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Cliff Hopper Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 5 Hints Every Player Should Know

It’s time to run, and hop, for your life in Cliff Hopper! This endless runner game for iOS and Android lets you control a pixelized archaeologist whose survival depends on your ability to guide him through an unending maze. Just tap on the screen to make him turn. Tapping when there is no available turn will make your character jump as well. The maze will be full of perils and you will need to rely on our Cliff Hopper strategy guide if you want your character to get out alive.

1. Avoid Unnecessary Taps

There is only one action you can do in the game and that is tapping. Your character’s action will change depending on the environment so be careful. Don’t get carried away with tapping too much as you might end up jumping off a cliff. You might also end up tapping too soon which will mess up the timing of your next tap.

2. Double Jumping

If you still got carried away with your taps and accidentally jumped at the wrong time, don’t worry because the double jump might still be able to save you. Tapping twice when there is no available turn will make your character do a double jump. Use this move to correct a bad jump. It can also be used to overcome a complex obstacle or pitfall.

3. Watch Out For These

If having a boulder chase you through a maze wasn’t bad enough, you will also have to deal with various traps and obstacles while running. Stay sharp and watch out for these if you want to stay alive. The most basic obstacle you will encounter is the pitfall. You just need to jump over it to avoid falling to your death. Other obstacles include spikes on the floor, molten lava, and slowing traps. Don’t focus too much on the floor, though. There will also be fireballs flying towards you that can kill you instantly if you don’t dodge them.

4. Picking Up Coins

Even though you have a lot on your plate while trying to survive, you should still find time to pick up a coin or two when you can. Coins are scattered throughout the maze and can be useful for a lot of things. You can use coins to revive when you die. You can also use them to unlock more characters in the game. Be careful when picking up coins. Don’t get yourself killed trying to go out of your way to pick them up. Just get them if they won’t slow you down.

5. Playing With Different Characters

As mentioned above, you can use your coins to unlock other characters. You can choose to use a different character in between runs so don’t forget to pick the one you like before starting. The characters are purely cosmetic, though. They don’t have any additional skills or attributes so it is up to you if you just want to save up for one character that you like, or if you want to collect them all. Either way it adds a fun factor to the game.

Let’s get the boulder rolling in Cliff Hopper! Just follow the strategy guide above in order to survive.