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Heroes and Titans: 3D Battle Arena Cheats – 5 Fantastic Tips & Tricks to Defeat the Mighty Titans

Heroes and Titans: 3D Battle Arena is an immersive team-based interactive mobile RPG developed by Gosu Group. In this game, you’ll be joining the “decisive battle for power” and fighting against players from all over the world, with various characters to choose from, each of them having their own distinct skills and abilities. You’ll be able to upgrade these heroes, go on quests, and climb up the leaderboard as you rack up more wins against other human players. It is a team-based RPG in terms of mechanics, and if you’re looking to make the most out of this game, we recommend reading on and checking out the following Heroes and Titans: 3D Battle Arena cheats and strategy guide.

1. Promote Your Heroes

All of your heroes have six equipment slots, and once you’ve filled all of those in, you can promote your hero. Whatever equipment your heroes have will be sacrificed, and any stats that your hero gained through the equipment will be baked in, so to say. This is very important, as you’ll need to promote heroes to ensure they perform up to par.

2. Replay Levels To Complete Your Heroes’ Equipment

Now, if you’ve got heroes whose equipment slots aren’t completely filled in, what you can do here is grind, albeit with a purpose. Grinding is redoing previously completed levels, and that just might be what you need to complete a hero’s equipment set.

3. Level Up Your Heroes’ Skils

In the beginning, your heroes will start out with only one skill. That’s their active skill. But as you promote your heroes, that will allow them to unlock more skills – these are usually passive skills that are important nonetheless. Go to your heroes’ profile pages to level up their skills and make them even stronger. Of course, that’s going to cost some gold, but since gold is easy to acquire in the game, that shouldn’t be an issue for you.

4. Take Advantage Of Temporary Buffs In Battle

When in battle, you’ll occasionally see enemies drop bubbles that have icons. These bubbles represent temporary buffs, and you can hold two of these at a time. Simply tap on the bubbles to activate the buffs, which would, for example, include a 10 percent boost in offense, or a similar boost on defense. Yes, these buffs are temporary, but you’ll want to take advantage of them while they’re available – they just might be the difference maker you need to win.

5. Open Free Chests To Get More Rewards

Heroes and Titans allows you to open free chests, and if you open a silver chest, that would give you more equipment, and on occasion, a hero piece. You can open this chest once per five minutes. As for the gold chest, that contains rare items, and you can open it every two days for free.