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Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Conquer Dungeons Easily

Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord is Korean mobile gaming company Cat Lab’s brand new mobile title, that’s available on iOS and Android platforms. Like previous releases form Cat Lab, you can expect Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord to provide you with a unique experience right from the start of your adventure.

As simple and straightforward as the game seems, paired with its retro-styled, cartoony graphics, you would easily assume that it’s as easy as it looks. Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord, however, comes packed with a lot of challenges that goes beyond simply having a powerful enough hero, as strategizing from your character’s build down to utilizing resources in combat goes a long way.

From the adventure’s premise alone, you can tell that Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord packs a unique experience for even experienced and veteran RPG players. The hero starts off defeating the overlord, but at the cost of losing his flesh and stripping his very being down to mere bones. Your quest begins as you battle through dungeons, collecting and equipping monster parts for flesh, each armed with its own unique traits and abilities.

There really isn’t much tutorial offered at the start of your adventure in Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord. To be honest, you can make progress regardless of you play your cards in the game. If you have just started your journey and you are looking to strengthen your hero and dominate each challenge, then look no further. Our Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord beginner’s guide will provide all the tips, tricks and strategies you need to beat every monster that comes your way!

1. Prepare For Different Types Of Dungeon Runs

Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord sets you on the role of a warrior whose maximum power is unrealized on a quest through dungeons with an unknown end. Given this scenario, you can expect that there will be a lot of grinding involved for you to keep moving forward. Each dungeon has 10 levels and you need to clear the tenth level to be able to progress to the next set of dungeon levels and it will not take long for you to experience perishing before the finishing the dungeon.

With this in mind, you are certain enough that you will not clear all 10 levels of a dungeon on your first go, sometimes not even on the second or nth time as well. It is evident that you need to amass resources and power up your hero every step of the way as every new set of dungeon levels are certain to be more challenging than the previous one.

dungeon runs hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

What you need to consider first is that you basically have 2 types of dungeon runs to perform. The first and more frequent runs are like supply or farming runs where your goal is to simply earn gold coins and gears to make your character stronger. The second type of run is aimed towards clearing the tenth level. This is where you can spend extra resources like potions and be more focused on the actual combat taking place.

Based on your performance in the supply or farming runs, you should be able to tell if you are ready to clear the dungeon. If you make it to the tenth level without healing or using any type of potion, then you will likely be able to defeat the boss at the end of it after spending some healing items or so. For starters, this is the strategy we recommend. If you are feeling a bit more aggressive right from the get-go and somewhat over-encumbered by the plethora of resources you feel you have, then pack a full bag of healing and buffing potions even if you are struggling before the tenth level.

Naturally, each dungeon run ensures that you get something out of it. Monsters randomly drop parts that you can equip as well as gold coins that you need for a variety of uses. This essentially guarantees that your hero can do a better performance on every subsequent run on the same set of dungeon, provided that you make use of the gold coins and flesh parts that you find.

battle tips hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

There are a lot of random elements involved in Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord, most especially when it comes to each dungeon run you engage in. Monsters appear randomly and while it may not be evident at first, it will be easily noticeable once you progress through higher dungeons and encounter more enemy types. Specific monsters drop specific flesh parts and given that each monster part provides a different set of abilities, you will mostly be having different buffs after changing gears.

Monster drops naturally follow drop rates as well and reaching higher levels does not necessarily mean guaranteed better drops. While you may see a red dot indicator on the hero icon at the bottom left corner of the home screen, signifying better gears for you to equip, there will be numerous instances that a full dungeon run will not net you better gears.

In fact, you may also perish from a dungeon run without nabbing a single piece of flesh, but that should be okay as there will always be gold coins from each monster you slay.

2. Consistently Activate Free Buffs From The Store

The Hybrid Warrior can certainly make progress through the dungeons with his own strength and the help of his trusty glow companion. Dungeon runs become a lot easier, though, with the help of the free buffs you can activate through the store. You can check the store through its icon at the upper left side of the screen and there are 4 free buffs you can activate under the item tab.

The attack buff, movement speed buff, gold acquisition buff, and glove auto-attack feature can each be activated by spending gems. Given that gems are premium currency that are not as easy to acquire as gold coins, you will naturally opt to purchase the buffs for free though playing a 5 to 30-second video ad per instance.

activating free buffs hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

Each buff will remain active for 10 minutes and the best part of it is that the timer runs only when you are inside the dungeon or in any other combat. As a downside, though, you cannot stack the same buff and will have to wait for each one to lose its effect before heading back to the store to re-activate them.

With this, you will experience having to endure a dungeon run with the latter part of the journey having no buffs. Giving up on a dungeon is not an option, as the remaining time of each buff before you entered the dungeon will reset as well.

3. Prepare Your Hero Before Each Dungeon Run

Every dungeon run you engage in normally nets you more gold and some new pieces of flesh. As you clear the tenth level of each dungeon and move on to the next set, the amount of gold you receive per run increases and the range of the levels of gears you can grab also increase. While you may not always secure better flesh parts as we mentioned earlier, the gold you amass should, more often than not, still leave you with enough to enhance your character.

Every bit of enhancement you invest in your hero contributes positively to your subsequent performance in each dungeon run and, as such, you should make it a habit to strengthen your hero before going on another trip to the dungeon.

For starters, consider switching to better flesh parts if there are whenever you see the red dot indicator on the hero icon. At the same time, be sure to purchase some enhancement on both attack and HP or either of them.

hero preparation hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

As a beginner, you would naturally be inclined to equip monster parts that have the best stats, as indicated by the green up arrow on the flesh tab. As you highlight a slot on your hero, you can see available parts you can equip at the right side.

While stats are evidently important, though, you should also consider the passive boosts that each part contains. If the difference in stats are not that much and the part with the lower stat has better buffs for your taste, then you should go for it.

Each monster you encounter and obtain parts from has unique attributes. These traits typically include a resistance to a certain element as well as various passive boosts. You can see all the passive abilities that your hybrid flesh contains at the lower part of the “Flesh” tab as well as the home screen.

Each part also follows a rarity system and a level, which makes it a little more complicated to choose the best one to equip from among a number of choices with varying rarity grades and levels. Just the same, be sure to look into what each part can give you as you can later on narrow down choices when you are able to craft your own flesh parts.

hero info hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

Under the “Enhance” tab of the hero menu, you can see basic stats of your hero as well as his hybrid meter, which tells you respective resistances from fire, water, and earth. This will help you make decisive adjustments on flesh part choices especially when going against a boss having a specific elemental affinity.

Using gold coins, you can enhance your hero’s attack stats and HP. Doing so using gems provide a separate set of levels but, again, at this point gems are best used for more important investments. You can choose to purchase enhancement by 10s or even by 100s so long as you can afford it. While you are very much free to invest however you like, we recommend keeping a balanced investment strategy.

As costs of enhancement goes up based on its level, you will technically be able to purchase more upgrades by keeping both attack and HP enhancements at par with one another.

4. Dismantle Flesh Parts To Earn Crafting Materials

With auto battle and all buffs activated, each dungeon run takes only a couple of minutes or so to end. In just a few minutes, you can find yourself unable to obtain additional flesh parts due to having a full inventory.

You can always opt to consider automatically dismantling inferior parts before the start of a dungeon run, but then if you want to ensure that no flesh parts are discarded that could be better than what you have equipped, then the choice is to dismantle them back at home.

dismantling flesh parts hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

The dismantle option can be found at the last tab of the hero menu and you should regularly visit it to ensure that you always have ample free space in your bag. Flesh parts dismantled earns you crafting materials that you can use to create flesh parts of specific monsters as well as potions to aid you in challenging battles.

Every monster part you dismantle also contributes to the research journal that you can access via the “Log” icon at the upper right side of the screen. Progress is determined by percentages and once you have dismantled enough parts of the specific monster, you can start crafting its parts given that you have the necessary amount of the crafting materials needed.

crafting materials hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

Keep in mind that while crafting flesh parts are specific to the monster you chose, the actual part will be randomized. More often than not, though, the parts you receive are better than the ones you can obtain through the current dungeon you are engaging. Completing a dungeon also increases the level of parts you can craft, which is always higher than the ones you typically obtain from monsters you kill.

As far as potions go, it is always best to craft and use them only for critical battles like the end boss in the tenth level of the dungeon, boss battles, or even a tough opponent in the PvP arena. Considering that the same resource materials are needed to craft flesh parts and potions, it is best to limit usage of potions so you can craft better parts for your hero. Each potion you craft adds a counter that levels up the potion’s potency once completely filled, except for the Purify Potion, which is at max potency once you unlock it.

potion bag hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

New potions become available for crafting once you cleared a dungeon. There is a limit as well to the potions you can carry at one time and the first 3 available in battle are randomized as well. For battles that require specific potions, it is best to keep fewer variety of potions in your bag to ensure that the one you need is available exactly when you need them.

5. Remember To Check Your Equipment And Glove Companion

On top of the Hybrid Hero being armed with monster parts that provide various passive abilities, attack and HP stats that can easily be enhanced, free buffs, and various potions to utilize in combat, Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord still has more to offer under its sleeve to further strengthen your hero. These are equipment that further boosts the hero’s stats and the different gloves that accompany you in your adventures.

One of the unique features of Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord is that you basically equip yourself with different monster body parts comparable to how conventional RPG heroes equip themselves with gears.

equipment hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

This may initially lead beginners to think that there are no gears arm your hero with especially since equipment cannot be obtained from dungeon runs. The hero can, however, arm himself with a weapon, shield, ring, and pendant each with its own stat boost provided as well as sub stats to unlock.

Weapons increase attack while shields increase defense. Necklaces boost critical chance while rings up critical damage. Equipment also have a rarity system, which determines the amount of boost they provide. Like flesh parts, equipment can also be dismantled to obtain enhancement materials.

Enhancement materials needed increases and enhancement success rate goes down as the enhancement level goes up. With the scarcity of resources and diminishing success probabilities, it is best to be very selective when it comes to enhancing equipment. For starters, limit them only to at least rare-grade items. Every 3 successful upgrades unlock a sub-stat for the equipment. These sub-stats are randomized as well.

equipment lottery hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

Through the store within the equipment menu, you can obtain free equipment once every hour by watching a 5 to 30-second video ad. You can get common, uncommon, or rare-grade equipment with a 10% chance on the rare-grade ones. Through quests and accomplishments as well, you can obtain tickets that you can use to purchase extra ones.

There is also a premium lottery if you scroll down within the equipment store. Each purchase costs 300 gems but can net you rare, epic, or even legendary equipment. This is what we recommend you save your gems for and shift across the different equipment types once you secure at least an epic-grade gear for one equipment type.

It’s easy to assume that Dr. Hand, the glove companion you have at the start of your adventure will stay the same all throughout the journey. If you glanced upon its icon at the bottom of the home screen, then you should discover that there is an entire set of enhancement features for your companion.

enhancing glove hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

Dr. Glove can have different skins, each with its own rarity grade and added perks. Each glove has benefits unlocked once you own them, and a unique buff when equipped. You can obtain different Dr. Hand skins from special boxes that you can purchase from the page for 100 gems each. These special boxes can also be earned as rewards from defeating bosses in special dungeons.

Each glove can be synthesize to make them stronger and sport a different look after obtaining enough duplicates of the skin. Each one can also be enhanced using thread and some gold. For efficiency’s sake, you should only invest in gloves that are at least rare-graded.

6. Venture Through Each Unlocked Game Mode

Although cycling between dungeon runs and various enhancement activities can already consume a lot of your free time as a result of the game’s addictive appeal, more game modes can be unlocked under the special dungeons.

One of the reasons you need to continuously strive to progress through the dungeons is that the rest of the special game modes are locked behind levels of dungeons you beat. Being able to access the extra game modes sooner means gaining opportunities to earn extra rewards sooner as well.

The first special dungeon you can unlock is the gold dungeon, which can earn you large sums of gold for all your enhancement needs. Keys are needed for each attempt and beating one unlocks a higher level. Gold dungeons are all about offensive strength and you will not be attacked by the treasure chest that you need to extinguish.

gold dungeon hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

You will earn gold regardless of your performance but the best rewards come from when you successfully beat a level. Note that gold dungeon levels cycle through different elemental affinities so if you can afford to, equip a weapon that has strong damage on the treasure chest’s element.

The PvP Arena leaves you 5 attempts daily to challenge other players to earn honor points as well as climb the ranks. You can check the stat difference between your hero and the opponent you wish to challenge. Note that you will always have an advantage in the arena since battles are not done in real time. It’s basically auto mode for both warriors and you can secure an advantage if you use potions. You can use honor points earned to exchange for different resources and items at the store.

pvp arena hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

There are 3 elemental bosses to unlock and contend with under the special dungeons as well. These boss battles are tough and have different levels as well. Beating the first level earns you a ton of rewards and unlocks the next one as well.

There are no real penalties for losing a fight with any of these bosses unless you consumed potions and still lost the battle. You cannot fight the same boss within the same level after you beat them within the day.

special dungeon hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

As a trick, consider both you and the boss’ health bars during the fight. If the boss loses HP faster than your hero does, then you can certainly win the battle. If its vice versa but the gap is not that much, then you can invest in potions for the battle. Be sure to have sufficient remaining time across all your buffs during these critical fights as well.

7. Accomplish Quests And Achievements For Extra Rewards

There are a lot of items and resources that you can earn with regular active playing but more can still be claimed by accomplishing daily quests and achievement objectives. You can access the list of quest and claim rewards through the “Quest” icon at the upper left side of the home screen.

Daily quests and achievements are segregated by different tabs. Bothe these sets of objectives directly relate to the usual activities you engage in within and outside of battles, which means that all objectives can be accomplished normally.

Daily quests are easy enough to accomplish and you can clear some objectives without even trying. Gems are up for grabs for each objective you clear so let the list serve as your guide early on and ensure that you get the most out of it on a daily basis.

quests hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

Achievements, on the other hand, serve as milestones you reach and reflect your overall progression on different aspects of the game. Some of these feats take a while to accomplish and a higher level one typically replaces the task you completed. With gems as a constant reward for each achievement, it is best to take a peek into each task to identify which ones you need to work more on.

Relative to quests, there are missions that appear one at a time in your home. It may be hard to notice at first but it is right under the floor where Dr. Hand walks on. These are simple feats that earn you gems upon completion. It is best to accomplish the mission at hand and claim the gems to display the next one.

It can happen that succeeding missions will already appear accomplished if you have performed the feat prior to seeing the mission earlier in the day. Rushing between dungeon runs and enhancements can easily make you forget about these missions so make it a habit to check on it every once in a while.

8. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

We already went through the benefits of watching video ads in Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord early on. The first was the 10-minute buffs that can tremendously improve your performance in dungeons that extend to other game modes as well. As far as free equipment are concerned as well, playing an ad once every hour also covers a steady supply of it. Beyond these 2 valuable benefits, there are more opportunities to play video ads in the game to hasten your progression.

Given that Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord is entirely free to play, it can be expected that ads play an integral part in keeping it available for everyone to enjoy indefinitely. While claiming gems as a reward for milestones in the research journal will play ads without added benefits, the rest of the video ads you will see are totally voluntary. You can very much skip all of it, but the added incentives they carry are truly hard to ignore, especially if you are raring to progress faster in your journey.

earning rewards hybrid warrior dungeon of the overlord

One of the most frequent opportunity to play video ads is after completing a dungeon run. Regardless of whether you beat all 10 dungeon levels or not, you will earn gold and you can instantly triple the amount you can get if you choose to play a video ad. It can be a little difficult to notice early on but there is a reward icon at the top of the home screen.

This is an idle income of sorts that generate gold over time, regardless of whether or not you are online playing. You can instantly claim the accumulated amount of gold or triple it through playing a short ad. Once every 30 minutes as well, you can claim free gems from the store after playing a 5 to 30-second video ad.

That ends our beginner’s guide for Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord. Hopefully, the tips, tricks and strategies we shared with you has left you with more knowledge on how to progress through your dungeon adventures more efficiently. If you have spent some time playing the game and stumbled upon something we failed to uncover, feel free to tell us about it!


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Unfortunately the glove boxes acquired from beating the bosses (urso flamo and fangs) are not the same as the boxes purchased for 100 gems. The boxes from the boss fights only drop uncommon and rare gloves. The boxes purchased for 100 gems drop common and epic gloves as well as uncommon and rare. At least i know i have opened hundreds of boss fight glove boxes and never once have i found a common or epic glove...