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Hello Kitty Food Town Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide for Smoother Restaurant Management

Sanrio Digital’s Hello Kitty Food Town is the company’s latest iOS and Android game based on the popular, long-running franchise, and as you can probably surmise from the game’s title and description, this is a restaurant management game, much like a lot of the popular titles from the early days of mobile and Facebook gaming. The titular character, Hello Kitty, is out to spread love and joy with food, and she has chosen you to help her out by running the day-to-day operations of your restaurant. You can decorate and customize your Food Town in any manner you wish, as you seek to add more new customers, serve a variety of meals, learn new recipes as you level up, and grow your own raw materials in your farm, because after all, fresh ingredients always make for a better dining experience.

It won’t be easy at first to run your restaurant, but as you progress through the game, you’ll be figuring things out as you get a better idea of what to do and what not to do. But you can learn the mechanics faster, and make sure your restaurant is run like a well-oiled machine, by following the tips and tricks we have to offer you in this Hello Kitty Food Town strategy guide. Read on if there’s any aspect of the title you aren’t quite understanding just yet!

1. Earn More Money By Providing Quick Service

It won’t be too difficult if you come to think of it — there isn’t much to managing your restaurant and earning money. You will, however, need to work quickly as you take orders and serve your customers promptly, and while this might be tricky for some of you out there, we’ve got a few things you can keep in mind so you can serve your customers faster and reap the benefits accordingly. Read on, as we’ll be touching on those things in the very next few tips!

2. Upgrade Your Stash

The first thing to do would be to grow and harvest rice, strawberries, and other ingredients you’ll be needing for your recipes. Each time you level up, you will get new farm slots, allowing you to harvest more food. All the ingredients you harvest will be kept in your Stash, which is like your storage — upgrade this, so you can increase the amount of ingredients you can keep in reserve. The Stash can easily be found in a corner of your restaurant, but if you can’t find it right away, you can tap on each unit manually.

3. How To Properly Manage Your Orders

By tapping tables and taking mental notes of the orders each customer makes, you’ll be able to manage things properly when it comes to the many orders you’ll be receiving. If you see the speech bubble above a table, that represents whatever the customer wants to order. You can take mental notes from there, but if you forget, you can access your pending orders by tapping on the yellow “Orders” desk on the right side of the restaurant. Once you complete an order, you’ll see a yellow Post-it or sticky note appear on top of the desk. And as a bonus tip, you can also use the Orders desk to check your completed orders, and also see what rewards you will be receiving for completing those orders.

4. Prepare The Main Dishes, Then Work On The Advanced Ones

Hello Kitty Food Town’s dish-preparing mechanic may remind some of you of how certain role-playing games work when it comes to the crafting mechanic. With that said, the next thing you should do is to head to the kitchen to prepare the primary, or main dishes. These are your basic dishes, such as strawberry bows and creamy milk, and we call them basic because you can use your basic ingredients to prepare, or should we say, craft them.

The more advanced ingredients in this game are oftentimes referred to as “foodstuffs,” and you can combine these with your primary dishes to create advanced ones, such as strawberry milkshakes, for instance. That’s where the crafting mechanic kicks in, so pay close attention as the game shows you how to prepare the more advanced dishes in the game. The Desserts Oven, Pies Oven, Smoothie Maker, and other appliances are the ones you’ll use to make advanced dishes, and once again, these are crafted by combining primary items and foodstuffs. We suggest only working on the advanced dishes that your customers have ordered.

Pro-tip: Make sure you’re utilizing whatever extra cooking slots you have to queue multiple dishes of one type. This is useful whenever you’ve got more than one customer ordering the same thing, and this works by ensuring that all the dishes of that one type are being cooked and prepared at the same time. You’ll get all the dishes at once, allowing you to serve more customers faster.

5. How To Manage Ingredients

You also need to keep tabs on the ingredients you use to prepare your dishes, may they be basic ingredients, or advanced “foodstuff” ingredients. Tap on a cooking unit to check which ingredients are required, and long-press on the dish icon to find out the quantity. You’ll see a box above one of your dishes, listing the ingredients and the time you’ll need to wait before the dish is prepared. Long-pressing on food items, on the other hand, will show you the count of said food item in your Stash. Use these simple steps to figure out which ingredients and foodstuffs you have enough of, and which ones you need to harvest in your farm.

6. Differentiating The Stash And The Buffet

As we mentioned above, the Stash is your equivalent of a Storage area, and that’s where farm produce and foodstuffs (the crafting material equivalent in Hello Kitty Food Town in other words) are kept. Any food items prepared, meaning dishes such as Fruity Fizz, Strawberry Bows, and others, are kept in the Buffet. Both the Stash and the Buffet can only hold so much at any given time, which is why you need to upgrade them regularly to increase storage. You will need some upgrade materials for these, and we’ll be explaining these materials further in a subsequent tip.

For now, however, we can tell you that you can tap a Stash or a Buffet to see which materials are needed for the upgrade recipe, then tap on the green Upgrade button. If you’ve got all the materials required by the recipe, you’ll see a green tick next to their avatar. Just tap on the blue Upgrade button if you’re looking to go through with the upgrade.

7. How Can You Get Upgrade Materials?

You’re probably wondering how you can get upgrade materials in Hello Kitty Food Town. Just to set your expectations, these materials are rather difficult to find or farm for, but what you need to do here is to deliver takeout orders, which become available once you’ve reached player level 6. Once the takeout feature is unlocked, you can tap on the telephone icon on the bottom right of your screen, and complete orders; each takeout order completed will reward you with materials for your upgrade recipe.

What can you expect from these takeout orders? The orders may be varied, but it’s all part of a questing system where you may, for instance, be asked to prepare a certain amount of a certain dish, and deliver those meals to customers who had called your restaurant to order them. You won’t receive any rewards unless you’ve completed those orders! What this means is that if you’ve prepared a creamy milkshake but are also required to make a few other dishes on the takeout order list, you won’t be able to earn any rewards unless the other dishes have been prepared and delivered.

8. How To Earn More Bows

Coins are the game’s common currency, and as we explained above, you need to be fast and accurate when serving food if you want to get more coins faster. Bows, on the other hand, are Hello Kitty Food Town’s premium currency, and you can use your bows to expedite food preparation, or to unlock a new cooking slot. We would advise you against using bows for the former purpose, and recommend that you spend them on the latter. It could be a pain to wait for food to get prepared at times, but it’s better to wait out and still have enough bows to spend on a new cooking slot.

When it comes to earning more bows, the easiest and fastest way would be to connect your game to Facebook. The ostensibly biggest benefit to this is being able to save your progress, but the broader benefit here is being able to connect with friends and help each other out through the game’s social features — connecting to FB gets you 20 bows for free. You can also watch ad videos, which will give you one bow apiece. This isn’t much at all, but the bows do add up, and watching videos is still a pretty easy and simple way to get premium currency for free, assuming you’re not much for the social features of the game.

9. Want More Customers? Add More Table Sets

Once all the tables in your restaurant are taken, customers will leave the restaurant and head somewhere else. It’s just like how things play out in real life — most people would rather eat somewhere else and not have to wait until someone is done eating. What you need to do to avoid this is to add more table sets. Tap on the basket icon found on the lower right of your screen, then tap on Table Sets. These sets will cost you some coins, and in the early stages of the game, that should be to the tune of about 50 to 100 coins per table set. You can start out simple, possibly adding two new tables, and as you progress further and earn more coins, you can place more sets. As a bonus tip, you will be able to unlock more table sets as you level up, giving you good incentive to play regularly and improve on your player level!

10. The Restaurant Needs Expansion Too

Once you’ve begun to earn a regular stream of coins and attract a regular stream of customers, you can then think of expanding and customizing your restaurant. Expansion will allow you to add more cooking units/appliances, spiff up your restaurant with furniture and decor, and add your own touch to your Food Town to keep the customers coming in.

In order to expand your restaurant, long-press inside the restaurant until you see the Expand speech bubble. This bubble will only appear on open spaces, as you cannot expand if there are obstacles in the way; if this is the case, you have the option to move storage houses and other obstacles, or use the plough or other tools to remove them completely. You can find some tools in your Stash, so make sure to check there if you need to expand as quickly as possible and get those unnecessary items out of the way.

11. Expand Food Town Itself

Expanding your restaurant is one thing you should be working on, but as the coins continue coming in, you will learn new recipes. Your customers will no longer be satisfied with the basic dishes, as they’ll demand more intricate meals. These meals will require more advanced ingredients, and you will have to expand your farmland so you can get some new trees and buildings that would provide those higher-end ingredients for the more advanced recipes. Like most other things in this game, you will need to be at a certain level, and you’ll need to have enough coins.

For a simple example of how this works, let’s take a look at Fruity Fizz, which would require apples. But you can only make this recipe once you’re at level 4, which is where you’ll be able to unlock the apple tree. Aside from the apple tree, you will also be unlocking the Makery, which won’t do you much good at first, but will become far more helpful once you’ve reached the point where you can make flour, cocoa powder, and other foodstuffs needed to satisfy your customers’ needs as they become more sophisticated.

This wraps up our list of Hello Kitty Food Town tips, tricks and cheats. If you know additional tips for the game, don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comment area below!