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I Hate You Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide: 9 Hints You Need to Know

Sunrise Games’ new Android and iOS title called I Hate You is an action-packed racer, which is a lot of fun to play. The idea of this game is that you’re driving a “revenge machine” – it could be a boring old red car, a pickup truck, a police car, a ‘50s sedan, or a variety of other vehicles – and joining the game’s “army of avengers” to take on those fears. It’s all about running over the representations of those childhood and adulthood fears – for the former, you’ve got clowns, vampires, and even dentists, for the latter, you’ve got your boss, represented by men in a suit you’ll have to run over.

This game is all about conquering your fears, but how can you conquer them the right way? How can you show those fears that you’re not afraid, while earning more coins and gears and unlocking more new vehicles? Read on, as we’re going to answer those questions with a detailed I Hate You strategy guide, which we certainly hope you will love.

1. Remember Your Quests And Follow Them Accordingly

The game, for starters, allows you to choose a car (you get the red car as your default, and only vehicle, for starters), and to choose a fear to take on (you start with the clown), before hitting the Play button and commencing vehicular manslaughter on those fears. And with each available round, you’ll be given three quests, or missions to complete – for example, you may be asked to smash a certain number of enemies with or without power-ups, or you may be asked to collect a certain number of the same power-up within the round. Take note of those quests, as completing them will earn you a lot of gold.

2. Grind It Out For Quest Completion

If you aren’t able to complete a quest the first time around, the game will give you a chance to try again and grind it out, usually starting you back at square one for your incomplete quests, but sometimes taking into account your cumulative totals from the last run. Just be patient, and just keep at it if you’re only able to complete one, two, or even none of the three quests.

3. Take Advantage Of Your Power-Ups

As you drive through the town in search of more enemies to smash, you’ll notice that there are four power-ups you can pick up. The first is the magnet, which draws enemies to your car to make it easier to smash/kill them; normally enemies run away when they see you approaching. Next, you’ve got the saw, which doesn’t necessarily result in any awesome death scenes, but widens your area of attack. The clock power-up, once you run over it, doesn’t give you extra time (as we mistakenly thought at first), but freezes all enemies in ice, allowing you to run over them without worrying about them running away. Lastly, the gun power-up puts a machine gun on top of your vehicle’s hood; this gun auto-aims at your enemies, allowing you to kill them even if you’ve driven past them.

All of these power-ups can be very helpful in your runs, and there isn’t a bad one out of the four of them, though we find the magnet a bit harder to use than others. But our favorite, we’d say, is the machine gun, as it auto-aims and auto-fires, allowing you to run up your kills with little effort. If you see a power-up, go get it, but remember that they only remain active for a few seconds’ time.

4. Upgrade Your Power-Ups

It’s easy to miss out on this, but you will notice an up arrow icon on the upper right hand corner of the car select page. This allows you to upgrade your power-ups, as well as upgrade your car so that it lasts longer before running out of juice. Since we prefer the machine gun, we prefer prioritizing that among power-up upgrades; it’s going to cost you a few hundred coins in order to upgrade the number of seconds each power-up remains active. As for the “battery” upgrade on top, make sure you don’t overlook that. Although your battery charges for each enemy you kill, having a longer-lasting battery gives you more time to rack up more kills and hopefully complete your quests on the same run.

5. How To Earn More Coins

ns are the main currency in the game, and you can earn them naturally by playing the game and killing more enemies. The more enemies you kill, the more gold (excluding the stuff you earn from completing quests) you can earn once your run is over, and you have the option to watch an ad video after your run ends, in order to double the gold you won. As we said earlier, completing quests does help out a lot, and spinning the prize wheel can do the same for you. And speaking of the prize wheel…

6. Spin The Daily Prize Wheel

I Hate You allows you to spin a wheel for daily prizes, and you can access this by tapping on the lower right corner icon that looks like just that – a prize wheel. You can mostly win gold or gears by spinning that wheel (more on gears later), and while we should warn you that it often feels rigged (i.e. summoning a final bit of momentum to move to a cheaper prize), free stuff is free stuff no matter how you get it. This could earn you more currency that can help you buy better cars in the game.

7. How To Earn Gears, And How To Spend Them

Gears are the premium currency in I Hate You, and as we told you earlier, you can get free gears by spinning the daily prize wheel; if it stops on an area with a light blue gear icon, that means you could get a couple gears without having to pay real-life cash. You can also click on the icon on the upper right hand corner of the main menu. It allows you to watch a video, and once you’re done watching the quick clip, you’ll again get a couple gears for your troubles. Keep watching videos and spinning the wheel, and your gear winnings will add up in time.

As for spending your premium currency, we can tell you what to do with them, and what not to do with them. You should definitely save them up so that you have enough to buy some of the new cars in the game, those that can only be purchased by means of gears. You can also use gears to unlock new enemy types, or fears, in the fears menu. And since you have the option to spend a gear in order to continue playing even after you’ve run out of gas/energy, we advise you not to do that. Or, if you really insist, you can spend a gear only if you’re very close to completing a quest. Otherwise, they’re best spent on car and fear unlocks.

8. Which Cars Should You Choose?

Each of the vehicles in the game are rated according to three statistics – their speed, handling, and battery life. Typically, you’ll want something that’s balanced across the board, because while your car appears to be indestructible, it could be very inconvenient to get your car out of a tight spot just because you hit one of the obstacles or turned too sharply. The more time you spend trying to maneuver your car out of one of those spots, the faster your batteries lose energy.

You may also want to wait a bit longer before buying your first new vehicle. If you play the game a lot and thusly earn a ton of gold each day, you can keep on buying new cars as long as you can afford them, but it would be better to make your first new car the cop car (6000 coins) than the yellow hatchback (2000 coins), for instance. The yellow hatchback, after all, is hardly better than the default red car, while the cop car has much better stats across the board, making it a far more worthy investment.

9. What Are The Benefits Of Double / Triple Kills And Hitting Bosses?

While playing the game, you may notice the words “Double Kill” or “Triple Kill” appearing after you’ve knocked off two or three enemies respectively, in succession. As far as we’ve seen, these are mainly for questing purposes, and for earning more gold, but don’t result in any special powers or abilities for your car. As for the bosses, who are bigger than the standard enemies and have skull-and-bones logos over their head, they’re seemingly there for questing and gold bonuses, and seem to run away faster, but they don’t seem to fire at your car or try to fight back, at least in the earlier levels.

These would be our tips and tricks for Sunrise Games’ new mobile title I Hate You. Stay tuned, as we will update this guide whenever we discover more hints!