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Gem Hunters Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Find Your Long Lost Treasure

With a title like Gem Hunters, you may probably be expecting yet another one of those Match 3 titles. If you did, then you are partly correct on that, as in this game you have to match lines of elemental gems and unleash powerful spells. However, this mobile title from Armor Games isn’t just a Match 3 game, but also an RPG. There are seven worlds for your hero to conquer in this game, and you can choose from three classes when creating this hero, and collect up to 80-plus spells in the game. There’s also lots of procedurally generated (read: random) items and loot to collect, as well as a MOBA mode where you can battle other heroes in the in-game Arena.

If the name Armor Games is familiar to you, that’s because they’re the same folks who gave us Soda Dungeon sometime back. But since this is a completely different game, albeit one with a familiar, and increasingly popular genre of Match 3/RPG hybrid, we suggest you to check out our exclusive list of Gem Hunters tips, tricks and hints that can help you three-star more puzzles and collect more spells.

1. Check Enemy Info Before Making Combinations

As this is a Match 3 game, the temptation is there for you to jump into the fray of battle and make the first combination you see; it’s a genre known to almost every mobile gamer, and we’d understand it if you jump to this tendency. But it’s important to check first your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses by tapping on them. Almost all the enemies of the game are weak against specific elemental types, and strong against another. Tapping on an enemy will also allow you to see their other special traits.

2. Longer Matches Are Always Better

You probably don’t need to be reminded of this if you’re a Match 3 veteran, but in the off chance you aren’t, we’re mentioning this tip anyway. Don’t just go for matches of three identical pieces; if you see four or more, then match those ones first, as they can create special pieces that can help you solve the puzzle faster, and have a better chance of getting all three stars in a level. But what you want to do is to go for matches of seven blocks of the same color. That’s going to create a rainbow piece that destroys all the blocks underneath it, above it, to the left of it, and to the right of it.

3. Bonus Combo Isn’t Always A Good Thing

The words “bonus combo” may get many players excited, but its efficacy will all depend on whether you used your strong element or not. These combos happen after the main one, and take place if three identical-colored blocks land adjacent to each other. It’s good news if you used your strong element, but if you used your weak element, they could, believe it or not, work against you.

4. How To Get More Gems

Gems are, like they are in many other Match 3 (or hybrid) titles, are Gem Hunters’ premium currency. Generally, you can purchase them by using your real money and buying them at the in-app store, but you can watch an ad video, also at the store, and earn two gems for free. That’s only a paltry number of gems, but if you’re connected to the Internet, you should leave the game that way, and keep watching videos to earn more gems. Not to worry, as they will definitely add up over time as the game keeps serving up more videos for you to watch.

5. How To Earn More Coins

Coins may be the game’s common (as opposed to premium) currency, but they’re surprisingly hard to come by in Gem Hunters. But you can chance upon upgrade items, which are far more common; if you’ve got upgrade items you do not need, you can sell them for about 50 coins apiece. Take note that you should be focusing on selling the common upgrade items, and not the costlier ones. You will need the more expensive, rarer ones for further progress in the game.

6. How To Equip Your Hero

The game will reward you with loot and equipment drops after you complete a battle/solve a puzzle. Go to the items section to drag equipment into the vacant equipment slots so you can outfit your character. Tap on items in order to upgrade them, and hit the upgrade button to seal the deal; each upgrade will cost you some coins and some crafting materials, so make sure you’ve got enough of both before you go ahead with the upgrade!

These would be our tips, tricks and hints for Gem Hunters. If you happen to know additional tips for the game, please leave us a message in the comment section below!