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Respeck On My Name Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Get to 100 Percent Respeck Faster

Respeck On My Name is a casual arcade game from Bruh Inc., designed for Android and iOS devices. According to Bruh, the goal is to help the little Bird Man dodge haters while collecting all the Respeck sauce, and if that sounds a bit foreign to you, it’s simply about your character dodging enemies and collecting a certain commodity, a very common mechanic in this sort of game. It is a strategy-based game, we would say, and with the right combination of strategy and skill, you could achieve the game’s main objective, which is to get to a 100 percent level of Respeck. Obviously, that means “respect”, though we’ll let the game’s makers spell the word like they want to.)

How can you get more Respeck in this game, how can you avoid more haters, and how can you collect more of that awesome, er, Respeck sauce? Read on, as we’ve got the answers in the form of this list of Respeck On My Name tips and tricks.

1. Basic Things To Remember

The basic premise here is that you, as the Birdman, are bouncing back and forth between two platforms, with one of those platforms containing the Respeck sauce at the end of it. Tap on your phone or tablet’s screen, to change Birdman’s direction; tap at the right time so you can avoid the haters, which are the game’s enemies. But when it comes to the haters, you have one chance, and we repeat just one chance against those bad boys; your run is automatically over if you bump into one of the haters.

2. More Basics – It’s All About Respeck Sauce

The ultimate goal, as we said, is to gain 100 percent Respeck. That’s why the game comes with an even 100 levels, with each level number corresponding to the amount of Respeck sauce you need to gather. Level 1, thusly, will only require you to get one unit of Respeck sauce, while you’ll need five units to complete Level 5, and so on. Fortunately, your bird will still fly at the same speed, and in the same random directions; the only thing making it harder is the amount of Respeck sauce you have to collect.

3. Replay Previously Completed Levels

The game gives you the option to replay levels you’ve already completed, and while this might not have any benefit as far as in-game perks are concerned, this can be a good way for you to practice ahead of the harder levels. Go to the title screen and choose from all the levels you have completed, so you can grind it out in the name of practice.

4. So Far, Not Too Many People Have Hit The Highest Score

You can go to the Game Center or Google Play to see how your top score ranks in comparison to other players, and at this point in the game’s run, we’d say you’ve still got a lot of chances to be one of the first to complete the game. As of last week, for instance, there was only one person who had completed all 100 levels (for a score of 100) on the Game Center rankings.

These would be our quick tips and tricks for Respeck On My Name. If you know other hints for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below!