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Dungeon Link Cheats & Tips: 6 Hints to Defeat the Demon King

Dungeon Link by Gamevil is a new fantasy-based mobile RPG, which is available for Android and iOS platforms. At first, the game seems like the same old-same old puzzle-RPG, as the game allows you to discover the world of Kanterbury on your quest to defeat the Demon King. To this end, you’ll have to recruit heroes along the way and train them, but you’ll actually be doing all this by matching colored tiles via touch-and-drag controls. Think of it as a peculiar mix of RPG gaming and games such as Two Dots. Now, that you know what the game is about, check out our list of Dungeon Link cheats, tips and tricks to help you defeat the game’s bad guys.

1. Always Try To Clear The Board

The biggest benefits of clearing the entire board include the ability for you to use the Final Attack, but you can make your attack even more impressive by chaining all your heroes together. Remember that each consecutive chain strengthens your attack, but also keep in mind that each hero’s circle point needs to be adjacent so you can link them.

2. Use Your Active Skills Whenever You Can

You can check your heroes’ remaining mana by looking at the purple bar underneath each hero, on the bottom of your display. Since mana charges quickly whenever someone moves and attacks, you can feel free to go nuts with those active skills.

3. Heal Up With Clara The Cleric

In a bonus tip related to the second, using a hero’s active skills would work especially well if you’re talking about a hero like Clara the Cleric. That’s because she can target all your allied heroes with her heal skill, thus allowing you to heal everyone in your team in one go.

4. Familiarize Yourself With Your Heroes’ Dash Skills

Majority of heroes in Dungeon Link have a dash skill, or a skill they can only use when they’re “dashing” on the path you had made for them. Since this game has more than 250 different heroes, you should be familiar with the dash skills of whomever you’ve got on your team; remember, these skills can do great damage without you having to meet your enemies head-on.

5. Enhance Your Heroes

The short answer is this – it’s different from how you’d enhance heroes in your typical RPG, because you can sacrifice one hero, no more and no less, to enhance another. This makes choosing the right hero extremely important, so with that in mind, you should prioritize efficiency when choosing someone to be sacrificed for the good of another. It would usually be best to choose a hero whose rank and level is closest to the hero who’s being enhanced.

6. Take Advantage Of The Element System

Last, but not the least, let’s talk elements. It’s very simple, but to remind you (or inform you) about the rock-paper-scissors dynamic in this game, it is as follows – fire beats wood, wood beats water, water beats fire.