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Hello Kitty Friends Cheats, Tips & Hints for Solving More Puzzles

The world’s most popular cartoon cat enters the world of puzzle games in Hello Kitty Friends! Super Awesome’s new mobile game is a unique take on the match 3 genre as it only requires two matching blocks, instead of the standard three-tile minimum. It makes the game easier to play but that doesn’t mean it’s any less addicting. The game doesn’t just feature Hello Kitty. The entire Sanrio gang joins the fun! This includes characters from My Melody, Kero Kero Keroppi, Pompom Purin, Bad Badtz-Maru, and Tuxedo Sam. You can collect all your favorite Sanrio characters in different costumes as well as decorate part of the screen with furniture. The game is meant to be laid back and fun but there are still more things you can do to get the most out of your play time. Make sure you check out our Hello Kitty Friends puzzle-solving tips and tricks for some help!

1. Use Those Power Blocks

Any tile-matching game has special pieces that help you clear the board more quickly. Power blocks are this game’s version of special blocks. Matching a minimum of four blocks will reward you with power blocks. The kind of power block you get, of course, depends on the number of pieces you combine.


These clear out an entire line of blocks, either horizontal or vertical. It is created by combining four blocks.


These clear out the blocks that surround them, making it easy to clear areas of the board. You need to combine five blocks to create these.

Star Candy

These delete all the blocks of a specific type, depending on what you use it on. Matching six or more blocks will make one of these.
The good thing about this game is that it will even give you a hint on what kind of power block you can create. You just need to watch the board carefully in order to find potential special pieces. Don’t forget to combine power blocks as well for even better effects.

2. Collect Sanrio Characters

Even if you don’t know some of the Sanrio characters, it is still a good idea to collect them all. Each character has his own special ability which can be useful for completing puzzles. An example of this is Hula Girl My Melody’s ability to remove one specific block from the board. You can use this when you just need to get rid of that one block that is getting in the way of your combo.

Keep in mind that the characters have different rankings, from rank C to rank S. You can get more characters by playing the Friend Gacha which has two types. The first type is the Gem Gacha which costs 30 gems. It may cost you premium currency but it also gives you the chance to acquire a rank S character. The second type is the Coin Gacha which costs 1500 coins and can only produce rank C to rank A characters.

3. Unlock Features With Stars

Every time you complete a level, you will be given a star rating, with three stars being the highest. When you collect enough stars, you will be able to play the bonus level at the end of each section. Collecting stars will also allow you to buy furniture using coins. Without the required number of stars, furniture can only be bought with gems. It’s better if you save your gems for gacha so make sure you collect those stars!

4. Save Moves For Bonus Points

Each level gives you a limited number of moves to complete the puzzle. When you complete a puzzle, any unused moves will be converted into firecrackers. These will be unleashed on your board, helping you rack up a lot of points in the process. Try to achieve goals using only a few moves so that you can boost your score with the bonus firecrackers in the end.

Collecting your favorite characters while matching colorful blocks is a lot of fun! Just follow the Hello Kitty Friends tips and tricks we gave you so you can solve all those puzzles with ease!