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Fast Track (iOS) Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 4 Hints You Should Know

Fast Track is a unique arcade game by Mudloop for Android and iOS devices. Armed with deceptively simple graphics, this game actually requires a lot of skill and concentration if you want to succeed. The goal is to navigate through each level using a 2D ship. You will have to overcome different obstacles while picking up pluses and stars along the way. Use these to unlock new levels and ships in order to continue progressing in the game. If you find yourself struggling to finish, you should first check out our Fast Track tips and tricks for some help!

1. Replay Completed Levels

There are dozens of levels to unlock and play in the game. Each new level has a higher difficulty than the last so brace yourself. If you just want to gather currency first, however, then you are free to replay any of the easier levels as many times as you want. Don’t worry if you end up making a mistake and losing a level. You will still be able to keep all the pluses that you gathered. Just focus on picking up as many pluses as you can, and worry about completing levels later on.

2. Hunt Down Those Stars

Unlike the pluses that are generously scattered throughout each level, stars are harder to collect in this game. Stars are used for unlocking new levels and some new characters as well. There are only three stars available per level and you will have to look for them if you want to be able to pick them up. They are encased in small barriers moving side to side. Just as with the pluses, you will still be able to keep the stars even if you fail a stage so feel free to keep replaying the same stages over and over until you have enough.

3. Complete Specific ‘Days’

There are three characters that can be unlocked just by completing certain “days” in the game. If you are wondering what these days are and how to tell what day you have already completed, it’s just a fancy way of calling the levels. Simply put, you just need to complete specific levels in the game in order to unlock these characters. The levels that you need to complete are 7, 14, and 21. Yes, that means you get a new character every “week” in the game.

4. Spend Your Money Well

To be honest, there isn’t much reason to spend money just to remove ads in the game since they don’t really get in the way of your gameplay. If you still want to get rid of them, however, you just need to go to the in-game store and pay a couple of bucks to get rid of them permanently. While you’re at it, you may want to also spend a few more dollars to double up all the currency you earn as this investment will pay for itself in the long run.

Zip through the obstacles and unlock all the levels in Fast Track! It’s easy if you follow the tips and tricks we listed above!