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Heroes of Loot 2 Guide: 4 Tips & Tricks to Beat the Dungeons

Heroes of Loot 2 is a pixel art dungeon crawler inspired by the classics of video game history and developed by OrangePixel. Like the classic games of yore you will need to choose an adventurer and head down into the depths in search of loot and treasure. But beware because many traps and monsters await!

In Heroes of Loot 2 you can choose from four different adventurers (five if you reach level 30 successfully) and you can take two of them into battle. These four adventurers are the standard fantasy characters: warrior, elf, wizard and Valkyrie. The dungeons in Heroes of Loot 2 follow a similar structure to those seen in other fantasy games, namely, they are multi-levelled and filled with traps. In order to advance to the next level, you will need to find the key to unlock the door. There is only one key per level and it is found by killing monsters and exploring, so you will have to be strong if you want to move through the dungeons.

The general features of the dungeons in Heroes of Loot 2 are similar to ones that you find in other dungeon crawlers. The first thing you will notice is that they are swarming with enemies. Dungeons will also contain treasure chests filled with coins and health or mana pickups. Coins can be spent on items and special gear in shops found throughout the dungeons. Also from time to time special rooms will spawn that will give you quests to perform, and will reward you with useful items if they are completed. Progressing further into the dungeon will upgrade the difficulty and spawn new monsters who will come after you. But with increased challenge comes better reward, so read on for tips on how to dungeon crawl like a true hero!

1. Choose Classes That Fit Your Style

Part of playing any RPG is choosing a character that fits your style so that you will be able to fight any monster that gets in your way. The four classes seem quite similar at first, but actually there are some distinguishing features between them.

The warrior class is probably one of the best in the game because, like all warriors in fantasy games since the beginning of time, he has good attacks. Not only that he has good damage resistance as well, which makes him a tanky fighter that can deal as much damage as he takes. However, one thing to note is that he can be a bit slow, which can make evasion difficult.

The elf is the classic long ranged character that we have seen in RPGs since the days of Dungeons and Dragons. His attacks are a bit weaker than the warriors’ but his range is longer and his fire rate is a lot faster. The elf is a fairly good class to play through the game with because his long range allows you to pick off enemies before they get too close to do any damage. But you have to be careful when monsters get up close and personal, because then it can be difficult for the elf to escape unharmed.

The wizard is another staple of any fantasy RPG and has been since the Lord of the Rings was published. You have probably already guessed that the wizard is a bit weaker but has excellent magic abilities. This is indeed true because the wizard is physically quite weak and cannot take a lot punishment. But he more than makes up for it due to his magical abilities, his spells are more powerful and he has a lot of mana but in the beginning his attacks are quite slow. Which means that when you pick a fire or lightning rune you will be able to use them more than you otherwise would. The wizard is good if you want to spam spells, but keep in mind that if you are caught without them the monsters in the dungeon will easily overpower you.

Finally is the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie is a nice blend of the elf, warrior, and wizard. Her attacks are quite fast and are reasonably powerful, which means she can perform well without spells. But her spells are also really powerful, slightly less so than the wizard, but still powerful enough to pack a significant punch. In addition to that she also has a lot of mana, which means that you will be able to cast a lot of spells before running out. This makes the Valkyrie a good hybrid class, combining good attacks with strong magic and also she levels up fairly quickly and has the ability to detect secret rooms and other loot.

2. Face Your Enemies Head On

In Heroes of Loot 2 you need to know how best to fight the monsters that come your way. One good tip is to always face your enemies head on. This is because your character will attack the direction they are facing rather than the direction that you indicate to them. So in order to keep consistently outputting damage always face your enemies.

You can even do so while running away, this is called kiting your enemy. It is called kiting because like a kite you are just out of reach. The way to do this is to face your character towards the enemy you are running away from, but move your character away from the enemy without changing the direction he is facing. This means that while you are running away you will be able to keep firing and hopefully you will be able to kill the enemy before you run into a wall.

Most of the early enemies will only have melee attacks so you won’t have to worry about them too much. But as the dungeon gets more dangerous more of the enemies will have ranged attacks so you will need to think carefully about how you want to approach a battle. One important strategy is to always keep moving and strafe your enemies so that you can keep outputting damage while dodging their attacks. Stay away from narrow corridors because then it becomes impossible to dodge enemy ranged attacks. Always engage enemies in open spaces where you can move around and fight the battle on your own terms.

3. Crawl Dungeons Carefully

Dungeons are dangerous places so it is good to always keep your eyes peeled when exploring them. Once you get to the later dungeons there will be a lot of traps scattered around. But the good thing is that although the traps look deadly they won’t kill you in one hit. Sometimes traps will block off your path and leave you trapped with enemies, in that case it’s better to take a bit of damage and escape to recover your health.

However, there is one thing that corridors are good for. They allow you to put melee enemies into a bottleneck so that they do not overwhelm you. Note that this is only useful for melee enemies like ghosts and skeletons, ranged enemies will just shoot at you. Usually ghosts and skeletons will swarm all over you, but in a corridor you can pick them off one by one and significantly thin their numbers.

4. Fight Battles On Your Terms

Sometimes it can be difficult to win fights against enemies, especially when they gang up on you and you feel overwhelmed. So a good rule of thumb when dungeon crawling is to always engage enemies on your own terms so that you can dictate the rules of the fight.

Wide open areas are good examples because they allow you to move freely and kite as many enemies as possible. Also if you can lure enemies correctly they can get stuck on corners, which will allow you to chip away at their health before they get to you.

In general just play cautiously and you will be able to advance through the dungeons and level up quickly. When you find runes and powerups don’t use them immediately but save them for when you have to fight a boss, or if you get caught out by accident. Just always remember that there might be something lurking around the corner.

If you follow these tips in Heroes of Loot 2 then you will dungeon crawl like the best of them and slay monsters like an epic hero. If there are any other hints and tips that we missed feel free to let us know!