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Happy Racing (iOS) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Survive All Levels

If you were a fan of painfully torturing your characters then you will love Happy Racing. Chill Fleet’s new mobile title is a physics-based game in a form of a race, which is available only on iOS for now. The game sets you in a race but you won’t be competing against other players or a computer. The entire course will be laid out with a lot of traps so things will get hard from then on. The main goal is to survive the race in one piece, so check out our list of Happy Racing tips and tricks, that will help you do that.

1. Don’t Worry About Racing

Even though it set in a race style way you don’t have to worry about it. Mostly you will be playing to survive so the placement is really not that important. There is no first or last place here. All you really need to do is just survive the race until the very end.

2. Master The Controls

The controls for the game are incredibly simple that’s why it is so much fun to play. You can move to the right by just tapping at the right side and the left side to gain momentum on your movements. There are parts in the game where you have to rotate your device around during the race so it will get tricky. There are times that you will be airborne too so landing is important and bear in mind that you can get killed or damaged when landing is not done correctly. Don’t get annoyed when you make a mistake just keep on practicing the controls and it will be smooth racing from then on.

3. Maintain Your Speed

There are parts in the game that you will need to gain momentum to advance. There are traps that can slow you down or platforms that are hard to reach without proper speed. So the ideal way is to keep a considerable good speed from the start and maintain a good rhythm all the way to the end. Do be careful with the speed though because you can also crash from going to fast

4. Limbs Are Not That Important

Here is where the game really gets fun. Throughout the game you will meet different kinds of torture. The main goal is to get your character to the finish line. The traps will maim you, tear a limb off, and destroy you but everything will not fail as long as the vehicle is still going forward that’s the most important one there. As long as you are going forward then its fine. Even if you crashed already but the body still managed to get over the finish line it will still count as a success and be mindful of the characters you unlock there are very tricky ones out there like the cat lady.

5. Unlock More Characters

As you progress through the game you will be able to unlock different levels and characters. Unlocking characters can be done with the coin that you earn on the end of each level. There are many characters to be unlocked and also keep in mind that each character has their own attribute. There will be ones that move faster and ones that takes up more damage than the others so it will be fun to try them all out.

Clearing the races won’t get any easier than this with the help of Happy Racing tips and tricks! If you know other hints for the game, feel free to let us know in the comment area below!