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Ice Age Avalanche Cheats: 4 Stunning Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Gameloft is mostly known for its more sophisticated action and RPG titles, but for this particular game, the company went a decidedly simpler route, releasing a new Match 3 puzzler called Ice Age Avalanche. Yes, this is another one of those special-themed Match 3 titles, and this game is available regardless whether you own an iOS or an Android device. In fact, it’s the third in a series following Ice Age Village and Ice Age Adventures, and all you have to do is swipe fruit to match three or more identical tiles. There are different in-game modes and in-game worlds, and as is often the case in other similar titles, you can come up with different boosters that could help you complete stages quicker. Aside from that, we’ve got our own ways of helping you to that end – a series of Ice Age Avalanche cheats, tips and tricks to help you complete more three-star levels.

1. Start At The Bottom

Start at the bottom and you’ll have a better chance of creating matches automatically as the pieces fall from above. This is one piece of advice that holds true in almost all Match 3 games, and it definitely applies to Ice Age Avalanche as well. It’s a very simple and fundamental tip, but if you’re new to Match 3 gaming, you’ll definitely want to keep it in mind.

2. Get Your Lives Back, Here’s How

You have five lives all in all in Ice Age Avalanche, and each time you fail a level, you lose one life. Now if you’re all out of lives and don’t want to wait 30 minutes before you can return to action, you can either purchase more lives with gold or connect the game to Facebook. Adding friends to the game will allow you to request lives from them, just as you could in similar titles like Candy Crush Saga. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any references to the time lapse cheat, but you may want to advance your device’s time by 30 minutes or so to get lives back quicker. Who knows, it just might work.

3. Keep In Mind That Heart Upgrades Are Permanent

Gold can be used to buy hearts, like we told you above, and that would essentially mean upgrading your hearts as well. You can pay 60 gold to add one heart to your maximum lives, and the good thing about paying those 60 gold pieces is that the upgrade is permanent.

4. Create Special Pieces

Matching more than three pieces will allow you to create a booster piece. If you’re able to match four, you can crush a line of pieces. Matching five will let you crush all pieces of the same color. And if you match in an L- or T-shape with more than five pieces, then you’ll create yourself a bomb that can take out a huge area of pieces. String up combos by combining boosters and you’ll be on your way to wiping out the board much quicker.