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Hollywood Billionaire Tips, Cheats & Tricks: The Ultimate Guide

Fame and fortune await you in Hollywood Billionaire. Available on iOS and Android, this clicker game from Tapps Games allows you to tap (or click) your way to the top of one of the most glamourous industries in the world – Hollywood! Build your team and make box office hit movies to improve your reputation. This Hollywood Billionaire strategy guide will show you the ropes and help you make billions in no time.

1. Tap, Tap, Tap It

Making it big in Hollywood involves a lot of work. Get ready to flex you muscles, your finger muscles to be exact. In order to make a movie in the game, all you need to do is to keep tapping on the screen until the movie is made. It seems too easy at first but this requires repeated taps. On top of that, you need to complete each movie within the time limit. You can’t just take your time while your team waits for your to finish. They have lives you know.

2. Hire Tough

You don’t have to settle for whoever you hired first. There is no such thing as mercy in the jungle called Hollywood. Hire and fire away! Change up your staff all you want until you have a team that works well for you. This is important if you want better and smoother movie productions.

3. Better Equipment, Better Movies

Unless you are hardcore into shaky cam, found footage movies, there is no place in show business for shoddy equipment. If you want the cash to roll in, you should be prepared to spend some. Upgrade your gear to get better quality and ratings for your movies. You can also upgrade your studio so you can make bigger projects. Bigger is always better.

4. Follow Trends and Critics

If you want to be a billionaire, you have to know where the money is. Take critics seriously. They will tell you what kind of movies are in demand these days and all you have to do is make those movies. Take a cue from real life movie producers and just follow whatever the trend is. Also, avoid making the same types of movies over and over. You don’t want to be boxed into a specific genre and people will get bored of your movies quickly. A little variety is good from time to time.

5. The Daily Grind

You know all those jobs where you get paid just by showing up at work? Well this is one of them. You get free gems and rewards for logging in every day. Gems can be used to speed up production but it would be better if you just wait it out. Movie magic does not happen in the blink of an eye, you know. Holding on to your gems means you can use them later on for unlocking more content and upgrades. Using your gems strategically will help you succeed in the game without having to spend real money.

What are you waiting for? You now have everything you need to start rolling in the dough in Hollywood Billionaire. If you have any tips to add to our ultimate strategy guide, feel free to let us know!