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Guns of Mercy Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Take Down the Invaders

If you are feeling the itch to shoot everything that moves, then you might want to try out Guns of Mercy. This side-scrolling arcade shooter game for iOS and Android will take you on an old-school adventure against an alien race that has been hiding in the Earth’s core. You enter the battle for humanity’s survival as an elite ranger whose only mission is to wipeout the alien menace with your trusty weapon. The odds of victory may seem grim but with the help of our Guns of Mercy tips and tricks, you will surely save the day!

1. Prioritize Weapon Upgrades

As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. This is especially true in any shooter game. You will most likely be overwhelmed by enemies at one point or another. The best way to stay alive is to keep the number of enemies to a minimum by blasting them off to kingdom come as soon as you can. In order to do so, you will need to prioritize your weapon upgrades. There are multiple upgrades available but the most useful ones are power and shooting speed. Power upgrades naturally increase the damage you can do while shooting speed allows you to shoot faster. Enemies get stronger after each level so the ability to hit them harder and faster is imperative.

2. Get More Gold

After ensuring you have enough fire power to survive the upcoming levels, you will need to secure sustainable income. Unfortunately, even if you are saving the world, people will still charge you for things. That is why you will need every bit of additional gold you can get. Otherwise you will not be able to afford future upgrades. Get the two gold upgrades as soon as you are able do so. The first gold upgrade increases the chance for enemies to drop big gold. Since you will be killing a lot of enemies, this upgrade gives you a steady source of gold so long as you are fighting. The second gold upgrade increases the amount of gold you can get from treasure boxes. It involves a bit of luck but it’s still extra gold for you so invest in it.

3. More On Upgrades

Once you have decent weapon and gold upgrades, you need to start thinking about other upgrades that can make your life easier. The next upgrade you should focus on is the Magnet upgrade. If you have been playing the game for a while, you probably have experienced missing gold drops a few times because they disappear too quickly. The Magnet upgrade passively picks up gold drops for you. At first the magnet range is very small. You will need to upgrade it in order to appreciate how useful it is.

4. Exasperating Enemies

As you progress through the game, you will encounter a variety of enemies. Most of these enemies are easy to deal with so long as you have the fire power to wipe them out. There are a couple of spawns that you need to watch out for as they can make your life miserable. The first one is the purple slug that usually appears after level 3. You will notice that it slowly crawls towards you during the stage. It may look harmless but you need to focus on it as soon as you see it. If it catches you, you are as good as dead.

The second enemy that will annoy you in this game are the spike bats. They fly around the stage then suddenly swoop down to try to impale you with spikes. Dealing with these can be a little more tricky compared to the slow slugs. The flying aliens will swoop down in front of you to try to cut you off. Watch out for this to avoid taking unnecessary damage. The trick to dealing with them is to wait for them to fly down so you can back off a bit and shoot them.

5. Bringing Out The Big Guns

On top of your trusty weapon, you also have a mechanical suit called Meka. You can activate your Meka once you have 100% fuel rate. Just tap on the fuel button to unleash this mechanical beast. You will gain a much higher power rating when this is activated but it will only be usable for a few seconds. Use it strategically and avoid wasting it on normal enemies. Save your fuel for boss battles unless you are really struggling on the current level you are playing.

6. Dealing With Bosses

When playing shooter games, it is inevitable that you will eventually encounter Bosses. You will go head to head with your first Boss in this game on Level 5. Since this is your introduction to Bosses, you can expect it to be relatively easy. The first Boss is a pathetic green blob that does nothing special other than spit out more blobs. Just observe it closely until you have his pattern memorized so you can easily beat him up. You will also see a UFO flying around on this stage. Wait for the UFO to hover above the Boss then shoot at it. The UFO will drop a bomb on top of the green blob which will deal a lot of damage as well as knock him back a bit.

Another Boss comes at level 10 of the game. This time around you will have to deal with an alien ship that’s flying around, shooting projectiles at you. You can try dodging the projectiles but it’s also just easier to shoot at them before they hit you. Hopefully you followed our previous advice about saving your fuel for Boss battles because activating your Meka on this stage will make quick work of this alien ship.

7. Getting Free Stuff

There are two types of currency in the game. The first one is gold and the other one is gem. You gain gold throughout the game through drops and treasure boxes. You can earn free gold by going to the Menu and Liking the game’s Facebook page. You can also earn additional gold by completing missions. Gems, on the other hand, can easily be earned in the theater. If you have a lot of free time, go to the theater and watch a bunch of ads for two gems a pop.

It’s time to take the Earth back from alien invaders. Just follow our seven Guns of Mercy tips and tricks in order to save the human race!