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Happy Cafe Cheats, Tips & Guide to Run Your Own Café

Happy Cafe is a cooking resource management game from Nordcurrent with a twist. This game not only lets you manage your own café, it also gives you your own farm for growing ingredients. A combination of both restaurant and farming genre, this game will surely keep you busy for hours on end. Get ready to master gourmet dishes, serve hundreds of customers, and run your own farm. It’s fun to be your own boss but it will also mean a lot of responsibility. Things will get more hectic as your café grows. If you need help, you can always rely on our Happy Café cheats, tips and tricks to guide you!

1. Stock Up On Ingredients

Running a café is impossible if you don’t have any ingredients. Don’t wait for your ingredients to run out before restocking. Always stock up early so that you don’t end up making your customers wait. Check on your farms often to make sure their resources are ready. You will have to do this more often for farm items that grow quickly. Shops, on the other hand, take a little longer so you have more time to do other things while waiting for them to finish.

2. Cook A Lot Of Food

The good thing about Happy Cafe is that you will continue to earn money even if you log off for as long as you have food in stock. Customers will keep coming in and order whatever is available so cook a lot of food before you leave the game. Make sure you log back into the game once in a while to check if you still have food in stock.

Cooking food often is also necessary even if you are logged into the game. Barns have limited space and you will be filling them up quickly if you are diligent enough. Don’t let those ingredients go to waste by letting them sit there. Cook up some meals until you have enough space in your barns again. Keep in mind that every time you leave you barns full, you are letting potential profit fly out the window.

3. Aim For The Tasks

Tasks are missions that you can complete while playing the game. They mostly involve managing your café so they are not really that difficult to complete. In fact, the tasks are designed to help you stay on track in terms of progress in the game. Always check out what you need to do next so you can make sure your café is always up to date!

4. Harvest Only What You Will Cook

While it is tempting to tap on those farms that have ingredients ready, you should keep in mind that you have very limited barn space. If you keep harvesting ingredients that you won’t cook yet, you will end up running out of slots very quickly. The game becomes much harder to manage when this happens because you will sometimes need a specific ingredient but you can’t get it because there is no space for it in your barn. You will then end up wasting ingredients because you will dump other items just to make space. Manage your barn space carefully and upgrade it as often as you can.

Having your own café can be a dream come true, especially if you follow the Happy Cafe tips and tricks we gave you! Let us know your thoughts about the game below. Also, if you have any other tips or tricks to share, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!