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Anime Chaos Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Dominate Each Game Mode

Alatu is one of the newest developers to enter the mobile gaming industry and has been around only for a few months. Despite being a fresh face on the Google Play Store, Alatu’s first game, Anime Chaos, is making great waves as it amassed over a hundred thousand downloads since its launch on July 4 and continues to become a favorite among anime fans.

Anime Chaos brings together a wild and wacky mix of everyone’s favorite characters from manga, anime, and even other video games. As an action strategy RPG, Anime Chaos combines stylish chibi renditions of characters and sets you off on an adventure across familiar locations in each of their respective worlds. The campaign is far from the entirety of what Anime Chaos has to offer as progressing through the story chapters unlocks a wide variety of game modes and feature such as PvP, boss battles, and lots of dungeons.

There are plenty of upgrade and enhancement option available as well so on top of the distinctive choices each player makes in terms of choosing the heroes for their team, prioritization as far as strengthening characters makes for each player having a unique team in his own way. If you are a fan of anime, action strategy RPGs, or both, then you have every reason to pick up Anime Chaos and start collecting your favorite anime stars.

Like many strategy RPGs, Anime Chaos gives you control over assembling your very own team of heroes to battle through its campaign as well as engage in numerous other missions. As you gain experience and level up through each battle, so do your heroes. There are plenty of resources and materials to collect as you jump from one action-packed battle to the next and with the various upgrade and enhancement options available, managing resources will soon become a huge part of your job. As you unlock more and more features and game modes following your progression in the game, engaging in these activities become a part of your daily routine. Although you will most likely wind up not wanting to put the game down once you start playing, in-game stamina which depletes with each battle will leave you little choice but to give it a rest.

There are various icons and windows in Anime Chaos that may seem overwhelming especially for first time players. Don’t fret, though, as the initial activities are perfectly guided and you will be walked through each new feature and game mode as they become unlocked. There are a lot of buttons to explore but for starters, let the game guide you towards what you have to do. As the initial battles are naturally designed to be sure win easy ones, you can make good progress on your first hour or so. If you encounter hardships on the latter levels or simply looking for more efficient ways to level up and dominate each game mode, then read on as we present you our Anime Chaos beginner’s guide featuring a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies to help you progress faster in the game.

1. Prioritize Progress In The Adventure Campaign

To continue raising your Battle Power (BP) in Anime Chaos, you need to acquire experience points from every activity you engage in that consumes vitality or the in-game stamina. As the Adventure Mode is the primary game mode in Anime Chaos to grab experience points and other rewards, you should always consider progressing through it as you priority in the early part of the game.

anime chaos strategies

The game’s adventure story under normal difficulty is divided into chapters and each chapter is further cut down into ten stages. Based on the number of heroes that survived through the end of each stage, you will have a completion grade between 1 to 3 stars. Given that you can collect a total of 30 stars per chapter, you should aim to secure it perfectly as treasure chests containing special rewards are unlocked after completing 10, 20, and 30 stars respectively on each chapter. Additionally, completing each chapter unlocks the elite mode that offers more challenging battles but presents opportunities to farm for specific hero shards you need.

For the most part, the initial chapters will be easy enough but will soon offer a growing difficulty and you may need to back down and upgrade your heroes before proceeding further. Each new chapter holds a minimum level requirement as well so once you hit a slump; it only means that you have to spend your time and vitality on the other game modes you have unlocked.

2. Create A Balanced Team

It certainly is a lot of fun to mix and match your favorite heroes and villains from different anime franchises together in one team and watch them battle through stages and other missions. Although there are some other games that has a variety of cross-overs between heroes from different universes, Anime Chaos is perhaps the only game where Sasuke, Goku, Usagi, Kenshin, and Sakuragi can all be on the same team. There are definitely more extravagant line-ups that can cater to every anime fan’s unique preferences and favorites and while choosing your top favorite characters may be preferable for you, they most likely won’t be as effective in a team together.

anime chaos balanced team

All heroes in Anime Chaos are basically grouped into three basic categories. There are a lot of attackers who can dish out damage whether on a single target or a group of enemies. Tanks are by nature more formidable than all other heroes and can take a lot of damage if prepped well. Lastly, but not the least are support characters who can heal, cast buffs on the team, or debuff enemy units. Given that Anime Chaos is a strategy game as well, you need to form and maintain a good balance between these three classes to have an efficient team that can rummage through any sort of challenge that comes your way.

Keep in mind as well that the first few heroes you acquire for free are fairly adequate to fill in the slots in your team roster. Although you will acquire more and more heroes later on, what you should do for starters is to try and keep a balance within your roster ensuring you have one of each character class.

Beyond character classes, you have to keep in mind the formation of heroes before each battle and consider the front lines for tanks and the rear lane for attackers and support units. With this in mind, a good composition to have is 2 tanks, 2 attackers, and a support character.

Be sure to read through what each hero can do as you want to have a good mix and combination of skills that can support your needs in various challenges. Although some game modes later on may have unique requirements as far as rosters go, you can only come up with a general team for now as you have limited characters as well as resources to enhance and upgrade each of them.

3. Be Selective When Enhancing Heroes

Similar to being regularly enticed to use heroes you love over the ones you need to be on your team, it is also likely that you will initially be tempted to spend resources to upgrade and enhance heroes indiscriminately. Always keep in mind that all resource you earn as you play Anime Chaos are valuable and very limited and, as such, you have to be very selective with every enhancement you do.

how to enhance heroes in anime chaos

For starters, don’t mind the enhancement and upgrades you do as part of the tutorial. Afterwards, you have to decide first on which heroes will form part of your team and you should likewise rank them as to who is your top priority as far as enhancements and upgrades go. Typically, you would want to consider a tank as your top priority, but if there are others you prefer for some reason, at least consider the tank as the second top priority.

The most basic upgrade option is levelling your main team up. Although you gain experience points not just for your account but for your heroes as well that participate in the battle, you need to further boost their levels through consuming EXP soda and some gold. Keep in mind that your hero can only reach the same level as your account, so if you are currently at level 27, you should stop spending EXP sodas and coins once your hero reaches the same level. Simply click on the Level Up button at the bottom of the hero screen to level that hero up. By clicking on the “+” sign just to the left of the experience bar, you can view how many sodas you have in in your inventory and identify how to budget these across your main heroes.

While levelling up increases each hero’s basic stats and BP, these stats can be further boosted through Exceed. Under the Upgrade tab of the hero page, you can see four distinct icons that represent the hero’s stats and the exceed button below it. Before you can exceed the hero to the next rank, each of these must be enhanced first and you will need a variety of scrolls and materials to do so. You can freely click on the icon of the missing materials to know where you can obtain them from. Once all four aspects are exceeded, you can exceed the hero, change its rarity color, and gain a massive boost on the hero’s BP.

On the exceed window as well, the enhance tab is another aspect of the hero you should invest in. Although this only consumes gold, the overabundant supply of gold you amassed through playing will soon be emptied as a result of continuously enhancing each of the hero’s stats. The maximum level of enhancement is twice your level and once your reach or go beyond that, you will no longer be able to proceed with further enhancements up until you level up and increase the cap again.

One of the more difficult areas of enhancement comes in the form of enchanting each stat. The boost it provides is massive but the enchantment materials you will be needing is hard to acquire. Considering this, be sure to prioritize one stat over another depending on the class of the hero you are enhancing. Likewise, save this option only for heroes whom you are certain will be a member of your main team for a long time.

If you haven’t played action strategy RPGs like Anime Chaos before, then you may not yet fully appreciate obtaining extra shards of the heroes you already have instead of acquiring new ones. As each character starts at 1 star, you will need to collect additional hero shards to star up your favorite heroes. For starters, you will receive random ones from summoning either through consumption of gems or obtaining free draws. Some in-game events provide rewards where you can choose specific shards as a reward. More importantly, you can focus on getting some of the heroes’ shards through the elite mode of the adventure chapters.

As you exceed each hero and promote him or her to a new color, additional skills will become unlocked. Each skill starts at level one and can be enhanced by consuming skill points and some gold. Skill points are limited to 10 as you log in on the game and will begin increasing once you use one. Although you can spend gems to instantly replenish skill points, you should instead save them for more important purchases. Considering skill points, you should always take note of how much time it takes for more of it to become available so you can level up you heroes’ skills a lot quicker.

Another way to further pump up your heroes’ stats is through boosting. You need to consume boost pills and some gold to increase the stats of your heroes and there is an option to spend gems instead of gold for massive effects. As boost pills will be the resource you will always run out of, be sure to nab every opportunity to secure some from the arena or the world boss.

4. Farm For Hero Shards Efficiently

In addition to earning experience points to level up your account and your team and consequently unlock additional game modes, another important reason for you to push through with the adventure chapters is to unlock the elite counterpart and start farming for the hero shards you need. Summoning either for free or through spending gems can help you earn heroes and shards at random and, considering everything, it is best for you to focus more on collecting shards for the heroes that you need.

Each stage in the elite adventure chapters has a chance of dropping a specific hero shard. As you progress further through the chapters, more stages that reward the same hero shard becomes available. As it is important for you to focus on your main team, you should consider farming for their gems here primarily once you can no longer progress through the normal adventure chapters as a result of not meeting the level cap.

Beyond the elite adventure chapters, be sure to check for what’s in stock at the shop. Take note that the shop has multiple tabs to explore and some make use of the various currencies you obtain from the guild and the arena.

5. Expend Attempts In Various Game Modes

As we mentioned earlier, the adventure campaign in Anime Chaos and as you make progress and reach new levels, more game modes and features become available. Each new game mode presents unique mechanics as well as rewards that help you with the numerous enhancement options available for your heroes and guardians. As such, you should make it a point to expend the very limited attempts you have on each game mode you unlock to earn as many of the resources you need.

anime chaos tricks

The Arena is perhaps a common feature across games that are similar to Anime Chaos. Combat is not real-time and battles are set on auto mode. You can choose from 3 available opponents and while BP may be a considerable determinant of strength, formation and team chemistry matters a lot more than BP. You can always refresh the list of opponents if you don’t want to challenge any of the ones available. You should also click on the opponent’s avatar to check their roster and make some adjustments to your team if necessary. Be sure to set up and update your defense team every once in a while. It is important to expend attempts and reach new ranks as you can earn gems from the achievements here on top of the arena points you earn to spend at the shop.

The Hero Trials are your best source of scrolls and stones needed for exceeding each aspect of your hero. Although some areas of the trials immediately become available, others are unlocked until you reach a certain level. As you engage in more challenging areas here, the rewards will be much better. Once you have unlocked more challenging levels and higher difficulties, be sure to attempt those first before you settle on the ones you can surely beat.

The Dragon Ruins is among Anime Chaos’ additional game modes not common in other action strategy RPGs. As you may not have more than 5 strong heroes at the early part of the game, you will not likely succeed here as HP and rage of your heroes remain from one battle to the next. As you will have to engage in 10 PvP battles and defeat the Dragon to claim the ultimate treasure, you will most likely not make it all the way through. Just the same, don’t expect to succeed here each day especially if you just started the game. There are still rewards to earn based on the number of teams you manage to defeat so spend a bit of your time here each day.

For the most basic necessities such as EXP sodas and gold, head into Ninja Training and expend all attempts each day to earn easy rewards. Higher tier levels become available as well once you reach the minimum level requirement so try to challenge the more difficult modes first and just hop back to the easier ones if you can’t win on the former.

The Abyss Prison is the best place to farm for the materials you need to empower your guardian. Although you will be using Kurama for a long time, additional guardians will become available as you progress through the game. In any case, you can focus exclusively on what Kurama needs for starters.

6. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Guilds, clans, alliances, factions, and similar in-game player clubs have long since become an integral part of many strategy games and RPGs. With the host of additional perks received and no disadvantages incurred by being a member of such groups, it is definitely not a question of whether or not you should join one. You can definitely progress through any game playing entirely on your own but as a member of a guild, you can progress faster.

anime chaos guild

In Anime Chaos, it is fairly easy to sign up for a guild and you can find yourself in one fast enough. Although it will be hard to tell if a guild is active enough before you join in, you will quickly find out based on the activities available. Donations can help develop skills that boost your hero’s stats so be sure to donate 3x each day. Although you can spend gems to develop skills faster, spending gold would be sufficient as long as each member chips in his or her fair share.

As soon as you join a guild, you can claim treasures from the treasure hunt once a day. You can also participate in the guild instance and battle together with your fellow guildmates. Each activity you engage in as a member of a guild earns you guild coins. At the shop, there is a separate tab where you can spend these guild coins to purchase hero shards and other valuable resources.

7. Complete Quests For Extra Rewards

On top of the immediate rewards you earn for practically every activity you engage in as you play Anime Chaos, there are plenty more you can grab as you reach targets and milestones via the quest system. For the most part, the objectives set under quests fall within what you would naturally do as you play the game and of what remains to be accomplished, you can simply click on the quest icon at the lower left side of your screen and view what you can still accomplish from both lists of quests.

anime chaos quests

Quests are divided into 2 categories: Daily Quest and Main Quest. Daily Quests are easier to accomplish and fall within what you ought to be doing on a daily basis. In as much as it becomes routine, the rewards you receive per item in the list you accomplish is definitely worth the effort. Although the rewards under Main Quests are much better and includes gems, these are on-time rewards.

8. Spend Your Gems Wisely

There are a lot of ways to earn gems although it can only be as fast at the earlier part of the game as you complete more chapters, rank up in the arena, and earn achievements. Once you make it to the more challenging mid to end parts of the game, it will become a bigger challenge to earn gems. As this premium currency, much like in any other game, is very important, it is a basic idea to actually be careful on spending it.

anime chaos gems

There are ways and means of spending gems to speed things up a bit as far as enhancements go. Some attempts on the different game modes can also be refreshed by spending gems. There are plenty of items for sale at the shop that can only be purchased through gems and not all of them are cheap. With all these considerations, you must avoid ever spending gems on any of it unless you are in the late game or special cases later on when getting something out of using gems is critical to your growth like purchasing that last rare hero shard to finally summon a very rare character or so.

For purposes of efficiency, you should always save gems for spending on 10x summons as this will save you about 300 gems per attempt. Additionally, this guarantees an S or A+ rank hero which is hard to obtain through other means. Beyond summoning, don’t hesitate to spend 50 gems to purchase an additional 120 vitality. As your aim is to level up fast and progress through the chapters quicker, purchasing at least one set of extra stamina is a must.

This wraps up our Anime Chaos beginner’s guide and we hope we have enlightened you with regard to levelling up fast and dominating the various game modes. If you know of some tips or strategies you would like to share in relation to what we discussed, you are most welcomed to leave us a message in the comments!