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House Flip with Chip and Jo Guide: 5 Tips & Tricks to Master the Game

House Flip with Chip and Jo is a unique iOS-exclusive game from Fun-gi, that combines home design with business. Based on the hit TV series, House Flip, the game follows pretty much the same concepts. First, you buy an old house at a low price. You will then have to renovate and redecorate it until it becomes a profitable piece of property. When it is ready, you will then sell the house for profits. If you did well in fixing up the house, you will receive dozens of offers from prospective buyers. Of course, the fun part really is in the designing. There are tons of customization options for you to use in building the perfect house. Don’t go overboard with the expenses, though. If you spend too much on renovating, you might not make enough profit. Make sure you read our House Flip with Chip and Jo tips and tricks to learn everything you need to know!

1. Don’t Settle For Less Than Three Stars

Remodeling a home isn’t easy. There are a lot of things that need to be addressed. You will know how well you have done your renovation based on the star rating you get. The more stars you get, the better the offers on the house will be. Before starting on renovations, make sure you check out the list of things that you need to do. You can find it all in the menu. The more things you check off that list, the better your rating will be.

Whatever happens, do not settle for anything below three stars. Selling below three stars has a high risk of not making any profits. There is no point in playing the game if you don’t make profit! It will be much harder for you to progress if you don’t have money. The costs of purchasing houses and remodeling will continue to go up. If you get one bad sale, it could be a slippery slope to bankruptcy.

The best way for you to stay in business is to stick to the list of problems listed in the menu. Prioritize the problem areas of the house, then move to staging, and work on the things that need improvement last. As soon as you get a three-star rating, go ahead and sell the home. You don’t need to continue spending money as it will be good enough to sell.

2. Wait For The Right Offer

Once you put your house up for sale, you will start receiving offers. Do not be afraid to decline offers, especially if they don’t match your target price. When you receive an offer, you will see a list of your client’s needs as well as the list of needs the house can meet. If your house meets more of your client’s needs, the offer will be higher. So, if you see that your current offer is low because the client’s needs do not match the house, then just reject it and wait for the right customer to come along. Of course, you should also keep your expectations realistic. Keep in mind that a house that does not match the needs of the area you are in means you won’t have a choice but to settle. If you are selling a house in the wrong neighborhood, you will never get the offer you are waiting for. This is why you should follow our next tip.

3. Know Your Market

No matter how beautiful your house is, if it does not meet any of the client’s needs, it will not sell well. That is why you should always pay attention to the needs of the customers in the area before investing in a house. There are two things you can work on when it comes to renovating a home. These are construction and staging. Construction is how the house is built, which includes the type of materials that are used. Staging is the presentation of the house, which involves selecting the overall theme of the architecture.

When it comes to staging, you have the option to choose from different themes such as Traditional, Modern, French Inspired, and more. Tap on the button at the bottom of the screen in order to find out which themes your current potential clients like. Make sure you stick to what the clients are looking for when it comes to staging. There is no point in selling a beautiful Victorian home in a neighborhood that is just interested in Modern designs.

As for construction, it all comes down to your client’s budget. If you are in a low-income area, avoid using expensive materials as it will push the price out of your client’s range. If you are in a high-income neighborhood, make sure you use better materials that will appeal to your target market. Staying within your client’s budget range is key to getting offers that match your target price.

4. Go Wild With Interior Design

While the customers can be very particular about a home’s construction and staging, they don’t really care at all about what you put inside the house. Choosing one color over another has no impact on the home’s value. With this in mind, you are free to go wild with the colors as much as you want. Pick your favorite colors, follow the latest trends, or just mix and match random hues. It doesn’t matter, so try to have fun with it.

5. Complete All Missions

The game gives you several missions in order to progress through the main story. They are usually easy to complete since they are meant to help you move forward in the game. Just make sure you keep an eye on the missions and complete them as soon as you can. It is an easy way to get a lot of premium currency for free. Missions often involve redecorating specific areas of the house. It won’t cost you much, so just go ahead and follow what the missions say.

Remodeling homes and selling them for profit can be fun, but it is never easy. Make sure you follow our House Flip with Chip and Jo tips and tricks in order to succeed!


Sunday 14th of August 2022

Why on house flip does it say elbow grease fills up in 7 hours and 59 minutes but it never fills up in that time?

Tina Smith

Saturday 25th of December 2021

I'm having trouble collecting my free elbow grease on the chat part of the game. The collect button by the you got free elbow grease is not there. I have missed out on about 8 opportunities to collect. Help!.

Barb Englert

Saturday 15th of June 2019

Why can’t I move on from New York City? I did all 17 houses I had to flip and I can’t move on!

brian selzer

Thursday 19th of September 2019

It appears the company has not opened up the next phase, which seems to be the Florida area

Joyce Crowe

Saturday 25th of August 2018

I kepp geting the message “you forgot to collect for another flip.” I dont understand nor do I know where you collect that because the game doesnt tell or show you where to collect for the flip!