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Buggs! Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Hints to Survive Longer

A bug’s life is never easy. Tigrido’s new mobile game called Buggs! demonstrates this well as it shows just how many seemingly innocent things can squish a bug. The game’s goal is to survive for as long as possible while cute and colorful objects fly around. You need to guide your bug as far as you can without getting squished by watermelons, candy, donuts, and all other yummy things you could think of. The obstacles aren’t the only cute things in the game, though. You get to choose from a huge collection of bugs and even design your own! If you find yourself struggling, just check out our list of Buggs! tips, tricks and cheats for some help on how to survive!

1. Give Your Bug Some Space

If you check out the instructions of the game, it will tell you that you just need to put your finger on the screen in order to make your bug stop moving. That isn’t exactly true. Your bug will still move but it will slow down to a crawl. Keep this in mind when trying to stop right before obstacles. If you stop too late, your bug will still crawl forward just a teeny bit and end up getting slaughtered. Avoid this by stopping while there is still some space between your bug and the obstacle.

2. Turn Off The Ads

The ads in this game add an unwelcome level of difficulty as they make you lose your concentration. You can get rid of those ads by coughing up a couple of dollars for the ad-free version of the game. Of course, if you prefer to hold on to your money, you can easily turn off the ads by turning off the internet capability of your phone. You can do this by simply disconnecting from any wireless connection, turning off the mobile data, or switching to airplane mode. The ads are all online so they won’t be able to load if your game cannot connect to the internet.

3. Unlock More Levels With Keys

When you are playing the game, you will come across coins and keys. If you can somehow maneuver to get these without getting your bug in trouble, then go for it. Keys are hard to come by but you will need them if you want to unlock the second level of the game. The second level can be unlocked once you have 20 keys. This will give you access to even more content of the game so taking the time to pick up those keys is definitely worth the effort.

4. Get New Bugs

As mentioned above, you will also be able to pick up coins as you play the game. Coins are used for unlocking new bugs. Each new bug costs 15 coins but you won’t be able to pick the one you unlock. The bugs are given out at random so keep trying if you haven’t found one that you like. The bugs have different speeds so try them all out and see which one best suits you.

Survive for as long as you can and unlock all the levels in Buggs! Make sure you follow the strategy guide above and you’ll be conquering those obstacles with no problems!