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City of the Undead Tips, Cheats & Hints: A Complete Survival Guide

In the wake of a zombie apocalypse, a group of survivors band together in the hopes of saving what is left of humanity. You are in charge of leading this group in City of the Undead. Available on iOS, this survival RPG will have you fighting wave after wave of zombies in turn-based combat. The future looks grim for humanity but with the help of our City of the Undead tips and tricks, you can make it out alive.

1. Just Keep Exploring

When trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, you would want to explore as much as you can. You will need to look for supplies and possibly a way to sustainable survival. You can enter the different areas in the overworld map if you have access. Just click on where you want your team to go and always explore each area thoroughly to make sure you don’t miss anything. There could be items or hidden areas so keep your eyes peeled.

2. Choose Your Own Path

While playing the game, you will occasionally be asked to make decisions. These decisions don’t always have an impact in the game so feel free to choose what you like. This part of the game keeps the story interesting so if you have taken on a persona for your character, you may answer accordingly. Don’t worry too much about the consequences on your game. If you really are feeling a bit competitive, though, you may look up correct answers online but it takes a lot away from the role playing aspect of the game.

3. Fighting The Zombies

If you are familiar with old school RPGs, then you would already be familiar with turn-based combat. The good thing about this battle system is that you have time to come up with a battle plan. You will be in charge of giving commands to your team members and they will execute those commands during their turn. Make sure you know the attributes and specialties of your team members in order to maximize their use in battle. Keep everyone one your team on full health and alive as much as you can.

4. Upgrading Your Team Of Survivors

If you want to stay alive, you want to surround yourself with useful team members. If you have the money, you can draw for survivors in hopes of getting a higher star rating. Survivors with higher star ratings are naturally stronger. The draws are purely luck-based, however, so think twice if you can afford the gamble. If you are feeling attached to your current survivors, you can still make them stronger by getting better equipment for them. Either way, make sure you beef up your team because the enemies will only get stronger as the game progresses.

5. Player Versus Player Battles

Once you are confident with the strength of your team, you can choose to compete against other players. Winning in player versus player battles will get you additional resources like food and water. You will need to enter the competitive zones if you want to fight other players.

Fight for your team’s survival in City of the Undead! Make sure to follow the tips and tricks above in order to outlive your competitors.