missions post, you can find an ATM and will also notice that occasionally, some guy will approach it and it will begin to glow. Once you see that happen, click on it and find that some millionaire is interested in investing on your bakery and you can claim a huge amount of cash or some gems but you need to watch a video ad to claim it. At all times, you should go for this as it is the biggest source of funds you will have to speed up your progress and purchase several upgrades all at once and again, most especially, if gems are up for grabs. You shouldn’t even be bothered by the video ad at this point since playing one for a maximum duration of 30 seconds can earn you rewards that take several minutes and a lot of effort to generate on your own.

8. Claim The Offline Rewards

idle cooking tycoon offline rewards

As Idle Cooking Tycoon is an idle clicker game as well; you can continuously earn rewards while you stay offline. Although as a free player this is capped at a maximum of 2 hours and doesn’t seem that much, it can still help you on the research and development of your bakery. On top of that, you can also double the amount you get from this by, again, watching a 15 to 30-second video ad.

9. Get The Daily Login Rewards

idle cooking tycoon daily rewards

As gems are very difficult to obtain in the game and a lot of permanent enhancements can only be obtained through spending gems, make it a point to grab some free ones whenever you can. A good constant source of this is the daily rewards that you can claim by logging in on the game once a day. Be sure to log in every day even if you actually won’t have time to play actively and claim gems as well as boosters that can help you in the game when you can play online for about an hour.

10. Spend Your Gems Wisely

idle cooking tycoon gems

Most games tend to have at least one premium currency for extra special items, upgrades, or buffs that will greatly boost your game. In any case, you would want to grab as much of this currency if you want to progress your game faster. In Idle Cooking Tycoon, gems are also more difficult to acquire that the overflowing cash that your bakery continuously generates. Although there are multiple sources to get it from, the amount you get may not be immediately enough to buy the things you would want to spend them on.

While in a lot of games, you would naturally want to save gems for later use or earn enough to buy something bigger, which may not exactly be the best approach in Idle Cooking Tycoon. For one though, you should rather spend these gems as soon as you can to acquire permanent boost or enhancement effects from the Epic Card Deck rather that spend it on boosters that temporarily set your production on overdrive while you are online and playing.

There are a lot of permanent upgrades to choose from and again, it all depends on your play style and how long and often you play the game. For starters, you may want to invest early on Rick Einstein to reduce costs of research and later on get the Repair Kit as well since you will eventually be having lots of robot workers and a reduction in their upgrade costs lead to more cash for you to invest on research instead. Another noteworthy upgrade as well is Divine Touch, which boosts production of the baking machine with a simple tap and hold instead of rapid clicks. If you are “playing” the game while watching a movie or something, this is quite a good option. Be sure to browse through all the available upgrades, focusing more on what will be best for you in the long run. As always, you may want to spread it out so you can have more upgrades even at just the lowest boost levels.

11. Develop Your Bakery As Soon As You Can

how to develop your bakery in idle cooking tycoon

Tapping on the guy with the hard hat at the top of the bakery will show you the bakery development option which requires you to reach a certain amount of money to accomplish to discover a new recipe. Once you reach the goal, there will be an exclamation mark above the development guy and clicking on him and research will reset your money as well as your research and transportation upgrade levels but your income generation will be greatly boosted and you can reach and surpass your previous development levels and cash in no time.

And that covers everything we can share with regard to efficiently boosting your income generation and becoming a top tycoon in Idle Cooking Tycoon. Just follow our Idle Cooking Tycoon guide closely with your play style in mind and you’ll be sure to progress faster in this game. Don’t forget to share some tips you may discover as well as despite sinking ourselves deep into the game, we may still have forgotten something and comment below to let us know of what you have discovered.