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Heroes of Havoc Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Dominate Your Enemies

Heroes of Havoc: Idle Adventures is currently an iOS-only game, and as you may surmise from the game’s title, this is another one of those “idle” games where you do a lot of tapping, but eventually a whole lot of idling away as your characters do all the work for you. According to game developer, Kiz Studios, the game combines clicker controls with amazing 3D graphics and that deploying your heroes into battle couldn’t be simpler. Still, there are things for you to do in this game aside from tapping, such as collecting 50 heroes with more than 200 abilities, and an online PvP arena where you can take on players from all over the world and win unique heroes and equipment. You can also evolve and upgrade your heroes, defeat bosses in the Elite campaign and make them available to recruit, and do a lot of other things you’d normally do in an RPG.

Need a game that can allow you to focus on more important things while all the magic (or most of it) happens behind the scenes and in the background? This game is for you. But we’ve still come up with an exclusive list of Heroes of Havoc tips, cheats and strategies for you to make the most out of your idle time.

1. Tap Your Heroes’ Skill Meters

Although Heroes of Havoc is an idle game, you still need to do some work somehow. That includes tapping the skill meters of your heroes, which fills them up faster. That’s something you’ll want to do when you’re playing the game, though it makes sense to tap on the skill meters of the right heroes. For example, you can focus on your healer’s skills so your team could remain healthy even if you’re out, or you can tap on anyone’s offensive skills so you can finish off an easy opponent faster.

2. Saving Your Skill Points For Later? Go Easy On It

Like in other games that combine idle clickers with RPGs, leveling up your heroes’ skills could become more progressively expensive as you go on. As such, you may be thinking of loading up on your skill points for use at a later time. But hoarding isn’t always the best thing to do, as you will reach a point where you couldn’t catch up with your enemies’ skills. Just keep on upgrading as long as you can afford to, and make sure you’re maintaining a nice balance in terms of the skills you upgrade.

3. How Can You Unlock More Heroes?

The game has a lot of heroes for you to collect – less than what you’d get in many conventional RPGs, but slightly more than average. And you can collect more of these heroes by collecting Hero Stones. These stones are dropped after you beat a boss in a Boss Battle, and also after you’ve completed an elite mission (we’ll get to that later). Be warned, though, that Hero Stone drops are completely random, and it may take you a lot of time before you collect all of them. But given what we just said, the best way to speed things up is to grind elite missions, and accept the offer to watch an ad video, so you can open two, and not just one chest.

4. Keep Replaying Missions For Loot

Grinding can help you out big-time in this game, so if you want to earn more loot and skill points and make more upgrades to your heroes, it’s a good idea to grind it out, and replay missions as often as possible. So how do you grind in an idle clicker? What you’ll want to do here is to leave your game open and turn off your phone’s screen saver. After that, click on the replay button on any mission you’ve beaten before, preferably those that you’re confident you can win without any human intervention. You will, at some point, unlock idle mode, which is the heart of the game, as it allows your heroes to fight while you’re out. But before that, grind it out and leave your game open so you can earn more skill points and other goodies.

5. Complete The Elite Missions

As the name suggests, elite missions are more difficult than the standard ones. You’ll unlock them once you have completed a chapter, and completing those elite missions won’t just earn you better-quality rewards, but also gift you with hero tokens on occasion. Work on the elite missions over the campaign missions once they’re available, and include them in your daily grind, if you’re looking to level up your heroes further.

6. How Does Evolution Work?

The evolution feature of this game, we’d say, is one of the more important ones. Instead of requiring specific items, Heroes of Havoc will ask you to have any item of a certain quality, which completely simplifies the process and makes it easier for you to evolve your hero. So what happens after an evolution?

The result of evolution is that your hero will get a new skill, but the catch is that your hero will lose all their equipment and skill progress. That brings your hero back to square one, and that would require you to replay those earlier missions and grind even more. Still, you get a new skill in return, which makes the process worth it.

7. Sacrifice Useless Equipment When Evolving

Now that you know what evolution is in Heroes of Havoc, we might as well tell you the best way to do it. Get the pieces of equipment you no longer need, or the equipment that’s much weaker than other pieces you currently have. Place them on the hero that you’re evolving, then perform the evolution. That allows you to keep the high-quality equipment that can actually help you against the tougher enemies. And as a bonus tip, you may also want to use vials that boost the XP you gain after you’ve evolved a character. In a nutshell, evolution is completely worth it, and there is a way for you to have your cake and eat it too when it comes to this process.

This would be our collection of tips and tricks for Heroes Havoc. In case you know other hints for this exciting game, please let us know in the comment section below!