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Heroes and Castles 2 Tips & Cheats: 6 Hints to Destroy the Enemy’s Stronghold

If you own a newer iPhone, meaning the iPhone 4s onwards, or a recent iPad model, then you’ll be able to step into the magical world of Heroes and Castles 2. Unlike the original Heroes and Castles title, this sequel is only available on iOS at the moment. Foursaken Media is offering a “mash-up” of third-person action RPGs, strategy, and castle defense gaming when describing the game. You choose from one of three races, customize your hero to your liking, and defend your castle and conquer others with your powerful army of troops. There are several types of units you can recruit to your army, and various ways to build and upgrade your castle. So with that having been said, let’s take you to a couple of useful Heroes and Castles 2 tips and cheats for building the ultimate castle and achieving victory against the enemy.

1. Summon Bannermen And Use Them To Your Advantage

As you progress through Heroes and Castles 2, you’ll find yourself against tougher enemies, which will require you to summon Bannermen, allowing you to earn Command Points at a faster rate; Command Points are the points you’ll need to summon units. That way, you can build a bigger army and do so faster – remember to spend those Command Points whenever possible, to ensure your army is large enough to survive against the enemy!

2. Conserve Your Stamina

It’s cool to unleash powerful and swift attacks on the bad guy, but remember that these quick and/or powerful actions will drain your Stamina. If your Stamina is low, your attacks won’t be as effective, so you will want to conserve your Stamina by balancing aggressive and conservative attacks while on the battlefield.

3. Unleash Heavy Attacks

You should always prioritize to unleash a Heavy Attack or two when fighting the enemy. These attacks vary depending on the weapon you’re using, but they do have a devastating effect in any case – they typically are capable of taking out multiple enemies, are at least able to stun them, and can penetrate shields should the enemy try to defend against them.

4. Conquer New Lands

Yes, this is a castle defense game, just as the developer describes it, but in order to survive in Heroes and Castles 2, you also need to conquer new lands. That way, you can earn the resources you need to upgrade what you’ve got, unlock new units to recruit, and earn a variety of other bonuses as you get closer to destroying the opposing castle.

5. Be Aware Of The Countdown

If you see a ticker next to a land which is under attack, that represents the countdown to imminent danger. One day is equivalent to one battle, and regardless whether you win or lose, you will be required to defend if your main castle is the one that’s under attack. Outposts in imminent danger, unfortunately, will be lost.

6. Upgrade Units And Craft Equipment

You need a strong army at all times, and that means having your units leveled up and using only the best equipment – remember to upgrade your units and equipment, and if possible, craft new equipment to ensure your army is in the best shape possible.


Tuesday 14th of February 2023

this does'nt actually happen I buy bannermen,but they overrun me with skeloton captains.


Monday 18th of April 2022

Don't waste your crystals on unit types that are not necessary! Because ones you beat the game, and switch to new game+ (starting over in a harder world with godly equipment...) all your unit upgrades will reset, so you will need loads of crystals again to upgrade your army. Your items, crystals and castle upgrades will stay untouched.


Tuesday 14th of February 2023

@Egidijus, upgrade IRON HELMES or SHIELD KNIGHTS.