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Brave Cross Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Steps to Success

The war-torn land of the Emperor is plunged into deeper chaos when the star of Sirius falls from the sky. Warriors from opposing factions must set aside their differences and come together if they want any hope of salvation. Published by Seasun Inc for both iOS and Android, Brave Cross is an action-packed strategy RPG that pits your team against the evil Dozer forces who are bent on destroying everything. Lead your team of heroes to victory by following these five Brave Cross tips and tricks!

1. Know Your Units

You will get a lot of units to choose from in the game. The only way to win is to know how to get the most out of your units. Some units may seem weak but cost less so you can send them in big groups thereby overwhelming your opponents. You should also know which of your units counter the enemy units. Those will deal more damage and will help you win battles with ease.

2. Balance Is Key

While you might find damage type units impressive, an entire team full of them will most likely die quickly. Having a good mix of defenders and attackers will give you a better chance of survival. There is no single formula for building teams as you will encounter different enemies as well. Assess each battle and decide which unit types you need more of, and which units you can do without.

3. Power Up Your Team

Any good strategy should always include growth. Don’t relax just because you are doing well on your current battles. Power up your units every chance you get so you won’t get stuck once you meet stronger opponents. Develop both your units and their equipment to make an even better team.

The first one is to improve your gear. Hold on to forging materials even if you can’t make the equipment yet. Forge stronger gear as soon as you can and Enhance them using gold. Also, Evolve and Upgrade whenever possible to make sure your units are fully equipped for each battle.

Your Units will also need some attention. While they do get stronger with experience, you can still give them Grade Elixirs to make them even stronger. Grade Elixirs improve your units’ quality and give them bonus stats. Units can also be evolved by increasing their Star Level. Just collect enough shards of the same hero to gain a huge boost in stats.

4. Grab The Freebies

Take advantage of the numerous freebies in the game. It may seem tedious at first but once you see these little perks pile up, they actually give you a great advantage in the game. Don’t miss any of the login bonuses, free AP giveaways, 7-day Spin rewards, and Goal rewards.

5. Aim For Perfection

By perfection we mean three stars. If you followed the first four tips on this list, you should be able to win each level without anyone dying on your team. Getting three stars for a level will unlock the Raid option for that level. Raiding saves you the effort of having to go through the same level again by skipping straight to victory and giving you the rewards. This is especially useful when you are gathering specific loot.

You are now ready to march into the Brave Cross battlefield. Just follow the tips and tricks above and you should be able to save the world in no time!