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Battleborn Tap Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 11 Killer Hints You Need to Know

When one says 2K Games, sports is usually the first thing that comes in their minds. But that’s 2K Sports they’re probably thinking of – 2K Games offers so much more to players, including a new game for Android and iOS called Battleborn Tap. This game allows you to enter and engage with the Battleborn universe, controlling your team of heroes on the battlefield. As suggested by the title of the game, this is a clicker, where you have to tap in order to defeat more enemies and bosses, as you recruit more heroes. You can use the shards you collect to upgrade the skills, abilities, and weapons of your Battleborn. And like what you can expect from your average RPG, there are countless opportunities to collect loot, and different rarity levels for your heroes’ gear.

If you’re familiar with the Battleborn franchise, you may notice that this is a more casual take on the franchise, thanks to its tapping mechanic. Still, you can recruit your favorite heroes from the main game, and enjoy many of the usual mechanics you can expect from an RPG. So with that said, join us as we bring to you our exclusive list of Battleborn Tap tips, tricks and strategies.

1. Tap With More Than One Finger

This is probably a common sense tip for any kind of tapping game, regardless of the secondary genre. Especially at first, when most of what you’ll be doing in the game revolves around tapping, you’ll want to use multiple fingers to tap. It all depends on the size of your screen, but you can use up to six, or maybe even seven or eight fingers. Heck, you can tap with all ten fingers on a larger phone or a tablet! It would also depend on the number of fingers you can use to fire lasers at the same time.

2. Level Up Your Early Heroes

While tapping plays a key role in your early success, majority of the damage will be done by the heroes you recruit – Battleborn Tap has 15 of them for you to collect. Your first hero would be able to do a solid amount of damage, but not much in the grand scheme of things. Your second hero will do more than what your first hero can do, the third hero more than the second, and so on. However, you shouldn’t ignore your first few heroes just because they’re the weakest; level them up so they can be closer to the later heroes in terms of their stats.

Leveling up is an easy process. Just upgrade the damage until you see that the bar is filled up, then go for the much larger upgrade, allowing them to level up and reset the bar back to empty.

3. Don’t Forget To Level Up Your Taps

Your heroes will do the damage even if your taps don’t, but that’s no excuse for you to overlook your taps and not upgrade them. Level your tap power up until the bar is completely filled. That will allow you to buy the next experience level, which may be costly, but worth it. That’s because it allows your tapping power to improve exponentially, putting you at par with your other heroes. You don’t need to worry, though, as your upgrades will eventually become more manageable and affordable for you.

4. The Recruiting Order Doesn’t Really Matter When Choosing Heroes

When talking about recruiting heroes in Battleborn Tap, the order doesn’t seem to be very important when determining their introductory DPS (damage per second) and HP (hot points) statistics. As we said earlier, it all depends on when you add a new hero to your team; again, the first hero earns solidly, hero two more than hero one, hero three more than level two, etc. The only difference would be in terms of the heroes’ abilities, so if you’re not sure which hero to recruit first, just go with your favorites. Or go with the heroes whom you have matching gear for.

5. You Can Earn Money Offline, Here’s How

Of course, this wouldn’t be a tapping game worth mention if it didn’t come with the ability for players to earn while offline. This works best if you’re leaving the game alone while working, and especially if you leave it alone while sleeping. If you return to the game after a certain period of time, you’ll be able to collect your offline earnings by tapping on the shard. That could mean a great amount of gold, so don’t worry if you aren’t able to play the game for a while for whatever reason.

6. What Can You Buy With Your Credits, And How Can You Earn More?

Credits are the game’s premium currency, and you can use them to buy packs that come with random equipment. They may also come with other freebies, including hero shards. So how can you get more credits, thus allowing you to buy more packages? Go to the video icon and watch an ad video; that’s going to give you five credits per video. You can also earn anywhere from 10 to 100 credits if you complete the game’s achievements. Sometimes, you’ll notice a spaceship flying your way; tap on it, and you’ll be able to get ten free credits, instead of five, per ad video.

7. Speaking Of Achievements, You Can Complete Them Naturally

As we said above, achievements can earn you a ton of credits. And if you want to come closer to completing them, you should always check the available achievements so you can work toward meeting what is required. Nonetheless, they can be completed by playing the game regularly, so even if you don’t check what they are, you’re bound to complete those achievements in some way, shape, or form.

8. Further Details On Leveling Up Your Heroes

We did say that leveling up your early heroes is important, but right now, we’ll be focusing on the finer points of leveling them up.

You will have to max out your heroes’ level upgrades so you can properly level them up in the game. Keep your upgrades as balanced as possible, and when allocating those upgrades, focus on everyone you have for a couple of times, before moving on to one-by-one upgrades. Normally, you should start with the first hero you hired, followed by the more expensive and powerful ones, in ascending order. And if the cost of leveling up one hero gets to be too premium for your liking, you can move on to other heroes so you don’t end up spending too much, too soon.

9. Upgrade Your Heroes’ Health

Definitely, you shouldn’t overlook the health of your heroes. Health may not be as important as damage in general, but giving your heroes a lot of health in battle means they can soak up more damage, and survive longer. That also means you won’t have to deal with much of a cool down time while waiting for them to automatically revive.

10. About Mythstones And Artifacts

Once you’ve passed a certain stage in the game, you would be able to collect Mythstones once you defeat a boss. Mythstones are essentially crafting materials that allow you to create, and also upgrade Artifacts, which could give your heroes some formidable bonuses, and allow you to keep them despite “prestiging” in the game. (We’ll get to that in the last tip, so hang in there!) The obvious catch here is that these Artifacts can be quite costly to maintain. Still, there are a few simple things to keep in mind when it comes to Artifacts.

The first would be to upgrade an Artifact only if it’s less expensive than buying a new one, and the second would be to only push through with the upgrade if you like the bonuses that it gives your heroes. Otherwise, you shouldn’t be spending all that money to upgrade them. If that’s the case, you’ll be better off waiting to gather more Mythstones so you can buy a new one.

11. The Basics Of Prestiging

You’ve probably heard this term before, as it’s becoming more commonly used in clicker games. Normally a noun in ordinary conversation, the word “Prestige” is used as a verb in these games; it’s the act of resetting your current progress and starting from the first stage, with all your Artifacts and Mythstones intact. In Battleborn Tap, you’ll be able to prestige once you reach Stage 30, and once you do, you’ll get additional Mythstones and more goodies. So when would be the best time to pull the trigger and prestige? Like it is in most other games, it’s best to do this once you’ve gotten quite far in the game, preferably once you’ve got more substantial bonuses as compared to the last time you prestiged. Prestiging too early is, in essence, a wasted opportunity, so you’ll have to do so at the right time in order to take full advantage of its benefits.

These would be our tips and tricks for Battleborn Tap. We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and learned something new, that will help you progress in the game faster.