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Hovercraft: Takedown Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide for Building and Racing the Perfect Craft

The colorfully named High Score Hero has released a new game for Android and iOS devices called Hovercraft: Takedown. It is an endless combat racing game where you can build your own vehicle and pilot it in physics-based settings. But since there’s also a combat aspect here, it’s also important to make your hovercraft as formidable as possible, outfitting it with machine guns, lasers, rockets, and other weapons; all in all, you can equip up to five weapons at the same time. As you destroy more enemy vehicles and string together “chain reaction explosions,” you can also collect power-ups to make your weapons even better, and collect “endless loot,” as well as “tons of rare, epic, and legendary consumables and gear from card packs.”

There are a lot of things that you’ll need to pick up in this game, although it seemingly comes about as a casual game, thanks to its endless setup. You’ve got vehicle creation, weapons, upgrades, and all that other good stuff, and it could get a bit overwhelming if you’re new to the game. That said, here’s our Hovercraft: Takedown strategy guide, which comes complete with a general list of tips and tricks for all levels of players.

1. Avoid Debris From The Hovercrafts You Destroy

It may look really cool and awesome when you destroy an enemy craft, with all those pieces from the vehicle flying around. But you’ll want to beware of those pieces, because they could hit you and do some damage to your own craft. That means you might want to stay away from harm’s way, even if it means losing a chance to get more coins that also fall out when an enemy hovercraft is destroyed. Remember, your goal is to go as far as possible, which would allow you to naturally earn more coins, all without having to risk getting hit by hovercraft debris.

2. Watch Videos For Free Coins

Aside from the coins you earn while playing the game, you will also be able to earn them simply by watching advertisement videos. Once you lose a round, the game will ask if you want to watch an ad video for free coins; do this as often as possible, and complete the videos. The amount of free coins may not be that much at first glance, but it can all add up as you keep watching videos and playing the game.

3. Make Money First While You Don’t Have Enough For Card Packs

Indeed, earning coins will be your primary focus when you start out in Hovercraft: Takedown. Without coins, you wouldn’t be able to buy those card packs, which you can then use to upgrade and improve you hovercraft in different ways. Use the tips we told you above in order to collect more coins, and don’t mind your high score or distance that much. Think of these early runs as practice runs, though once again, you’ll get more coins if you go on longer runs.

4. Content Yourself With The Default Cars When Starting

A lot of the fun in Hovercraft: Takedown centers on creating your own hovercraft, but in the early goings, you’ll still want to stick to the default vehicles, boring as they may seem compared to the prospect of using your own creation. Let’s face it – whatever craft you create might not be that impressive in the grand scheme of things, so sticking with base vehicles for the meantime would usually, if not always, be the best way to go.

Get your feet wet, so to say, when piloting the base vehicle(s), and give it a few upgrades. Once you’ve gotten the hang of things in the game, you can then create your own hovercraft. After all, applying what you’ve learned while using the default car can help you create the most impressive vehicle possible.

5. How To Use Your Power-Ups Properly

When you’re going for a high score, you’ll want to use your power-ups wisely, and choose the right ones before a new race begins. You won’t be getting a lot of power-ups at first, but you’ll be able to last longer and score higher as you do more tasks within that round.

6. Use The Time Lapse Cheat To Get Your Free Card Packs Early

Can’t wait long enough for those free card packs to become available? You can use the time lapse cheat on your Android or iOS phone or tablet. Just go to your device’s settings, and set the time forward based on the remaining time on the cool down timer you want to bypass. Once you’ve done that, you can return to the game and collect the card packs without having to wait. Once you set your time back to normal, though, the timer will be added back on. In other words, there’s no way to game the system unless you want to get your free card packs ahead of time.

As a bonus tip, you may want to go for the 250-coin card pack, and not the one that costs 145 coins. The 250-coin pack comes with five cards, while you get only two in the cheaper one, which makes it less than desirable in terms of value for (in-game) money.

7. Take It Easy, And Don’t Spend Your Upgrade Points Early

You can earn Upgrade Points in the game, which you would then be using to make your vehicle better. Still, you should ideally hold on to those points and not use them right away, especially since the first vehicle you create might not be too awesome after all. There’s no point upgrading something that looks weak in comparison to the default vehicle, right? Also, you should hang on to your upgrade points in the sense that you shouldn’t upgrade beyond three levels on the default cars and other early creations. Instead, save them for the time when you’ve got a better vehicle with better stats and the ability to support more weapons.

8. Make Sure You’re Creating A Balanced Car

As a general rule, you want to create as balanced a vehicle as possible. Having a car that has gaudy stats in one area or more, but weak stats in a few others, will leave you worse for the wear. Balance is the name of the game, may it be when crafting the vehicle, when upgrading it, or when dealing with the inevitability of losing some parts. That means you’ll have to ensure your vehicle is still relatively balanced even if it does lose parts along the way.

9. Basic Tips For Your Car’s Build

When talking about your car’s build, meaning the basic design of it all, you should try to build it with as many blocks as possible. With more blocks, you’ll be able to last longer in the game. Also, compact cars tend to be sturdier than larger ones, so go for a build where the blocks are close to each other, as opposed to farther apart.

10. Power Core At The Center, Weapons At The Back

Finally, let’s talk about the fundamentals of building your hovercraft – the things that really make it go. Your power core should ideally be located at the center of your craft, keeping it safe all throughout your run. To protect your thrusters, keep it surrounded by several blocks, again saving them from enemy damage. Your weapons would ideally go in the back, where they’re less likely to be hit by debris from the cars they destroy, and from enemy attacks.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our exclusive set of tips and tricks for Hovercraft: Takedown. If you happen to know other tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below!

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