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Alpaca Evolution Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Manage Your Alpaca Farm Properly

Alpaca Evolution is an exciting mobile game by COCOSOLA, that allows you to manage your own alpaca farm; there are “over hundred” colors of alpacas available in the game, an “extreme variation,” as the developer calls it. You will be tasked to train and dress the alpacas you have, and try to capture more of them as you “experience unlimited cuteness.”

This may sound like a very cutesy kind of game, but when it comes to its mechanics, things may get a bit challenging. After all, this a collection game, or a collection RPG, meaning the alpacas you collect are akin to the Pokemon or mini-monsters collected in games of that kind. And just like players of those other games can battle Pokemon against each other, you will be doing the same with the alpacas you collect, who have their own strengths, weaknesses, and special skills. So let’s leave everything at that and get right to our list of Alpaca Evolution tips and tricks for properly managing your alpaca farm.

1. Know The Basics Of Alpaca Collection

Your main objective in this game is to collect as many alpacas as possible, all of them with varying colors. You’ll be allowed a maximum of four alpacas in your party, but you can have more, much more than just four in total. That means you can always substitute one alpaca for another, especially if you consider the elemental system. Each alpaca has an element, and these elements are strong or weak against another.

2. How To Dispatch Your Alpacas In Battle

Typically, your team of alpacas will have one star alpaca, a comparatively strong animal compared to the others, and some others who are weaker than average. When in battle, deploy your weaker alpacas first for one attack, then substitute them with your stronger members. That allows both alpacas to gain similar amounts of experience, and thusly allows your weaker alpacas to catch up with the more powerful ones.

3. How To Catch More Alpacas

Indeed, you “gotta catch ‘em all,” if you want to enjoy this game to the fullest. But how do you add to your roster of alpacas quickly? First off, you’ll have to buy some rope in the city, which would allow you to catch more alpacas. With the food you buy, you can restore their hit points, thus allowing them to fight for longer and giving them the extra edge they need to win tougher, subsequent battles. You’ll also need to buy warps so you can go to different hills, allowing you even more chances to catch more alpacas.

4. Earn More Gold By Selling Wool And Duplicates

The sell menu of the game allows you to sell alpaca wool – yes, the very same stuff that coats them – in order to earn more gold. And if you’ve got duplicates of the same alpaca, you could use that same menu to sell your duplicates; it’s also a good idea to sell the ones you don’t like or don’t need, as that’s also going to earn you some valuable coins. The higher the level of the alpaca you’re selling, the higher a price it’s going to fetch in the sell menu.

5. Dressing Your Alpacas Up Doesn’t Change Anything Else

One of Alpaca Evolution’s selling points is the ability for players to dress up their alpacas for customization purposes. Truth be told, that’s all they’re good for – customizing your alpacas doesn’t change anything else in the game except the way they look. Go ahead and buy more clothing if you want to spiff up their appearance, but keep in mind that it won’t affect gameplay.

6. Upgrade Your Buildings

Do not forget to upgrade the buildings, and to make use of the different upgrades wisely. For starters, your alpacas can recover faster from their battle injuries through the Turtle upgrade. House upgrades allow your alpacas to grow more wool, thus giving you more wool to sell, and Windmill works by making your alpacas grow that wool faster. Den upgrades allow your farm to hold more alpacas. Last, and probably the least, the Magic Bucket allows you to change accessory colors to any color of your choice, but like we said in the last tip, it’s nothing but customization.