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BlazBlue RR Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 5 Hints to Fight Your Way to Glory

BlazBlue RR, also known as BlazBlue Revolution Reburning, is an anime/manga-inspired action mobile game for iOS and Android from 91Act. This mobile title is based on the popular fighting game/anime series from Japan, and it comes with exquisite 2D graphics, an unorthodox fighting experience, and character voices performed from some of Japan’s top voice talents. It is the only BlazBlue mobile game authorized by Arc System Works, and it comes with a side-scrolling, tap-and-slide control mechanic, with skills that do not have any cool down time. You can also unlock new heroes and choose whether you want to play on your own in story mode, or challenge other human players in PvP mode.

If you’ve just downloaded this game and are hoping to figure things out before the average newbie does, then you’ve come to the right place for all of that. Read on and check out our list of BlazBlue RR tips and tricks and you’ll be making more progress than you may have thought was possible.

1. You Can Intervene Even In Auto-Fight Mode

The game has an auto-fight mode for all of those who are too lazy to get involved in battles that can easily be won. (And for that, we feel you.) Go to the options menu and turn auto-fight on, and do it by area if you wish – you can toggle the option off and on for Story Mode and PvP alike, as well as in the other game modes. Still, you can intervene and chip in your own attacks, thus switching to human control; sitting back for about two seconds and not doing anything will switch things back to auto-fight.

2. Keep On Upgrading Your Hero And Your Equipment

Both your hero and your equipment deserve to be upgraded on a regular basis. Once you’ve got the supplies to upgrade both, go for it right away, as that’s going to give you the edge you need against tougher enemies. You can also earn new hero cards, may it be in battle via drops, or in the form of prizes that you may win outside of the battlefield. Use your hero cards to unlock a new hero, as long as you’ve collected the right ones to do so.

3. Unlock More Features By Completing The Strongholds

Many of the game’s features are locked at the time you start playing BlazBlue RR. But you don’t have to deal with them being locked for long, as you can go through the strongholds as fast as you could, in order to unlock features such as the challenge levels. For a simple way to go about this, you can start out with the Wi-Fi battle, which lets you challenge people who are on the same Wi-Fi network as you are, and you can start doing the real-time battle against those outside your local network once you’ve gotten five heroes unlocked.

4. Unlock Additional Features, Here’s How

Aside from the infinity tower feature, you can also unlock raid mode once you’ve completed Stronghold 15. Raid mode allows you to immediately beat a level, thus making it very helpful if you’re trying to grind or farm for experience points or enhancement materials. You can also grind for resources like coins and seithr with the help of raid mode – go use this any time you’re in a rush and don’t exactly have time to replay the same fight, or the same auto-fight for that matter!

5. Tap On An Item’s Picture To Know Where To Find It

The game will be very helpful if you’re looking for a certain item, may it be a hero card or a certain material. Tap on the item’s picture and you’ll be guided by the pop-up as to where you can find it in the in-game universe. Generally, most of these items will be found in specific strongholds.

That’s it for now, as far as our list of BlazBlue RR tips and tricks are concerned. Check back from time to time, as we will update this guide, whenever we discover some new hints for the game!