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Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick ‘n Run Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

It appears that there’s a boom in soccer games on both Android and iOS app stores these days. One of the newer ones is Hugo Games’ Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick ‘n Run, which is endorsed by the man himself, but definitely not one of those more intensive games that require you to have an encyclopedic knowledge of one league (or more) and their top players. This is an endless runner game that allows you to experience the casual arcade side of soccer (or football, depending on which part of the world you’re from) as you control one of the most recognizable names in the sport. It’s a unique game of skill and precision where you can also take part in tournaments with your friends, and also take advantage of power-ups that can help you smash through obstacles and score more points. In addition, there are various articles of Nike original clothing for you to collect in this game.

Want to be as good as CR7 himself, but not necessarily in a conventional setting such as the football pitch? Go check out these Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick ‘n Run tips, tricks and cheats, which will assist you in going farther in the game and improving your score.

1. Go As Far As You Could

Distance is the main thing you should be focusing on when you play the game. You want to go as far as you possibly can, as opposed to chasing coins without any regard for the distance you’ve covered. Gathering coins will happen naturally anyway, especially if you consider the positioning of the coins. Following the coins will usually allow you to avoid the obstacles, for the simple reason that the obstacles cannot pass through coins. What you should be concerned about, though, are the defenders, as they can randomly block your path and go in various directions.

2. String Those Combos Together

The goal of the game, no pun intended, is to kick the ball into the targets. But you would, in specific, want to kick them into as many consecutive targets as you could. For each ten consecutive targets you hit, you’ll get a coin multiplier, with the first ten granting you a 2x multiplier. Once you kick 20 straight targets, it’ll go up to 3x, and once you hit 30 straight, it will then be 4x, and so on. As long as you’re hitting consecutive targets without fail, you’ll be adding to your multiplier for each tenth straight target.

3. Collect The Letters To Form A Word

You should also be aiming to collect the letters as part of the daily challenges. These challenges will reward you with free coins, or also a chance to spin at the Penalty Shootout, which is a mini-game that can gift you with some nice freebies; you’ll get a spin if you’re able to complete the word. After you’re done with the day’s challenge, you can play another one the next day, with new rewards to match the new challenge.

4. Spend Your Coins On Upgrades And Boosts (Or: Differentiating Upgrades, Boosts, And Power-Ups)

Aside from collecting them during your runs, you can earn coins through bonuses, through the mini-games, or by purchasing them with tickets. And as far as spending those coins is concerned, it would be best if you use them to buy upgrades and boosts, which are not to be confused with your power-ups. So what’s the deal, anyway?

Upgrades differ from boosts and power-ups as they’re the ones that permanently improve their effect. Power-ups, on the other hand, give you a temporary in-game advantage, and may include stuff like the magnet, which will draw coins your way and allow you to earn in-game money quicker. You’ve also got the Star Striker, which interestingly would transform Cristiano Ronaldo into a ball that floats in the sky. (Yes, seriously.)

Now what are boosts? You can buy them as well with your coins, and you can choose between goal boosts and start boosts. The former would pertain to those that can increase your goal multiplier for one run, while the latter would reward you with a free Star Striker power-up.

5. Should You Spiff Up Your Ronaldo?

As the game promised in its description, you can purchase new outfits for your character, who is the game’s endorser Cristiano Ronaldo. The new clothes won’t give him any statistical bonuses or add any permanent boosts or power-ups – they just make him look different. So should you buy them or not? We would suggest going for the cheaper ones, as the more expensive outfits simply aren’t worth it as they don’t come with any bonuses.

That’s it for now, as far as our Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick ‘n Run tips, tricks and cheats are concerned. We may update this guide with more hints in the near future, so stay tuned!