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Hardway: Endless Road Builder Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a High Score

Have you ever felt like going on a road construction rampage? If your answer is yes, then Hardway: Endless Road Builder will help you scratch that itch. Available on iOS and Android, this game adds a bit of a twist on the usual endless runner game by instead making you build endless roads and bridges. It sounds like a lot of fun but make sure you build fast or you’ll end up falling off to your doom. Don’t worry too much because our list of Hardway: Endless Road Builder tips, tricks and cheats is here to help you.

1. Use Both Thumbs

As mentioned before, you will need to build fast if you want to keep yourself from falling off. In order to do so, you will need to use both your thumbs. You can try using just one but using both will help make sure you react fast enough to any situation. There will be times when you need to alternate between left or right and it will be more difficult to do if you are only using one finger to play the game.

2. Practice Tapping Left and Right

The controls are easy to learn but will take a lot of time to get used to. You will need to practice a lot in order to burn the skill into your muscle memory. The reason for this is that building is that bridges appear differently depending on whether you tap left or right. It will appear on the left and rotate clockwise if you tap left but will appear on the right if you tap right. When you are in a hurry, you won’t have time to process this and twiddle your thumbs. You will need to act instinctively or you won’t survive.

3. Be Quick But Be Accurate

Speed is not the only thing that is important in this game. It is not enough to just connect the islands with bridges. You have to connect the bridges to each other as well. If you build bridges quickly but they are not connected properly, your car will still end up crashing. Be careful of this and make sure all your bridges are properly aligned.

4. When To Get Coins

Coins help you unlock more features in the game and as such, you would want to collect more of them. There will come a time, however, where you will need to choose between progressing and getting coins. The coins will appear on islands and you will need to go out of your way to connect to them then connecting back to succeeding islands to continue your progress. If you focus too much on collecting the coins, you may end up crashing and cutting your run short.

5. How To Spend Your Coins

The coins you gather can be used to unlock new areas or new cars. The new cars are purely cosmetic and have no impact on gameplay so just pick the ones that look nice to you. New areas just look different in terms of the map but plays pretty much the same way. These just add a bit of spice and flare to the game so it is up to you to decide what to you want to spend on.

Get your hard hat on and start laying down roads to infinity with the help of our Hardway: Endless Road Builder strategy guide!