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War Wings (iOS) Ultimate Guide: 18 Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Dominate the Skies

Hardcore wargames fans are in for a treat with Miniclip’s latest action game. War Wings is an aerial combat game that is set in World War II. Available on Android and iOS platforms, this award-winning game lets you control your own plane as you fight in realistic battles in the sky. You can play solo or team up with other players in action-packed 4v4 battles. Your plane is fully customizable and can be changed up to suit your playstyle. Are you ready to take on the ultimate challenge? Make sure you check out our War Wings strategy guide before flying into battle!

1. Learn The Basics

Before you fly off and start shooting down enemies, take time to understand the tutorial and figure out how everything works. The controls are simple enough to learn. You just use the joystick to move around then us the corresponding buttons for ammo and boosting in battle. There are additional features that can be learned best during the hands-on tutorial so make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Everything you learn in the tutorial will help you maximize the tools that are available in order to win in battle. Learn the basics and you will be flying with the veterans in no time.

2. Master The Art Of Evading

All you have to do is swipe in order to evade. Swiping left or right will make your plane roll in the direction of your swipe. Swiping upwards will make your plane perform an upward somersault. While it sounds easy enough to execute, it is just as easy to forget this when you are in the middle of a skirmish. Practice evading even in easy battles so that it becomes second nature to you. When you are pinned down and under a lot of pressure from your enemies, the instinct that you develop from mastering this skill will save your skin on multiple occasions. You can use this maneuver void simple attacks or even to shake off your enemy’s tracking ability.

3. Don’t Abuse The Boost Button

The boost feature is useful in covering more area quickly. Whether you are chasing someone, or you are being chased, it can definitely help you out. Unfortunately, the realistic mechanics of the game does not allow you to boost endlessly without penalty. If you boost your plane for too long, it will stall and you will start falling. You will lose control of your plane and will be a sitting duck for any of your opponents to take down. Instead of bearing down on the boost button, try to gain speed slowly. You might not catch up to your opponent right away but they aren’t going anywhere anyway. Just wait for another chance to catch them off guard instead of risking an overheated engine.

4. Consider The Different Angles

There are several different camera views available for you to use in War Wings. These are designed to give you varying information that will be useful in battle. Knowing what camera view is best for each situation will help give you the advantage you need. For your convenience, we have listed the different options below as well as how you can maximize their use.

Normal View

This is the basic view of the game wherein you can just line up with your target then fly towards it.

Tracking View

Tap on an enemy and you will automatically lock onto it. This makes it easier for you to follow your target and kill them off. Locking onto a target, however, will make it difficult for you to switch targets in case you get ambushed.

Padlock View

This view is useful when you’re out for blood. You will lock onto a specific enemy and you will always know where they are in relation to your plane. As with tracking view, this type of tunnel vision can be dangerous if you don’t maneuver well.

Jager View

This view takes the task of tracking enemies out of your hands. It will automatically mark and follow targets for you. It can be useful when you want to focus on what’s going on in the entire map instead of worrying about specific targets.

5. Stay With Your Team

While there is the option to fly solo, if you are in a team battle, make sure you stick with your team. Going off on your own is just asking to be ganged up on. Make sure you always have someone on your team nearby. This makes it easy for you to take out a single target. It will also prevent getting blindsided when you are focusing on a specific enemy. Of course, you also need to watch out for your teammates. Check if someone is tagging them and protect them.

6. Use Automated Messages When Needed

War Wings offers the option to communicate with your teammates using automated messages. These are short scripts that gives general directions to your teammates. They can be useful if you know when to send them. Most of the time, however, it will be difficult to squeeze in that extra button in the middle of a fight. There is also the risk that your teammates might not catch your message if they are too focused in their own battles as well. Use the automated messages only when you are free enough to do so but do not heavily depend on it.

7. Find A Squadron

As with most multiplayer games, War Wings has a guild feature called a Squadron. You can join a Squadron or create your own. If you are still starting out, however, it is best if you just join one and let the veterans guide you. Being part of a Squadron help you find teammates to play with. Chemistry is a big factor when it comes to team fights. Having a regular set of people to fight battles with will help build that chemistry needed in order to consistently win. You also get a few nifty bonuses along the way.

8. Complete All Missions

There are several missions that you can complete in War Wings. These are like achievements that you can acquire as you play the game. Of course, knowing what they are will help you aim for them. Check out the available missions and see which ones are attainable in your current level. Try to get as many achievements as you can as soon as possible. Completing all these missions will help you earn a lot of money that will go a long way in terms of customizing your plane. The more you can customize your plane, the stronger you will be.

9. Upgrade Your Plane Regularly

Before you spend resources on minor upgrades, make sure you use up your Research Points to build better planes first. Once you have the best possible plane for your current level, you can then get all the upgrades. Upgrading regularly will help make sure you are in top fighting condition. Always check what you can improve on as this will make a great difference in terms of your progress in the game.

10. Log In Daily For Great Rewards

Anything free is awesome but this is especially true for this game. Make sure you log in at least once a day in order to get rewards that will be difficult to acquire any other way. There are two types of log in rewards in the game. The first one is the weekly reward wherein you need to log in every day for seven consecutive days for you to get a Bf-109E1. This is a Tier 3 premium plane that you can use for five days. Even though it is a temporary reward, it is still useful in winning key battles as you progress through the game. Once you get this plane, maximize its use and play a whole bunch of games until it expires.

The second type of log in reward is the monthly reward. This is a bit tougher to pull off since you need to consistently log in every day for a longer period of time. However, it will definitely be worth the effort because the prizes you get will be even better. One prime example is the prize you get for completing eight consecutive days. You will get a Tier 5 FW190AB plane on the eighth-day supply crate. Needless to say, that will help you win a lot more games than the Bf-109E1!

11. Work Hard For Event Planes

Once in a while, there will be in-game events that will reward you with unique planes. Do everything you can to secure these planes as they will surely give you a great advantage in battle. One such example is Jim’s Spitfire which is only acquirable from an event. The event requires you to collect blueprints in certain missions. These can be exchanged for different things but, most importantly, you can exchange 50 of them for Jim’s Spitfire. It is a Tier 5 Turn Fighter with unbelievable stats. You can expect planes from future events to be just as good, if not better, so make sure you get them when you have the chance.

12. Farm The Quick Games For Resources

Free players have it tough but the pay wall isn’t insurmountable. You will be able to research new planes through the research tree but you will need a lot of silver and free RP to accomplish anything. A good way to earn these two resources is to play a lot of quick games. Don’t worry about the cap on the amount of silver and RP you can earn. You won’t reach it unless you play quick games non-stop. Just keep playing in order to gather enough resources to unlock new planes.

13. Don’t Forget The Daily Challenges

Aside from the quick games, you can also acquire a good amount of silver and free RP from the daily challenges. These change every few hours so you have a chance to complete several challenges in a day if you are diligent enough. This is the best way to earn free RP so make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunity to finish these challenges.

14. Get Free Gold

Gold is the premium currency of the game. If you are a free player, it will be difficult to get your hands on gold but there are still a few ways to do so. We listed some of the ways you can get gold for free so that you can buy those premium planes that you have always wanted.


Although it is a one-time thing, linking your Facebook account to the game will get you 100 gold and a blueprint. It only takes a few seconds so you should be able to do it without any problems.


Add friends to your friends list. Doing this will get you 50 gold and a blueprint. Again, this is simple enough to do so make sure you take time to accomplish this as soon as you can.

Like The Game

Tap on the Fan Page Like Event in the event center. This will launch the game’s Facebook page which will allow you to hit Like. Liking the fan page on Facebook will give you another 100 gold.

15. Disable Specific Plane Parts

There are times when it is difficult to take out your enemy head on. When this happens, you should opt to disable specific parts of the plane instead. Depending on the area that takes damage, you could potentially cripple your opponent or even kill them off slowly. There are also missions wherein you will be required to kill off enemies in a certain way so know how to do it will come in handy.

If you hit the cockpit of the plane, you could inflict the bleed status on the pilot which will kill him if he doesn’t use a first aid kit. Hitting the plane’s wing can cause it to catch fire which will also kill off your enemy unless he uses a fire extinguisher. Lastly, hitting the tail of the plane may result in a gas leak that will prevent your enemy from boosting, breaking, and maneuvering properly. Practice your aim so you can effectively take out specific parts of your opponent’s plane when you need to.

16. Save Your Ammo

While you won’t really run out of ammo while playing, you will have to reload when you use up your current clip. Reloading takes a while so it can be a real bummer when you have to do it in the middle of a clash. One way to avoid this is to practice sharpshooting. Take a shot only when you are sure that you will hit your target. Another option is to reload whenever you have time so you won’t suddenly run out of ammo during crucial moments. Regardless, ammo management will play a huge role in your success in the game so make sure you find a way to do it.

17. Use Altitude Strategically

Keep in mind that War Wings is actually in 3D. You are not limited to just going left and right when fighting opponents. You can increase or decrease your altitude in the middle of battle in order to gain an advantage. One example of this is when you are being chased by an opponent. Nosediving makes your plane go faster due to gravity so you may be able to shake off that pesky chaser if you suddenly drop to a lower altitude.

On the other hand, you can choose to go higher to see if you can sneak up on some of your opponents who are not checking their mini maps. Keep in mind, though, that gravity will affect your plane again but this time in the opposite way. It will be more difficult for your plane to increase in altitude so it will go slower. You can use boost to go up faster but make sure you don’t overdo it so you don’t overheat.

18. Stock Up On Supplies

We mentioned earlier that if the plane’s cockpit is damaged or its wings catch fire, it will require specific items in order to survive. This is why it is important for you to stock up on recovery items such as first aid kits and fire extinguishers. You don’t want to just helplessly bleed to death just because you did not have the foresight to bring a first aid kit with you.

You can also stock up on special ammo and boosters. These give you an edge in battle that could give you that extra push you need for your team to win. Ammo that can be equipped such as bombs, or even ammo upgrades, can be especially useful in battle. Don’t worry about having to spend silver on these because you will earn more than what you spend once you win the game.

Winning a war requires success in numerous battles. With the help of our War Wings strategy guide, you will surely emerge victorious!


Friday 2nd of August 2019

12 Is MEGA WRONG. GUYS guys, base defence rewards just got lowered big time, atmost 10k in a good round, more or less. Fred for all is better for farming. I get 20k plus rp and silver more or less in a standard account, imagine on premium, plus boosters. Basicslly ffa is a game mode where there are no teams. Throughout the map u can pick up powerups like shield, flak cannon, missle, coolant, repair, pilot heal, and one that makes your gun op. First to 8 kills win. But dying makes takes a kill away.


Wednesday 21st of March 2018

What do you mean by “base d3fense.”


Monday 4th of June 2018

Base defense is the mode where you can guard your main ship and/or take out the enemy's main ship. Most folks go for the straight kill and piss off everybody else. Aircraft kills are not limited to 10, I've had 15 at the most though my avg is 12. Shoot some planes down on your side of the pond and you get "Warship Guard" which gives you some major RP. Sink a few smaller ships and you get "Warship Sunk" which again gives some major RP. You can also get the Navy achievement, though I forget what it is right now. Players who know base defense will shoot planes and ships the whole 6 minutes, trying very hard to NOT hit or sink the main ship. Do that on a triple RP weekend and you can make out like a bandit, which is also great for the research plane events.

Bubba Buddha

Tuesday 20th of February 2018

12 and 16 are wrong. The best way to make money XP and experience is base defense and running the clock out for the full 6 minutes. With premium and boosts you can get close to 200,000 silver per game. I've gotten over 50,000 XP per game.

16. I wouldn't worry about him of that much. I reload every chance possible. The minute I turn off of a Target I reload Because by the time I've maneuvered on to a new Target or gotten a better angle on my current Target I'll have Reloaded.

Just so you know I'm not talking out my behind. I have a 3.47 KDA with over a 50% win ratio and 50% of the times I win I get MVP.