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Heavenstrike Rivals Cheats & Strategy Guide: 6 Essential Tips to Save the Seven Sisters

Heavenstrike Rivals is a tactical RPG from one of the top names in video gaming, Square Enix. According to the developer, the game was designed especially for mobile devices, with deep strategic possibilities, quick-entry player-vs-player combat, and hundreds of unique characters at your disposal. In this Android/iOS game you get to go on a major quest across Lunnain to save the legendary Seven Sisters and battle against other players in tactical MMO action. In order to help you on that broader quest, we’ve collected a few Heavenstrike Rivals cheats, that we share with you after the jump.

1. Know The Races

Heavenstrike Rivals has a total of four races – Humans, Felynes, Lambkins, and Ogurs. Humans, as you may expect, are the jacks of all trades and masters of none. Felynes are quick and have good range, and are your Gunners or Scouts. Lambkins are the Mages and Priests of the game. Lastly, Ogurs are the hard-hitting Attackers, or the high-hit point Defenders.

2. Your Squad’s Lineup Should Match Your Desired Play Style

It may be fun to just select any random characters to make up your squad, and it also makes for a great trial-and-error strategy if you’re the type who wants to see what works and what doesn’t. But at the end of the day, the best squads are the ones where all characters allow you to play the game the way you want to play it. For example, a Scout rush squad is a great idea if you want quick, hard-hitting wins.

3. Take Part In The Quests

Heavenstrike Rivals has different types of quests and you should take part in them as much as possible. For instance, your Daily Quests will offer you different challenges from Monday through Sunday, and give you XP items for your units, depending on their class. Your Core Collector quests, on the other hand, will assure you of one core per day when you complete them.

4. Have Different Mana Cost Units Ready For A Battle

If you want to avoid the inconvenience of having no units before you start a battle, make sure you have different types of mana cost units in your squad. Take note that early battles will start you with just two mana points, with mana increasing by two points per turn, reaching a maximum of ten points.

5. Win Battles And Train Your Units

Your units will level up automatically once they earn more experience points, and you can get those XP by completing, and preferably winning battles. You can also train them with items or with other units by going to Inventory and selecting the Train command. This would allow you to sacrifice one or more units or XP-centric items so you can effectively evolve the target unit. Additionally, you can level up your units’ unique skills by training two units of the same skill type simultaneously.

6. Make Use Of The Recruitment Area

Looking for new blood? Go to the Recruitment area if you’re looking to recruit new, and typically more powerful units – this area allows you to exchange Cores for new units, and you can do this either individually or in packs of ten.