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Digby Jump Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 4 Hints Every Player Should Know

Digby Jump is an endless jumper game that is available on iOS. You move your character by tapping the screen to make Digby jump over the platforms. The goal is to get as far as you can and collect coins on the way. Everything may look easy but it takes time to master everything and be good at it. Timing is really important in this game because one wrong tap or a tap too early can be fatal to Digby. No worries there though because with the help of Digby Jump strategy guide, you will be jumping your way to victory.

1. Be Careful When Jumping

The game might seem easy but it is a lot more than it looks. All you have to do is tap the screen to make Digby jump but be careful the sizes of the platforms are different from each other so you may need to time and be careful when to jump. Main advice is to always time it when Digby will land at the middle of the platform that way it will give you an edge on landing and on your next jump. Also you can do a double jump to reach a higher platform or to give you a little boost. A very useful feature considering all the plays you can do with it.

2. Timing Is Everything

Mastering landing is nice and all but what really takes practice is the timing. The effects where you fall down and the time it takes to fall you also have to consider this. And also the edges of the platforms can kill you so timing is really important here so you don’t get hit. You can also use the double jump to gain a speed boost while jumping or to avoid an incoming ledge.

3. Be Patient

This type of games usually takes incredible amount of patience. If you keep on playing and keeps on failing you’ll get very irritated and as you get more annoyed your play will take a hit so it’s better to take it slowly and be patient with it. Try not to jump too early or use your double jump immediately sometimes it takes a little practice and strategy to get to the very top.

4. Unlock The Good Stuff

There are a lot of things to unlock here. You can unlock characters and the style of your jump. There are other characters than Digby and the rainbow and fire jump styles are great. Different characters and jump styles are cool to see but they don’t affect your playstyle so it will still depend on how good you are. These stuff are unlockable using the coins that you will pick up and earn. Then lastly the theme or the stage can be different to. You can change it to something you prefer for example an ice stage or cutesy cheese stage if you want to.

Jumping your way to the top won’t be hard if you just take the tips in to mind and practice often. You’ll be one of the best Digby jumpers out there with the help of our list of Digby Jump tips and tricks.