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Happy Racing (iOS) Guide, Tips & Hints to Complete More Races

Chill Fleet’s new iOS game called Happy Racing – Top Wheels is part of the “Happy” physics-based series for mobile, and if you’re familiar with these titles, these races, bicycle rides, etc. are quite sarcastically named, because there’s nothing happy about getting blown up by firecrackers, breaking your legs, your neck, and other body parts as you and your vehicle end up in an epic crash, or getting struck by lightning. Indeed, these games tend to have a rather twisted sense of humor to them, but that doesn’t make them any less fun – in this game, you’re just one of several “inadequate” characters racing through an obstacle and challenge-filled course, and trying to make it to the finish line. And though the game’s features aren’t really listed in full, there are tons of levels, with new ones being added on a monthly basis.

Once again, the word “happy” is meant to be used sarcastically, as the racers are anything but competent, and the courses are anything but safe. How can you win more races, and be the best in every bunch of inadequate racers? Read on, as we’ve got a complete Happy Racing strategy guide for you below – or, as you’ll soon find out, Happy Racing “safety guide” may be more like it.

1. Master The Controls

The game’s controls, fortunately, aren’t too difficult to learn – it’s just as simple as tapping left to move left and tapping right to move right. Tapping-and-holding allows you to move faster, which means quick taps are for short, slower bursts. It’s all a matter of coming up with the right mix of short taps and tap-and-holds, when it comes to making it safely through the various obstacles. But you may also have to rotate your phone in order to properly control your character and their vehicle.

Rotating your phone left or right makes your character lean toward that direction, much like if you were controlling a bicycle in real life. This could be important if you’re trying to make a difficult jump; leaning too far could rip a wheel off your vehicle, or rip a body part off of your character. Good times…at least as far as the game’s makers may be thinking.

2. What Happens When You Lose A Wheel Or Limb?

Inevitably, you’ll run into situations where you may lose a wheel, or worse, lose a limb. What’s in it for you in these situations?

First of all, losing a wheel isn’t as bad as it seems…it’s WORSE than it seems. The only consolation for you in such a situation is that your character is in good shape for the meantime, but with your vehicle stuck, that means you might as well restart the race and try again. It might actually be better if you end up losing a body part, such as a limb, or even your head. Your character will still survive for a few more seconds, so if you’re fairly close to the finish line, you can still complete the level and make it to the finish, even if you’re technically dead at that point. It’s not really the most realistic situation in the world, but such is the universe that these “Happy” games center on.

3. Speed Isn’t As Important As You Think

Although Happy Racing is billed as a racing game, speed is, to be perfectly honest, not as important as it’s cracked up to be. You’re trying to beat the clock in this game, but you won’t have to worry about the other racers as much as you think you would. Taking a longer time than expected to complete a level simply means you won’t gain as many stars, and that’s not much to fret about in the grand scheme of things.

4. How To Unlock New Stuff

One thing you might be interested in learning is how to unlock new levels, new characters, etc. in Happy Racing. Although we did mention that you don’t need to worry about not getting enough stars in any given level, you’ll still want to replay them if you’re trying to unlock new levels. Gain enough stars and you can unlock new levels – don’t worry if you don’t get there right away, and be patient if you have to. As for unlocking new characters, you can do this in a variety of ways, starting by logging in every day. You’ll be rewarded with a new character for daily logins, and that means you should have a formidable “stable” of characters after about a few weeks of play. You also have in-game coin purchases, and since many of the characters don’t cost too much anyway, you can feel free to spend your coins to get a new character or two. Likewise, you can pay real money to buy any character in the game, but that’s something you want to avoid, especially since there is a coin multiplier which you can buy in order to earn a ton of coins in the levels.

5. Experiment With Different Characters

Oftentimes, we’d advise you to stick to one character, one vehicle, etc. that works for you – in short, sticking to what’s tried and tested. But the game actually recommends that you try different characters, and in this title, each character has their own strong points and weak points. For example, you may want faster characters in certain levels that require speed, but you may need to use a more durable, stronger character if there are a lot of dangers and obstacles to deal with. The game will also make its own suggestions, especially if it notices that you’re having a hard time clearing certain levels. Listen to these suggestions, as they often turn out to be quite helpful!

6. Don’t Worry If You Don’t Get A Good Time At First

When it’s your first time to play a level, hitting the fastest possible time should be the last of your concerns. Instead, it’s better to explore the level and memorize its layout, while figuring out the timing and the amount of momentum needed in certain parts of a level. Just keep on moving, and don’t let it bother you either if your character loses a limb or two, or catches fire. The important thing is crossing the finish line, regardless whether you’re in one piece or not.

Thanks for reading our guide for Happy Racing. Do you know more tips or tricks? Or just want to share your thoughts about the game? In any case, feel free to leave a message in the comment section!