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Heroic – Magic Duel Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Win Battles and Dominate the Arena

Although the company started operating in 2009, and launched their first game on Facebook in 2010, Nordeus only started being active in the mobile gaming industry in 2011. Nordeus currently has only 3 games under its mobile gaming portfolio, each of these games has made its mark on the industry with Top Eleven leading the pack with more than 50 million downloads accumulated from the Google Play Store alone as well as highly positive reviews made by both Android and iOS users.

Heroic – Magic Duel is the latest game from Nordeus released earlier this year but launched worldwide just recently. As a unique PvP strategy game, Heroic – Magic Duel falls most closely within the tower defense genre with CCG elements that blends perfectly for players who enjoy dueling as much as collecting and upgrading. With various heroes to unlock and minions to collect, the possible combinations you can come up with for your army roster are near limitless. Although there is a wee bit of luck involved as RNG applies to acquiring cards, the game still banks more on team composition strategy and synergy as well as actual tactics in combat. If you enjoy strategic battles against friends and other players, then be sure to check this game out.

Heroic – Magic Duel sets you on the role of a commander in full command of your very own army. In a nutshell, your objective is to form a team of one hero and six to twelve minions and fight in an arena with the goal of destroying the enemy portal. Arenas have three lanes within which you can place your heroes as well as cast spells on. Each hero sports a unique set of skills while minions have varying stats and traits as well. Typically to set up balance across minions, more powerful ones cost more to cast. To become more powerful and be able to collect and strengthen more troops for your army, engaging in battle is necessary.

The first five battle you will go through in Heroic – Magic Duel, which includes acquiring your first hero and set of minions, very much serves as the tutorial. It is relatively easy for players with an experience playing strategy games to get a good grasp of the game. For total beginners on the genre, careful attention to the text instructions is required. The tutorial phase also gives a quick rundown of forming and modifying your team as well as powering up minions. Beyond that, actual composition as you obtain more pieces and battle tactics all depend on you.

Although you will secure chests after winning a match and will be a bit stronger than before, learning from each battle is a must for you to become better at the game. If you are stumped as to how things work and would want to score more wins in the arena, then read on as our Heroic – Magic Duel beginner’s guide offers plenty of tips, cheats and strategies to jumpstart your dueling adventure.

1. Always Keep Your Deck Balanced

The fundamental key to creating a great deck in every CCG revolves around having a balanced one. Although Heroic – Magic Duel is not purely a CCG, it shares some features with the genre as far as composition is concerned especially in relation to cost. As such, the first consideration you might want to think of as far as building your team goes may very well be based on the minion’s cost.

heroic magic duel balanced deck

Although the starting cards you will acquire that completes your squad of six minions during the tutorial isn’t perfect as far as synergy is concerned, they exhibit a good enough balance of costs ensuring that you will be able to summon one or a couple for the most part of the match. You will certainly acquire a lot of other minions over time and the decisions as to which ones to use in your squad can be a challenging one. As a beginner, you might be initially tempted to use every 4 to 6 costing hero to fill the slots in your team and while these are all powerful, you will certainly not be able to cast them fast enough and will most likely lose a match.

As such, for starters, try to maintain the ratio of costs associated with the starting minions in your team. Once you acquire new minions, swap them in if you want to use them but replace a minion with a similar cost as much as possible. Later on, once you have a firm grasp of how your team works, you can make loosely similar adjustments to the overall cost considerations for the entire team.

Beyond each minion’s cost, you have to also keep a balance within your team with regard to defensive and offensive capabilities as well as melee and ranged combatants. As you can never tell if being entirely defensive or purely offensive will work well for the next match, you should settle ofr a team that can work both ways. There is already a good mix of these minions in your starting team so if you want to make some adjustments, you should try as much as possible to have a team at least as equally balanced as your starting one. This means you should have someone with high HP to be at the front, one or a couple of decent ranged units, and some damage dealers or even support ones in the mix.

2. Play Some Practice Matches

The second icon at the left side of your screen opens up your collection of cards. On the top left side of that window, you can tap on the practice button and you will engage in a battle against the very own team you just created. The A.I. is pretty easy to beat here just like the tutorial matches. What you get out of it is better familiarization with each unit in your team as well as potential development of strategies and combinations you can actually use in combat against another player.

heroic magic duel practice match

Although you can read through what each unit can do by tapping on their portrait, as well as be able to determine their strengths based on their stats, being able to use them first hand will make you appreciate their worth better. Some minions, especially high costing ones may seem overwhelmingly strong based on what you read about them, but being able to deal with them in actual battle can help you develop ideas and strategies to use with them and against them.

Take the opportunity to practice as your best way to hone your skills and further develop a better team with the heroes and minions you have. For starters, it would be better to be able to try each minion out here before bringing them with you in actual battle. More so, be sure to try minions out here first before proceeding to invest on them later on.

3. Study Each Hero And Minion

There are five heroes and 50 minions currently available in Heroic – Magic Duel. Although you should eventually be able to unlock the rest of the heroes by unlocking, competing, and earning trophies in the latter stages, it will still take a while before you will be able to acquire each one of them. As far as minions are concerned, RNG may or may not be on your side here, so be sure to pack some patience and learn to appreciate every bit of minion card that you obtain.

heroic magic duel heroes and minions

The simple truth is, no team should be able to win against all other teams and likewise, even the seemingly weak compositions should never be that bad to always lose a match. Strategy in Heroic – Magic Duel goes well beyond team roster as how you play each and every unit in your roster impacts the overall performance of your team. As such, don’t be discouraged simply because you don’t have all the cards yet or you have faced an opponent whose cards are completely different from yours.

As you should definitely read through the description of each hero and minion you have, it pays to exert a little more effort and browse through what other heroes and minions can do. Particularly, know what skills each hero has to have a better idea of what to expect whenever you encounter them in battle. For minions, you can tap on each portrait to see their skills and glance at their base stats to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

4. Set Up Your Theme

Like CCGs, it is important for you to focus on a theme or a general idea of how your team works before you deploy them in battle. Ensuring that each unit you have in your battle team works toward a common goal and contributes to its accomplishment mainly or as a support requires a lot of planning, and also a few extra minions to choose from. Even though you will find yourself missing some pieces at the early part of your game, at least have an idea of what you need to work on and be ready to make adjustments to your team to make up for what they still lack.

As you will be playing with the first hero, Ruul, for quite some time, it is best to try and work around his initial skills as a base ground for your theme. Perhaps you could go for low cost heroes to swarm one lane once Fury Spell can be activated while keeping some highly defensive units to guard the two other lanes. A balanced squad considering costs can also work on being highly offensive with the right minions combined with the same spell.

5. Be Selective When Powering Up Heroes, Minions And Spells

Heroes in Heroic – Magic Duel can become more powerful by levelling them up and unlocking more skills. To do so, you need to collect specific hero shards as well as hero essences from treasure chests. Keep in mind, though, that you can only equip 2 spells at a time so be sure to be very selective as to which ones you plan on upgrading.

heroic magic duel strategies

Each minion you have in your collection can further be boosted through powering up and leveling up. As you win battles and earn treasure chests, you can receive runes and gold in addition to cards that you obtain. Each minion requires a specific rune to power up and you need to power up a minion five times before you can level them up. On top of the rune requirements that grow in number with each power up, you also need duplicate cards before levelling a card up. Like the runes you consume with each power up, levelling up also has increasing requirements as far as duplicate cards go.

With this in mind, you should not be tempted to spend any of your runes without much thought and consideration. Be sure to browse through heroes that have the same rune requirements as the others and spending some for one of these minions may mean spending a little less or nothing at all on the others.

Each hero’s spells can likewise be levelled up provided you have sufficient spell shards and spell runes to do so. Spell shards are much like cards in that they can only impact specific spells of a hero. Spell shards, on the other hand, are more generic and can be used across all spells of all heroes. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to obtain spell shards for spells you have yet to unlock as well as spells of heroes you don’t have. As such you can bank on upgrading the spells of the heroes you use provided that these spells are useful for you in combat.

6. Time Your Deployments Properly

Even if you plan on using a rush deck full of low cost minions, you should still strategize around the deployment of your troops in the battlefield. This goes in relation to being aggressive or reactive and which lane to put minions on. Beyond that, there will always be decisions around whether to deploy immediately or rack up more mana to summon a bigger minion.

heroic magic duel tips

In truth, the strategy you pull off in actual battle should vary depending on the roster of minions you have in your roster. Suppose you have a good balance of low to high cost minions, waiting to cast your big guns is dependent on situation at hand. If there are more enemies on the field than your troops and you are getting overpowered, then you should no longer wait to cast a big minion if there won’t be enough time to turn the tide. If your deck is entirely made up of small minions, then summoning them all at once on the same lane may put them at risk of being hit by a meteor strike.

The idea here is to always think ahead of possibilities. Suppose you can summon both a rank 4 and a rank 7 hero, but at the same time know that your enemy still has a meteor strike in hand, then you should learn to bait with the lower costing hero first and summon the bigger one once the opponent casted his spell. This can likewise be applied by summoning two small fries to provoke the enemy and then casting your big bomb once he uses his spell.

If you have the advantage of numbers in the field and have Fury to spare along with minions you can summon; perhaps that would be the only time that you should summon a lot of them in a short span of time. Despite Fury practically prompting you to lodge all minions on a single lane where the spell is activated, feel free to deviate the need if you feel that the opponent will retaliate with a meteor strike. Mind the gap between minions as well.

7. Push To Get More Chests Immediately

On top of the chests that you obtain for each win in the arena, every victory you achieve also counts towards earning victory chests. You can obtain and unlock one immediately after every 8 victories and wins do not need to be consecutive. You should know that challenges will only be bigger as you move up the rank given that you will be paired with an opponent who very much has the same accomplishments as you do. Again, don’t be discouraged and try to learn from each battle you engage in as it will only make you stronger for your next battles.

heroic magic duel chest

There are also free chests that you can obtain once every four hours. These chests very much provide you with bits of every resource you need in the game on top of the free card. You should click on this as soon as you are able to and then take note of the time as to when you can nab the next one.

Just like taking note of the time aspect of free chests, also pay attention to the battle chests you are currently unlocking. Retrieving rewards from these will free up some space you need to start earning ones again. As chests are your source of materials and cards to grow in power fast, you should exercise efficiency as far as unlocking and obtaining their rewards is concerned.

That is all we have for you as far as our Heroic – Magic Duel beginner’s guide is concerned. We hope that you enjoyed the tips and tricks we shared and picked up on the general points we made to enhance your gaming experience. Like most games, your growth in the game is dependent as well on the time you spend on it so if you really enjoy Heroic – Magic Duel and want to be a top-tier contender in the competitions, you should be ready and willing to dedicate some time playing the game. If there are some tips or strategies you are aware of relative to this game and would like to share them with us and our readers, don’t hesitate to do so and feel free to jot it down in the comments below!


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